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Commercial Air Quality Testing

Americans spend more than 90% of their time indoors. When you consider this, it’s easy to see that indoor air quality is of utmost importance. Many things can threaten indoor air quality, causing a rash of flu-like symptoms and making it difficult to breathe. Improving indoor air quality is the key to ensuring the good health and comfort of your family.

Danger Areas

The Environmental Protection Agency lists 5 “danger areas” of indoor air quality that you should be concerned with. Those five levels include:

Level 1: Toxic Compounds-Toxic compounds in your home can be found in everything from cleaning chemicals to carpet. The fact that they are so abundant in modern homes is thought to be a major contributor to childhood asthma.

Level 2: Infectious Illness-Viruses, bacteria, and flu-like germs are brought in from the outside, where they then enter your ductwork and circulate into every space. This is one reason people who share common areas can so easily spread illnesses among one another.

Level 3: Allergens and Particulants (Dust, Pollen, Pet Dander, Insect Debris, Smoke) Nearly all homes have one or more of these particulants, which may travel through your air ducts and disperse throughout. In large amounts, they can contribute to allergies or breathing disorders.

Level 4: Microbial Growth (Mold, Micro-Organisms, and Fungal Spores)-Moisture coupled with inadequate ventilation can allow microbial growths to occur. This can leave your home smelling musty, and can aggravate allergy symptoms.

Level 5: Safety Gases (Radon and Carbon Monoxide)-These potentially deadly gases are odorless and tasteless, and therefore difficult to detect. Radon exposure leads to more than 21,000 deaths annually, and is a leading contributor to lung cancer.

Contributing Factors

Three components are needed to produce an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problem in your North Shore Chicago home:

  • A source of contamination, which can include mold, bacteria, pollen, gases, viruses, or particulants
  • Building occupants who are susceptible to those sources of contamination
  • A means of transporting the contaminants to building occupants (normally your ductwork)

Practical Solutions

When all of these conditions are present, your indoor air quality may reach one of the above danger areas. Fortunately, there are practical solutions for improving IAQ issues, including:

  • Eliminating the source of contamination
  • Providing greater ventilation in occupied areas
  • Filtering or purifying air to remove contaminants

Northshore Chicago based Ravinia Plumbing, offers a variety of practical solutions to help you improve your indoor air quality. We begin with an inspection to determine what if any danger areas are present in your home. Once we have identified an issue, we can then go to work providing solutions that address your particular concerns. We may also recommend products such as air cleaners, air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers to help you maintain your level of air quality.

Indoor air quality is something that should be taken very seriously. Don’t wait until you or a loved one experiences health problems to give us a call. Contact us today for an indoor air quality inspection, and you can breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing you are protected.

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