You did everything by the book. You invested in a new, energy-efficient AC system a few years ago. You have it serviced annually.  You replace the filters.  You cleared the landscaping away from the condenser and vacuumed the blades. The new programmable thermostat adjusts the temperature settings, supposedly saving money on your utility bill.  And, the installer said your newer windows seal very well. But why isn’t your AC system doing the job?

What’s the problem?

It’s easy to remember to maintain the mechanical elements of your HVAC system; they work like your heart to cool air and send it flowing throughout your home. But it’s your vascular system that distributes that life-sustaining blood throughout your body. Like your body’s need for veins and arteries, your HVAC system needs a healthy network of ducts to bring unconditioned air to your unit and circulate the conditioned air throughout your house.

Over time your ductwork may develop cracks, openings that allow the conditioned air to leak out and dirt, dust, moisture and even unwanted “visitors” to enter the ducts. Improperly insulated ducts also create inefficiencies in your system, cooling your rooms inconsistently, putting an added burden on your system. Moisture seeping into these air ducts promotes the growth of mold and mildew, threatening the health and well-being of the individuals in your home. Dust too, settling in these ducts, can promote poor air quality.

What can you do?

To ensure the health of your family and the efficient running of your air conditioner, schedule annual maintenance of your system. This service check on your HVAC system should include an inspection of your supply and return ductwork. An HVAC professional can inspect:

The service can include removal of dust and debris (including mold and mildew) and determine the presence of any infestation by birds, insects, or rodents. The inspector can repair damaged parts, seal cracks and leaking joints, and, if required, replace deteriorated sections of the ducts.

 Call a professional to perform a maintenance and service check on your AC system that includes a thorough inspection of your ductwork.