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Electric Resolutions for 2019

Most people’s New Year’s resolutions focus on getting healthy, saving money, paying more attention to family, etc. All well and good, but how about putting a “charge” in your New Year’s resolutions by changing how you use electricity (sorry about the pun). Here are some thoughts: 1. Get the LED in. LED lights, while more […]

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“Smart” Thermostats

Programmable thermostats (by these we mean thermostats which can be programmed but are not connected to the Internet) have been around for a long time now. And they have many advantages over standard models. For one thing, they save money on your utility bills by allowing you to set different temperatures for different times of […]

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Electrical Terms 101

When an electrician comes to your house, or when you’re looking at electrical items at the hardware store, you might be exposed to some language you absolutely do not understand. Here we provide some plain English definitions of some of the most frequently used terms. Current – The rate of flow of electricity. There are […]

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Buying a Backup Generator

We’ve been lucky this year that we have not had major thunderstorms or heat waves that have caused massive power outages. But you know the next emergency could be just around the corner. And if you don’t have a backup generator to keep your refrigerator cold and your computers and lights running, you could be […]

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Boosting Your Wi-Fi Signal

You need Wi-Fi for so much more than just accessing the Internet from your computer. Want to binge a hot show on Hulu or Netflix? You need Wi-Fi. Want to turn on the lights in another room? You need Wi-Fi. Feeling a little warm and want to turn the thermostat down without getting up? You […]

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Wireless Networks

”Alexa – turn the thermostat down.” “Siri – open the garage door.” “I just got a notice on my phone. Our smoke alarm just went off.” “Somebody just rang the bell. With my wireless doorbell camera, I can see who it is. If it’s a solicitor, I can ignore it.” Technology – wireless technology in […]

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Electric Car Chargers

At the end of November 2016, there were approximately 540,000 electric cars on the road in the United States. That accounted for only 0.22% of all cars on the road. But that number is certain to grow exponentially in the years ahead. If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, one thing you will need […]

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Home Improvement Jobs Which Require a Professional Electrician

Although many homeowners may be able to perform an extensive range of DIY tasks and projects, performing most types of electrical work should not fall under this scope. While it is perfectly acceptable for a property owner to change a plug top or replace faulty light bulbs, a qualified and experienced electrician should always carry […]

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Electrical Safety Checklist for Spring Time Cleaning

With spring fast approaching, most homeowners will want to ensure that their properties are not only clean but also safe when it comes to their homes’ electrical systems. This handy checklist will enable you to perform your spring cleaning as safely as possible from an electrical perspective. #1 – Always Keep Power Cords and Appliances […]

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