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What to Do About Your Home’s Uneven Heating

Several homeowners have found themselves in a position where at least one room in their home simply will not get to the same temperature as those in the rest of the house. If you’re noticing hot and cold spots throughout your house and you have tried everything possible to keep your whole family comfortable, there […]

Do you Find That Some Rooms are Hotter than Others?

Your children complain it’s too hot in the living room. You turn down the thermostat, but now you need extra blankets in your bedroom. Why are some of the rooms in your house warmer than others?  You likely have an unbalanced HVAC problem. In a balanced heating system, the temperature in all the rooms of […]

When is the Right Time to Replace that Old Quirky Furnace?

You may feel some loyalty to that quirky old furnace, but how faithful is it to you? When the snow begins to fall and the cold winds squeeze under the front door, you don’t want your furnace to fail. Maybe it’s time to part ways with that old friend. “You’re not getting any younger.” How […]

Ravinia’s Commercial Services are More Than You Would Expect

These days, there aren’t many plumbing companies that are able to provide an all-in-one offering of commercial services to clients. However, here at Ravinia Plumbing we pride ourselves in being able to provide an extensive range of commercial plumbing and plumbing-related services. We provide commercial services to: Municipal properties Restaurants Places of worship Medical premises […]

What is Short-Cycling when it Comes to Furnace Operation?

As temperatures in your home fluctuate due to changes in the weather, the thermostat that operates your furnace and air-conditioning system will activate in order to regulate them. This is what is referred to as equipment cycling. While it is normal for your furnace to turn on and off at regular intervals, it can sometimes […]

Your Furnace Has a Filter – Why You Should Change It

All furnace units have filters, which need to be replaced on a regular basis. Below are a few reasons you should ensure this takes place as regularly as recommended by your installation and maintenance technician. Enjoy better air quality Research performed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has shown that the air we breathe indoors […]

Why do Furnaces Even go Bad in the First Place?

Although a furnace is an essential item to have in your home, chances are that you seldom give this unit much thought until it decides to malfunction or worse, stop working completely. This is usually the time when the furnace technician in Chicago is asked, “Why did my furnace go bad?” There are a few […]

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