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HVAC Services in Evanston, IL

Ravinia Plumbing & Heating proudly provides numerous services to homes and businesses in Evanston. With years of local experience, we are licensed to work in Evanston, and comply with all building rules and ordinances for Evanston. Our services include:

PlumbingPlumbing problems are not only a nuisance; they can cost you water and money. But hiring the wrong service company can cost you even more. Our expert plumbers can fix any issue connected to a water or waste pipe.

Heating and CoolingRavinia Plumbing & Heating services all heating and cooling systems. Join our Home Care Club, providing discounts on regularly scheduled maintenance.

Electrical: Comprehensive electrical services, as well as radiant floor heat systems and driveway heating systems to accelerate snow and ice melt.

Water Quality: Including sale and servicing of whole-house filter systems throughout Evanston.

Indoor Air QualityOur air quality service in Evanston includes eliminating the source of contaminants, ventilating the occupied space, and filtering and purifying air in the space.

Sumps and PumpsIncluding the installation and service of ground water sump pumps, emergency battery back-up pumps, sewage ejector pumps and pump accessories for Evanston residents.

Sewers & Drains: Rodding and high-pressure jetting equipment to clear slow-draining lavatory, tub, or shower drains, stopped-up toilets and backed-up sinks. We also offer Evanston sewer excavation for repair or replacement.

Remodeling and Retrofitting: Including budgeting and permitting, and construction management. A free, on-staff bathroom designer will help your remodeling and retrofitting run smoothly from start to finish.

Commercial Services: Our degreed engineers and licensed plumbing and heating professionals provide the above services for all commercial settings throughout Evanston.

Contact us today for more information or call 847-579-5565 to schedule an appointment. We offer quick dispatch to Evanston and emergency service is available around the clock!

Reviews and Ratings

Evanston frozen pipe emergency customer review

January 2022

“We had a frozen pipe on a Sunday; they sent a very experienced plumber, John, who quickly solved a problem (the location and nature of the leak) that wasn’t easily apparent. And as members of their home care club, this emergency weekend fix ended up with a vey reasonable cost. I also appreciate the Ravinia pros who come out, as they are always consultative and informative.”

Evanston plumbing customer review

December 2021

Dan was professional and knowledgeable. He completed all jobs in a timely fashion. The cost was very reasonable also. This company is really excellent.”

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