Ductless Mini-Split Tune-Up

man repairing a ductless mini split

If you have a ductless mini split HVAC system in your home, it’s important to ensure it runs at optimal levels. A tune up can make the difference between a reliable and efficient system and one that needs expensive repair or replacement. Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric offers comprehensive tune up services for ductless mini split systems to help keep them running smoothly and efficiently all year round.

How Often Does a Ductless Mini Split System Need a Tune Up?

Ductless mini split HVAC systems are reliable and efficient ways to heat and cool your space, but like all mechanical systems, they need some care and maintenance from time to time. Most manufacturers recommend getting a professional tune up at least once a year for cooling-only ductless mini split systems. If you use your ductless mini split system for heating as well, you’ll need two professional tune ups per year. It does not matter when the tune-up(s) occur, it just needs to be once a year or every 6 months if used for both heating and cooling.

Regular tune-ups will help keep the system working properly and extend its life. Regular inspections can also provide early alerts when things start to go wrong, allowing you to save money on costly repairs down the line. For these reasons, it’s important that you choose an experienced HVAC technician for your tune up – they can give you peace of mind knowing your system is taken care of and running smoothly.

What’s Included in Our Ductless Mini Split Tune Up Service?

At Ravinia Plumbing, our goal is to make sure that your ductless mini split system is running as efficiently as possible with minimum disruption to you or your family’s daily routines.

Our tune-up service includes checking all electrical connections, inspecting the outdoor units for debris build-up, cleaning all indoor units and coils, lubricating moving parts, calibrating thermostats, if necessary, and checking refrigerant levels. All these steps are designed to ensure that your unit is functioning optimally to keep your home comfortable no matter what season it is outside.

Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split Tune-Up

The most obvious benefit of booking a tune up for your ductless mini split system is an increase in efficiency. Having an efficient system will save you money over time on energy bills as well as reduce wear and tear on the unit itself, extending its life cycle.

A tune-up will also help optimize airflow from individual air handlers installed within the home, meaning that each room has the right temperature and humidity levels to stay comfortable all year long. Additionally, having a professional inspect your system can help detect any potential problems before they become serious so you can address them right away, giving you peace of mind that your unit is ready to go when you need it most.

Enroll in Ravinia Plumbing’s Home Care Club

If you struggle to remember maintenance for your ductless mini split system, Ravinia Plumbing can help. If you are a member of our Home Care Club, we will send you reminders when it’s time to tune up your HVAC system and pick a time and day that works around your busy schedule.

Some of the other benefits of our Home Care Club include:

  • Free annual visual plumbing inspection
  • 10% off our regular prices
  • No standard service charge if we come to your home, provide a quote, and then do the work during regular business hours.
  • During non-business hours, pay only the standard service charge, not the emergency service charge.  This will save over $100.00
  • Priority service
  • Email service reminders
  • Extended warranties

Schedule Your Tune Up Today!

A tune up for your ductless mini split system should be done regularly to maintain efficiency levels throughout the year. Regularly scheduled maintenance checkups with Ravinia Plumbing will not only keep your unit running properly but also extend its life cycle so you don’t have to worry about costly repairs or replacements down the line. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive tune-up services or to schedule ductless mini split maintenance!