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Nobody wants the expense or inconvenience of a flooded basement. That is why having an effective flood prevention system is so important. Since 1928, Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric has been a North Shore plumbing contractor that has solved sump pump problems for customers throughout Chicago’s North Shore with our trusted solutions.

Our long-term experience with sump pump drainage and repair services has provided us with a thorough knowledge of pumps, and our experts will point you toward the most reliable systems for keeping your basement dry.

We provide a full line of

Sump Pump Drainage Solutions

Compared to cheap pumps found in home centers, our pumps:

  • Have a greater capacity
  • Use a fraction of the electricity
  • Come with a 3 or 4-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Include improved switch and alarm features that pinpoint sump pump problems before they become emergencies

To improve the life of your pump, our experts will install a properly sized basin. Used for collecting ground water, this basin must be sized correctly to prevent reduced pump life and sump pump problems like a flooded basement.

To further reduce the likelihood of a flood due to a failed pump, our alternators allow two pumps to act as one. And high water alarms and phone dialers can alert you to a problem wherever you are.

Battery Back Up Pumps

Battery back-up pumps protect your basement in the event of a power failure or primary pump failure, and help if more water enters the basin than the primary pump can handle.

But not all batteries are created equal: our experts match batteries to the pump charger. Although it is possible to hook up any battery to the back-up pump, only an AGM deep-cycle battery properly matched to the manufacturer’s charger will provide increased battery run time and increased overall life.

Like an emergency vehicle, battery back-up pumps must undergo regular, professional maintenance to reduce failures that could result in flooding. Our service specialists will help keep you on schedule, providing better sump pump drainage when you need it most.

Click here for important information about back-up sump pumps.

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