Heat Pump Repair

Homeowners in the Chicago area know how important it is to have a reliable heating and cooling system. All too often, though, homeowners put off making repairs to their HVAC systems, which often leads to complete breakdowns. Unfortunately, problems with heat pumps don’t just go away on their own.

If your heat pump needs repair, contact the professional technicians at Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric for heat pump repair service. We service all makes and models of heat pumps and can provide you with a fast, cost-effective repair to get your heat pump system back up and running again like new.

The Importance of Heat Pump Maintenance

The best way to prevent a heat pump repair, and extend the lifespan of your unit, is with regular maintenance services from Ravinia Plumbing. Unlike traditional furnaces and air conditioning systems, heat pumps operate year-round, meaning they need two tune-ups per year instead of one.

When we perform heat pump tune-up services in the spring and fall, homeowners often notice an immediate boost in performance and a reduction in energy consumption with their heat pump units. Maintenance also significantly reduces the chance of an untimely repair issue that can lead to comfort issues in the case of a complete breakdown.

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair Service

Fortunately, Ravinia Plumbing shares some common signs to look out for that indicate your heat pump needs repair. They include:

High Energy Bills

If your energy bills have suddenly skyrocketed, it could mean your heat pump needs repair. An inefficient heat pump causes energy bills to increase. If you notice high energy bills, or it seems like your heat pump is running constantly, call an experienced technician to take a look.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when your heat pump starts a cycle, shuts down before reaching the set temperature and starts back up again a short time later. This puts a lot of strain on the heat pump system and can lead to a shorter lifespan and parts wearing out before they should.

No Heat

If your heat pump is not producing heat and your home temperature is not reaching the set thermostat setting, then it’s an obvious sign you need heat pump repair service. Having no heat in the winter can lead to comfort and safety issues, so you should contact Ravinia Plumbing immediately for emergency repair service.

Strange Odors or Noises

Anything out of the ordinary such as strange noises or odors is a sign of concern and should be inspected right away. Loud noises could indicate a broken or loose part in the system, while unpleasant odors could signal the possible presence of mold or an electrical issue.

Frozen Coils

The coils on your heat pump should not freeze up. If you notice that the coils are frozen, it is important to figure out why and what can be done to prevent the problem. Call a professional HVAC company to inspect the unit.

Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump?

If you own a heat pump, it can be challenging to determine whether you need heat pump repair or replacement service when issues arise. Consider having the system repaired in the following situations:

Few Past Repairs

If you have not had to make many repairs to your heat pump, you are likely better off repairing rather than replacing the unit. Most heat pumps will need one or two repairs over the course of a season, so needing the occasional repair is normal. However, when repairs start to mount up, coupled with an aging system, then it’s probably time for a new, energy-efficient system to be installed.

If you do find yourself shopping for a new heat pump, federal income tax credits are available through 2032 to help with the purchase. The tax credit covers 30 percent of the cost of a heat pump, with a maximum credit of $2,000.

The Repair is Minor

If the repair is minor and inexpensive, it usually makes sense to have the system repaired rather than spending thousands of dollars on a new system. Ravinia Plumbing can help you determine the best course of action once we inspect your heat pump system.

It’s Less Than 10 Years

A properly sized, installed, and maintained heat pump should last about 18 years. If your unit is less than 10 years old and needs to be repaired, it shouldn’t need to be replaced. Making repairs as needed helps you to maximize the lifespan of your heat pump.

There’s Still a Warranty on the System

Finally, if your unit is still under warranty, you should consider repairing it, rather than replacing it. A warranty will cover repairs to a heat pump, so you should not have to worry about any extra repair costs.

Reliable Heat Pump Repair Services from Ravinia Plumbing

It’s important to contact Ravinia Plumbing at the first sign of heat pump issues. The quicker we can make a repair the less likely serious damage occurs. For all your heat pump repair, maintenance and installation needs, trust the heating and cooling pros at Ravinia Plumbing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.