We know you want summer and fall to drag on as long as possible. For that reason, we may put off doing those necessary things outside the home to prepare for winter. As a result, you may need to do these things when the weather is unpleasant. So here is a head’s up on what you can do to prepare the outside of your home for the winter season.

Tips to Prepare Your House for the Cold Season

  1. Take care of the wood. The wood trim around your doors and windows can deteriorate if not properly protected. How do you prevent that? Check to make sure the caulk is not cracking, and the paint is not chipping or flaking. If you see problem areas, a coat of paint or an application of caulk can prevent big problems.
  2. Protect other surfaces too. If you have a concrete driveway or patio, or an asphalt driveway, it will ultimately have cracks. Fill in the cracks and then apply a sealer.  
  3. Consider a roof deicer. As snow melts and then freezes, ice dams can form which can cause extensive damage to your roof. A roof deicing system can prevent that.
  4. Clean your gutters. Once all the leaves have fallen, make sure the gutters are clear.  Clogged gutters will cause water to overflow, and as that water flows down your home, it can damage the exterior, and also crack the foundation, potentially causing massive flooding problems.
  5. Check drainage. Clear gutters mean the water will flow freely through the downspouts.  When that happens, you want the water to flow away from your house so water cannot penetrate the foundation. You can make sure the ground slopes away from the house.  You can also buy downspout extenders.  
  6. Clean your chimney. If you intend to fire up your wood-burning fireplace, you’ll want the chimney to be cleaned to make sure the fireplace is safe. (And don’t forget to order the firewood.)
  7. Maintain the pool. If you’ve been enjoying the pool all summer, we know it’s sad that you have to shut it down. When you do, make sure to get the pool inspected (it will be tougher to get that inspection if you wait until next spring).
  8. Also drain the outside spigots and remove the hoses from them. If you do not drain them, water can freeze and crack the pipes. If you know where your exterior water shut off is, you can shut that off.
  9. Cover your lawn and patio furniture.  
  10. Get your lawn ready. Fall is a good time to aerate and overseed the lawn, and then fertilize it.
  11. Equipment. Drain the gas from the lawn mower and put it away. And, unfortunately, get the snowblower ready. Put gas in it and make sure it runs before the first big winter storm hits.
  12. Have your heating system professionally tuned up to help prevent it from breaking down on the coldest days of the year. Also, check the condition of your system’s air filter.

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