Wheeling, IL Water Heater Installation

Water heaters are an essential appliance in a household, providing hot water for showers, cleaning, and washing dishes. At Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric, we recognize the importance of reliable and efficient water heaters, which is why we offer quality water heater installation services in Wheeling, IL. Our team of experienced and licensed plumbers is committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring water heaters last as long as possible.

Are New Water Heaters More Efficient?

The answer is yes. The newer models are designed with better technology, making them more energy efficient. This means that they will use less energy, resulting in lower energy bills. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly, as they produce fewer emissions when compared to older models.

Investing in a new water heater may seem overwhelming, but it’s worth it in the long run. At Ravinia Plumbing, we offer a wide variety of water heaters, including tankless and conventional models. Our team of experts will help you choose the best model for your household’s needs and budget.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Water Heater

If you’re considering upgrading your water heater, efficiency isn’t the only thing you’ll gain! Here are a few of the additional benefits you’ll enjoy:

More Consistent Hot Water Supply

If you have an old water heater, you may be used to running out of hot water during peak usage times, such as morning showers. Upgrading to a newer model can help ensure that you have constant access to hot water throughout the day. Modern water heaters are designed to provide more consistent heat, which eliminates the need for waiting for the water to heat up.

Fewer Repairs

Water heaters typically have a lifespan of between 8 to 12 years for conventional models and 20 to 30 years for tankless water heaters, depending on usage and maintenance. Aging models tend to develop issues such as leaking tanks and corroded parts. Upgrading your water heater means that you benefit from a new system with warranty coverage. This translates to fewer repairs and cost savings, compared to keeping an older unit in use.

Increased Property Value

Upgrading your water heater increases the value of your property should you decide to sell. Prospective buyers will often check on the age and efficiency of the various appliances in the house, including the water heater. Having a modern, efficient, and well-maintained water heater can be a plus point for potential buyers.

How Much Does a New Water Heater Cost?

The cost of a new water heater varies based on the type and model you choose, capacity, efficiency ratings, and more. At Ravinia Plumbing, we understand that cost is a significant factor when considering a new water heater. We offer financing options to help make the process more manageable. Our financing plans allow you to pay for your new water heater over time, making it affordable and accessible.

Maintain Your Water Heater Over the Years

Maintaining your water heater over the years is crucial to ensuring its longevity. Regular maintenance can prevent malfunctions and keep it running efficiently. At Ravinia Plumbing, we offer plumbing maintenance services that include water heater inspections and cleanings. Our maintenance plan also ensures your water heater is regularly cared for, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected problems.

When it comes to water heater malfunctions, Ravinia Plumbing has you covered. Our team of licensed plumbers is available to provide water heater repair services, ensuring that your appliance gets back up and running in no time. We understand the inconvenience of a broken water heater, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services.

Upgrade Your Wheeling, IL Water Heater Today

Having a reliable and efficient water heater is essential to any household. At Ravinia Plumbing, our top priority is providing outstanding water heater installation services to Wheeling, IL, residents. We understand the importance of energy efficiency, affordability, and regular maintenance to ensure your water heater lasts as long as possible. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward having a reliable and efficient water heater in your home.