Plumbing, HVAC, & Electrical Services Lake Forest, IL
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Plumbing, HVAC, & Electrical Services Lake Forest, IL

Lake Forest, IL has some great things to see and do, and is a wonderful place to live. If you’re like most Lake Forest homeowners, you lead a busy life and need your heating and air conditioning, plumbing, sewer and electrical systems to work properly. By contacting Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric, you can get the help you need for all those areas of your home.

Heating Services in Lake Forest, IL

Need your heating system serviced? We provide repair, maintenance, and installation services so your house can stay comfortable and warm during the winter.

  • Furnace Repair: Whether it’s short cycling or uneven temperatures across your home, it’s important to contact an HVAC company as soon as you notice an issue to prevent it from becoming a much bigger and more expensive repair.
  • Furnace Installation: If you need a new furnace, we’re here to help. A new furnace can help you feel cozier when it’s cold outside, and also improves energy efficiency to lower your power bills.
  • Furnace Maintenance: A well-maintained furnace helps you experience fewer breakdowns so you can have more confidence that your heating system will work when needed.
  • Boilers & Radiators: We work on boilers and radiators, too, so you can feel comfortable with the system you have in your home and get any problems corrected quickly.
  • Radiant Heating: Radiant heating uses coils and tubes under the flooring to provide heating to the space. They are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating systems.

Air Conditioning Services in Lake Forest, IL

If you need air conditioning services anywhere in the Lake Forest, IL area, we can help. Then you’ll feel confident that your system will work when those warm days come around.

Air Conditioning Repair

Repairing an air conditioner can be a cost-effective way of ensuring your Lake Forest, IL area home stays comfortable inside, even in the middle of a summer day. It will also limit the possibility of a complete system breakdown from occurring.

Air Conditioning Installation

If your AC unit is nearly 15 years old or older it might be time to upgrade to a new system. A new unit can mean better efficiency so you’ll have lower power bills and a comfortable interior temperature.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Good maintenance of your home’s air conditioning system helps keep it in optimal condition so you can rely on it to work right when needed. We recommend AC maintenance in the spring before the arrival of warm weather.

Ductless Mini Splits

Installing a ductless mini split HVAC system is an energy-efficient alternative to traditional systems. They are convenient for homes without ductwork, as they use an outdoor unit and individual indoor air handles to distribute conditioned air inside your home’s rooms.

Plumbing Services in Lake Forest, IL

We can work with all types of plumbing problems in your home, including:

Sump Pumps

Don’t let a damp basement or crawl space cause a problem in your home. We install and work on sump pumps to keep these areas dry.

Water Heaters

Water heaters have an important job to do as they provide hot water to your home. However, they do need to be replaced eventually. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, it might be time to consider replacement services.

Backflow Valves

When you send something down the drain, you definitely don’t want it to come back up. Backflow valves keep water and debris from returning, and they need to work properly.

Pipe Replacement & Repair

Broken or damaged pipes cause leaks and problems. With replacement and repair options, though, you can keep your home protected and the water flowing smoothly.

Garbage Disposals

You need your garbage disposal since it helps you send food waste out of your home. Making sure it’s working right reduces odors and other problems in your kitchen.

Gas Lines

If your home has a gas leak, you want it fixed right away. We can help. We can also repair or replace gas lines or install new ones if you’re moving or upgrading an appliance.

Plumbing Fixtures

We can replace or repair all kinds of plumbing fixtures for sinks and tubs so you can have fixtures you like and the functionality you need.

Sewer Services in Lake Forest, IL

The sewer system for your home or business needs to work correctly so you can rely on it. If it’s developing problems or needs repairs, we can fix it and keep your sewer system functioning right.

Sewer Ejector Pumps

A sewer ejector pump helps take waste away from your home. If it’s not working right, or if you need one installed, contact a licensed plumber for service.

Sewer Excavation

Excavating a sewer is often done for serious problems and also when new equipment needs to be installed. Contact Ravinia Plumbing for sewer excavation services.

Sewer Repair

If you notice any issues with your sewer system, contact a professional right away to limit the damage it can cause to your home and plumbing system.

Sewer Rodding

Sewer rodding is used to clear clogs and blockages in your sewer system by moving the clog through and clearing the lines.

Sewer Video Inspections

Need a video inspection of your sewer? That can help locate problems quickly so we can fix the issue and get things flowing again.

Electrical Services in Lake Forest, IL

Your home’s electric system is important for safety, but also for comfort and security. We can help correct any problems, or add something you need, with options like:

  • Electrical Installation: If you need additional switches, outlets, or fixtures, we’re here to install just what you’re looking for.
  • Electrical Repair: An electrical problem isn’t something you want to ignore. If you notice any issues, contact an electrician to get it fixed quickly.
  • Wiring: Old wiring can be a fire hazard. If you’re unsure whether you need to upgrade your electrical wiring, contact a licensed electrician for a consultation.
  • Back-Up Generators: A back-up generator is so important when your power goes out, and you want to rely on that generator to work for you every time it’s needed.
  • Indoor Lighting: Want to improve the lighting inside your home? There are so many choices. Contact us today to discuss indoor lighting options.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Your outdoor space should be secure and enjoyable, and outdoor lighting options can help make it that way.
  • Smart Devices: Just about anything can be turned into a smart device, including home security systems, thermostats and lighting systems.

Contact Ravinia Plumbing for Services in Lake Forest, IL

By reaching out to us today at Ravinia Plumbing, you can get started on the maintenance, repair, or installation needs you have for your plumbing, electrical, sewer or HVAC system. Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians are here to help!

Reviews and Ratings

Lake Forest Home Care Club customer review

February 2022

“Ravinia's annual membership is a great value, pays for itself quickly and gets you timely and professional service. We've been using Ravinia for years and have always received top notch service, particularly in heating emergency situations.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review

January 2022

“My husband and I love Ravinia. Efficient, knowledgeable and polite professionals visit our home. Communication is excellent. Ravinia sends emails regarding the visits and if earlier time would work. LOVE the communication.”

Lake Forest HVAC customer review

January 2022

“The Ravinia team truly went above and beyond to try to help me with a burning smell in my house. They quickly determined the issue was not the furnace, as I had suspected. They took significant extra time to evaluate all other systems in my home to confirm I was safe and to assess the cause of the odor. I really appreciated the extra time and kindness they showed while evaluating the issue.”  

Lake Forest sump pump customer review

December 2021

“My technician Conrad was superb. We have a complex pumping problem and he was determined to solve my problem and not just patch it. I have also enjoyed working with Terry on a sump pump installation and he is very professional and also instills confidence.”

Lake Forest HVAC customer review

November 2021

We recently purchased this home and noticed that previous maintenance and installation records identified Ravinia as the Service Company for heating, air conditioning and hot water tank. We have experienced no problems on any of these systems for the time we have lived here, so I felt confident in contacting Ravinia for a routine heating maintenance check. I plan to call the company for an air conditioning maintenance check before the next cooling season.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review

September 2021
“The person who took care of my request was prompt with an appointment. The technician explained what he was going to do. Shared cost of his service Was polite Cleaned up Very happy with the repairs done Would recommend the technician. Now I know who to call for any plumbing problem I might encounter
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