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How Does a Whole House Humidifier Work?

We’re well aware of how cold it can get in Chicago and the surrounding area during the winter. But when the cold combines with low humidity, it can feel downright miserable. When the indoor humidity level drops below 30 percent, it can lead to health issues including dry skin, chapped lips and congestion. Fortunately, relief […]

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How Long Does a Garbage Disposal Last?

If you’re making a list of some of the hardest-working appliances, there’s a good chance that garbage disposals are on it. Garbage disposals take a beating each day, grinding up food scraps, ice and other items. Although well-maintained garbage disposal systems are durable – like all appliances – they do have a shelf life and […]

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Making Your Home “Smart”

You undoubtedly have heard about “smart” homes. In fact, you may have smart devices in your home and don’t even know it. For example, if you have a television that can be programmed remotely by your mobile phone or tablet, that’s “smart.” Same too if you can adjust your thermostat remotely or if you can […]

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13 Ideas for Preparing the Inside of Your Home for Winter

With fall and cool weather here, hopefully you have begun preparing the outside of your home for winter. But that is only half the task. The other is preparing the inside of your home for winter. Here are some tips: Have your furnace checked. You will want your furnace to be ready for the frigid winter. A furnace inspection […]

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Signs You Should Replace Your Toilet

  • Categories: Plumbing
  • Date: October 28, 2022

Most people think toilets last forever, just occasionally needing some of the parts replaced. But here are some things to think about when questioning whether it is time. Age. If your old toilet was installed before 1994, it may have a flush volume of up to five gallons per flush. Toilets installed after that were […]

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Nine Things to Look for When Buying a New Furnace

  • Categories: Heating
  • Date: October 28, 2022

You’ve decided to purchase a new furnace or have had the decision made for you. It just may be time because your unit is 15 years old or older. Or maybe the repair bills are getting too high.  Or your utility costs keep rising. If you have decided to purchase a new furnace, here are […]

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What Are the Most Common Ductwork Repairs?

Your ductwork plays a critical role in your home. You rely on your home’s ducts to transport heated or cooled air, and to make sure the air is clean and pure. If there is a problem with the ductwork and you need a ductwork repair, not only will it impact the ability of your HVAC […]

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How Does a Radiant Floor Heating System Work

  • Categories: Heating
  • Date: October 26, 2022

You wake up on a frigid winter morning and slowly make your way into the bathroom. If you are still half asleep, you’ll get a rude awakening when you step onto that cold bathroom floor. One solution to that issue is to install a radiant floor heating system on your bathroom floor. While radiant heat […]

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13 Unlucky Signs You Need a New Furnace

  • Categories: Heating
  • Date: October 7, 2022

With fall officially here, you know cold weather can’t be far behind. And that means you will need your furnace running. The last thing you want, of course, is for your furnace to conk out on a freezing day. Of course, your furnace can fail at any time without notice, but there are some telltale […]

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Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

While carbon monoxide poisoning kills fewer than 1,000 people a year in the United States, it does send tens of thousands of people to the emergency room. Unborn babies, children, the elderly and individuals with chronic heart or lung diseases are particularly vulnerable. The sad thing is those deaths and visits could be easily prevented.   […]

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How Does a Whole House Humidifier Work?

November 18, 2022

We’re well aware of how cold it can get in Chicago and the surrounding area during the winter. But when the cold combines with low humidity, it Read more…

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