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Still have galvanized steel piping in your house? Is low water pressure creating problems with the dishwasher? Do you long to have a nice strong shower? That old galvanized steel water piping or sewer line replacement can cause a number of problems in your house:

  • Takes too long to fill the dishwasher, washing machine, bath tub, or re-fill a toilet.
  • Rusty water staining your white clothing in the washing machine.
  • Rust streaks appearing in the toilet or tub.
  • Hard to wash shampoo out of your hair from a weak shower.
  • Takes forever to get hot water to the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Pin hole leaks can damage ceilings and walls and a burst pipe will do much worse.

Ravinia Plumbing, Heating & Electric’s professionals can replace the old galvanized steel piping or undersized copper piping to provide the delivery of water you desire. We have re-piped hundreds of houses over the years with great success. Most jobs are done in one day. Contact us today to set-up a free estimate.

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