The Key Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services
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The Key Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

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  • Date: October 17, 2019
The Key Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Drains – sewer, storm, and floor – do their job quietly, often unnoticed by you. But when they become clogged, they make their presence known. Plugged sewer drains can create soggy areas in your yard or, even worse, allow sewage water to back up into basements, sinks, and showers.

You can prevent a smelly problem or major damage to your plumbing system by regularly contracting a professional to clean your drains. Here are some benefits of using a professional drain cleaning service:

  • It’s tempting to think of drain cleaning as a DIY project but think again. A clog in a drain sits beyond your view. A professional plumber can use video inspection equipment – cameras and LED lights mounted on a fiber-optic cable – to visually locate clogs in your system and target them for removal.
  • Grease, hair and other debris begin to accumulate unseen in your pipes, setting the stage for a major blockage. You can use chemical drain cleaners, but some of these products may damage older pipes. A professional drain cleaning service can deeply clean your pipes using specialized equipment.
  • You need to snake out stubborn drain clogs. The manual drain augers you purchase at hardware stores may work for minor clogs near the opening of your pipe or drain. However, professional drain cleaning services use mechanical augers, drain snakes with motorized heads that corkscrew into a stubborn blockage, breaking it up and washing it away.

Simple tools like a plunger and manual auger may work for some drain clogs. Chemical drain cleaner helps, but these chemicals may prove harmful to your plumbing system. Only a professional drain cleaning service has both the equipment and expertise to effectively clean your pipes and maintain proper water flow through your system. Consider adding professional drain cleaning to your annual maintenance regimen.

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