As the new year approaches, you may be contemplating some major purchases for next year, while understanding that “things happen” and you should be prepared. Given that, here are some guidelines on estimated life for various items in your home, from plumbing and electrical components to HVAC equipment and more.

Note, of course, that actual life will vary with usage, how well you take care of the item, weather, etc.

Item Estimated Life
Faucets and fixtures 15-20 years
Showerheads Lifetime if not clogged
Sump pumps 7 years
Toilet tank components 5 years
Toilets Lifetime
Water heater 10 years
Water lines (copper or plastic) 50 years
Water softener 20 years
HVAC Equipment  
Air conditioner (central) 15 years
Air conditioner (window) 5-7 years
Attic fan 15-25 years
Boiler 20 to 30 years
Dehumidifier 8 years
Ducting 60-100 years
Furnace 15-18 years
Heat pump 10-15 years
Humidifier 12 years
Bulbs – incandescent 1,000-2,000 hours
Bulbs – LED 30,000-50,000 hours
Ground fault circuit interrupters 30 years
Service panels 40-60 years
Dishwasher 10 years
Dryer 13 years
Freezer 10-20 years
Gas oven 10-18 years
Microwave 9 years
Refrigerator 9-13 years
Washing machine 5-15 years
Garage door 20-25 years
Garage door opener 10-15 years
Roofing 20 years
Siding 30 years
Sprinkler system 20 years
Deck 8-30 years

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