A furnace inspection is probably not something you give much thought to-that is, until winter gets here. If you typically put off an inspection, you are missing out by not getting it done before Old Man Winter arrives especially in Chicago. Here are some ways in which you could benefit from having an HVAC cleaning and inspection done now.    

Avoid a System Breakdown

Many common issues are first discovered during a routine inspection. This is good news, because it means small problems can be fixed before they become major ones. Your odds of experiencing a breakdown will be much lower as a result. That’s a good thing-after all, who wants to shiver in the cold while waiting for repairs?

Knowing your furnace is in tip-top shape is especially important if you are a snowbird or plan to travel over the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. Why worry about mechanical failures and frozen pipes, when an early inspection can provide you with peace of mind?

Enjoy Greater Efficiency

Heating costs account for up to half of your household’s monthly energy bill. Keeping your furnace clean is the best way to boost its efficiency and reduce energy costs. Schedule a cleaning and inspection now to ensure your unit is operating at peak efficiency when winter arrives. Wait until halfway through the season and you have already missed out on half of your savings.

Efficiency and comfort go hand in hand, so you may not be as warm as you would like if your furnace isn’t operating properly. You might even notice hot and cold spots and need to rely on supplemental heat in order to balance things out.

Shorter Wait Time for an Appointment   

If you normally wait to schedule an appointment, you are not alone, as hundreds of other people in the Highland Park area do as well. As such, we tend to be busier than usual with inspections during December, January, and February. Not only that, but we also have more repairs to contend with when it is cold outside. Power outages from winter storms may further strain our technicians, leaving them unable to deal with anything but emergency repairs.

A higher number of service calls during winter means you could wait days if not weeks to get an appointment. On the other hand, a same-day appointment might be possible if you call now. At the very least, we should be able to work you in within a day or two.

An Early Appointment Saves you Money

By having your furnace inspected in fall, you can save money by:

Don’t wait until cold weather gets here to schedule a furnace inspection. The sooner you call, the faster you can begin enjoying all the benefits.