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Commercial Water Quality Testing

More than 70% of the human body consists of water. Your brain is approximately 95% water, while your lungs contain more than 90% water. Even the blood that is carried throughout your body is more than 82% water. Water is essential to every bodily function, and without it we would fail to exist.

Despite knowing its importance, many people do not consume enough water. Even worse, they may, take in water that is full of contaminants. The quality of our water is rapidly deteriorating due to a number of factors that can include:

  • Agricultural pesticides
  • Chemicals used in manufacturing
  • Runoff from paved roads and parking lots
  • Pharmaceuticals found in human waste

Although modern wastewater treatment facilities can eliminate a number of hazards, they are often ill-equipped to remove all of the above elements. As such, high concentrations are often present in our drinking supply. What’s worse is the fact that certain chemicals such as chlorine are often added to water in order to make it “safe” to drink. These chemicals may in fact lead to an increased risk of cancer and organ damage, and might also need to be filtered to ensure your safety. Our commercial water quality testing services are here to help.

What’s in your Drinking Water?

Water quality reports only provide a snapshot of what’s in your drinking water. Your individual results could vary based upon the type of pipes you have and other factors. How can you know what is really in your drinking water? The only real way is to have an inspection performed by Ravinia Plumbing.

During an inspection, we can identify hazards and come up with a plan for counteracting them. We often recommend a whole-house filter system to ensure you have nothing but fresh, clean water coming from every faucet. The point-of-use systems we provide make it possible to enjoy the purest drinking water possible-something that is a must for your good health.

Affordable Solutions

The filter systems we offer are very affordable, and may actually save you money in the long run. That’s because you will no longer have to worry about buying bottled water for drinking or cooking with. You can also reduce your risk of health problems, something that could wind up costing you a great deal of money over time.

Already have a filtration system in place? If so, call on us when it is time to replace your filter cartridges. We’ll ensure you receive the right cartridge for your system, and will carefully dispose of your old filters in a safe, efficient manner. When you order from us, you can eliminate expensive shipping costs and avoid burning gas while running from store to store.

Contact us for a Water Quality Inspection

With a water filter system from Ravinia Plumbing, you will notice clearer, brighter water with no offensive smell, color, or taste. That alone makes it more likely you will choose water over colas or other soft drinks. If you are ready to enjoy greater health, contact Ravinia Plumbing today to schedule a water quality inspection.


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