Past Ratings

April 2022

Northbrook HVAC customer review 

The work was done within the timeframe that had been promised with no last-second costly add-.ons to the estimate. The technicians kept me informed every step of the way, explained what maintenance steps that I need to take, left me with all of the pertinent manuals, explained the warranties and even programmed my thermostat for me. Ravinia is registering the warranties with the manufacturers for me and also applying for the rebates. I was impressed with the thoroughness of what was a very large and complex job.

 I told my friends and family that after the technicians completed their work in my home that the home looked as if they had never been there. They even swept my driveway.  The technicians were undaunted by the complexity of the work, brought everything that they needed with them and gave me confidence that they could handle the circumstances given to them.”

Gurnee plumbing customer review

“Called and had an appointment the next day. Problem diagnosed, options and estimate reviewed, work done all within an hour. The company was clear about preferring everyone being masked. Its good to see they care and are competent.”

Evanston plumbing customer review 

“We moved into a new house and a few issues surfaced that needed to be addressed immediately. For a routing need, James was there within an hour and took good and quick care of the problem. We also discovered that we were having a problem with our back up sump pump system and Terry got there very quickly and a few days later he came back and put in a new back up system for us while we were out of town. Obviously that was quite necessary as being out of town we didn’t want to worry if there was a power failure in the neighborhood. We are very grateful to the good work of Ravinia Plumbing.

 Always effective in getting timely appointments and calls alerting us that the technician is on the way. James and Terry were terrific. Keep up the great work. We are very grateful.

Lake Forest plumbing emergency customer review 

Adan and Chase were excellent, competent and polite, and expedited the repairs in a successful and timely manner during a heavy rain storm on a late Friday afternoon appointment.

Chase and Adan came late Friday afternoon to help us remedy a broken sanitary sewer which forced waste into our home and they resolved it. They came back on the next Monday morning early and dug up and replaced the broken sewer service connection pipe. Kind, professional and competent.”

Northbrook plumbing customer review 

“Conrad is wonderful in helping with problems. We needed a new outdoor spigot and he was terrific in problem solving the issues, like limiting the traits inside the house. He cleaned up all debris inside and outside.  He is very knowledgeable and explains the issues very well. I use Ravinia for all plumbing, and I know they care and stand behind all the work they do. A reliable, honest and knowledgeable plumber is so important and that is what Ravinia is.”

 Highland Park plumbing and HVAC customer review 

“We have used Ravinia Plumbing for over 45 years. The personnel are on time and skilled. The customer service is responsive and courteous. We have used their services for sump pump systems, heating/cooling issues, and all sorts of plumbing problems. Not once have we been dissatisfied. A sterling record indeed!”

Deerfield plumbing customer review 

“Mike is an exceptional plumber. He did a fantastic job without any rework. He is exceptionally friendly and kept me advised of every portion of the work. He replaced all of the galvanized steel piping with copper. Recognizing that not having water available during this work can be very impactful, he was quick and adapted his work strategy to keep my downtime to an absolute minimum. He had water back online within 5 hours – I was quite impressed! When he had an apprentice working with him, he made sure he took the time to mentor the apprentice and did quality checking to ensure I will be satisfied.”

Glencoe HVAC customer review 

“Kevin has been servicing our air conditioning for several years now. He is exceptional in many ways, most of all he really knows his business. Our system is very old. Kevin (and Bill), due to their sincere interest in “solving problems rather than replacing them”, fixed what easily would have been a terminal problem with any other repair business. That was about four years ago. The system is still very much functional. Thanks Kevin and Bill!

Always calls first and on last appointment called and asked if he could be EARLY! Wonderful!  All the repairmen we’ve had explain what’s what, are fast and final – no return visits necessary.

Not only reasonable but they must have a very extensive inventory of parts. Rare to wait for anything.

I’m getting up in years so can’t do everything I used to do (among other jobs, converted from oil to gas by installing my own house boiler) but am very comfortable with Ravinia people to do the jobs necessary.”

Mundelein electrical service customer review 

“We were totally unaware that doorbells have transformers, and he discovered that ours was much too weak to handle our new video doorbell. Our new transformer has given new strength to the ringing, and the video doorbell is working perfectly.”

Northbrook plumbing emergency customer review 

“My latest plumbing issue was an emergency Sunday overnight and the plumber on call was so kind and helpful. He walked me through disabling the ejector pump back-up system so that I was able to wait a few hours for the main office to open. In the morning, a plumber was sent out to my house and the issue was resolved, efficiently and professionally. Ravinia is the next best thing to having a plumber in the family!”

March 2022

Highland Park electrical and plumbing customer review 

Had a crazy day Fri. After the electrician was here, he said he smelled gas. Called the gas co., and they turned off the gas after finding a leak. Your plumber Charlie came and fixed the leak-did an air test-and I was able to call the gas co to turn the gas back on in the same day. I did appreciate your getting someone out here within an hour so I could get the heat back on. It was a scary time-and you fixed everything.”

Northbrook electrical customer review

“I like using Ravinia for most home repairs. Electrician, Cuauhtemoc Carringhton, was exceptional in every way. I felt confident in his knowledge and ability to tackle any hub presented. He replaced a electrical box, worked on various components of my trac lighting and associated fixtures. He was well prepared with extra bulbs and material to on the spot fix the lighting components if my trac lighting. He helped resolved the lack of good lighting in my kitchen with a reasonable priced solution, which others had not. Worked efficiently and effectively. Would highly recommend him to others. Very glad you have him on your staff.”

Highland Park water heater customer review 

“Ravinia Plumbing sent their employee, Chris, to install a new water heater in my home over the weekend. I couldn’t be happier. Chris went above and beyond. He had to remove a cabinet to install the new water heater. He even fixed my door so it would open completely to get the old water heater out and the new one in…I had hinge problems with my door for years..and Chris even tested my gas lines…found and repaired a gas leak! He left the house so clean. Also, scheduling was so easy. Their emergency support called me within 5 minutes of my call to them. I had already shut down my leaking water heater…Ravinia even gave me a credit for doing the pre-legwork. I will use Ravinia Plumbing again, and will recommend them to others.”

Vernon Hills electrical customer review 

My technician, whose name I wish I could remember! was wonderful. I had him come to perform a rather minor job on some old kitchen undercabinet lights, which he was able to fix quickly. But then he truly amazed me, asking me if there were any other “little things” in the house he might also be able to fix. I took that as an opening, and he wound up fixing many “little things”, mostly just changing light bulbs, but bulbs that had broken off or were impossible for me to reach (I’m 77 and can’t get around as easily as I used to, especially on ladders). So now the obscure lights in the basement and the master bathroom finally work again after x number of years, and those little switches on the wall plates that were always turning off their circuits at the worst possible time are fixed. He was TERRIFIC!.”

Lincolnshire plumbing customer review 

The staff were on-time, able to explain what they were doing and what needed to be done, and even though we were not expecting them to fix our drain problem, were able to do so and now our master bathroom is in full operation. My parents are up in their years and having a functional bathroom where all the pipes drain properly is not just a luxury but a necessity. Hats off to the staff from Ravinia for their confidence and expertise.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review 

“We had a problem with the water supply to our built in fridge. We had no idea where the water source valve was hidden in the house so we could turn it off until a fridge repair person could come. The freezer was gushing water. The tech was tenacious and committed and saved the day.”

Highland Park furnace emergency customer review 

“My furnace broke down in the middle of the winter. They came right away, brought heaters for me, and gave me options to get a new furnace. Then they came and installed a new furnace. I am grateful.”

Glencoe HVAC customer review 

“I love my new system. The whole process from start to finish was so professional. Everyone went the extra mile. They even took steps to avoid my chemical sensitivity. The estimator Jeff Johnson was incredible. The technicians were so clean and competent. Went like clockwork. I felt that they were watching every step. And friendly besides. Thank you Haider.”

Glenview plumbing customer review 

“The last plumber I called (for a separate issue, last year) came into my house and right away was talking about service plans and maintenance plans for my heating/cooling…which had nothing to do with the issue I called about (leaking toilet)! It was a little off-putting that he was trying to upsell me before even looking at what the current issue was. In contrast, the Ravinia employee was really nice, listened to me explain the current issue (leaking pipe), and focused on that. He was great. I will only use Ravinia from now on!

Sometimes as a woman you don’t know if you’re being taken seriously by tradesmen. Your guy was easy to talk to, answered all my questions, and gave really good advice. He also answered questions I had about the kitchen faucet and the water heater unit; definitely put my mind at ease about things I thought might be problems but actually aren’t.

He looked at my situation, and told me what it would take to just bottom line fix it: replace the one leaking valve. But then he told me what he suggested to prevent future issues from cropping up (recommended I replace both valves since they’re the same age and it’s probably a matter of time before the other one starts leaking too). It made total sense, so I went ahead with his suggestion and replaced both valves.

He was great. He even showed me the knobs he would be using to replace the old ones, and explained the benefits of the newer valves.

I was afraid to call a plumber because the one I had used last year was so expensive. When the secretary told me the charge for the visit, I was blown away with how reasonable that was. AND…I loved that the $67 charge would be applied to any repairs. My issue was fixed for what I feel was a very reasonable total cost.

I will only use Ravinia from now on. In past years I’ve tried two different companies, and never had as good of an experience as I did with Ravinia!”

February 2022

Skokie plumbing customer review

Best service i experienced. No hidden fees. Gives an honest assessment and quote. Will hire them again.”

Lake Bluff electrical customer review

I thought my electrical panel dated to 1956 so I called to get an appraisal for replacing it. The technician discovered that it had been updated during some construction in the 1990’s. He said it really did not need to be replaced. I highly value the honesty of Ravinia and its workmen. In addition he fixed a balky stapler for me. Now that’s service!”

Northbrook furnace customer review

“Very impressed with the technician’s ability to diagnose the problem in less than 5 minutes. It was fixed in a short period of time and the furnace has been working well since. Mark and Tao also gave our furnace a thorough diagnostic check-up to make sure there was nothing else that could become problematic, including going outside to look at the air intake pipe. We were very impressed with the service provided.”

Lincolnshire plumbing and electrical customer review

Have had the need to use Ravinia a few times; obviously the circumstances were unfortunate. The Ravinia plumbers and electricians were in every instance professional, competent, and courteous.”

Deerfield furnace emergency customer review

The technicians are always competent, responsive, and really pleasant to work with. I went from “my furnace is on the fritz” on Thursday with a technician out same day to look at it, to an estimate on Friday, and an installation with financing on Monday. The work area is left clean. The technicians care about their appearance and respect the cleanliness of my home. Technicians are always willing to walk me through what’s going on in a clear way. They’re patient with my questions and thoughtful with their answers.”

Mundelein all services customer review

“We have always found Ravinia’s work to be thorough and professional, and every job has been completed fully without the need for a second visit.  In our experience, Ravinia has always responded to emergencies with day-of or next-day service.  We have yet to experience any technician who wasn’t respectful, professional, and friendly, and also careful about Covid protections

We have used Ravinia for many years, first in our Church-provided housing, and for 6 years in our own home since retirement.”

Lake Forest Home Care Club customer review

“Ravinia’s annual membership is a great value, pays for itself quickly and gets you timely and professional service. We’ve been using Ravinia for years and have always received top notch service, particularly in heating emergency situations.”

Vernon Hills plumbing customer review

“Dan has been out twice for two different issues. I always know, that the job was done well, when he is here.”

Lake Bluff plumbing customer review

“The technician knew what to do to determine a solution to the problem. He had a plan and logical steps. Once he completed the plan he explained in detail his thoughts. Very professional and knowledgeable.”

Highland Park water heater customer review

“Ravinia Plumbing to the rescue, as we needed to replace a hot water heater that was also delivering carbon monoxide! Within a week (not counting snow and freezing temperature delays) we have a new heater and a better venting system! The men were help, informative, and the best at cleaning up after the work. They explained everything and told me how to get the warranty registered! Ravinia has never disappointed us!”

January 2022

Deerfield plumbing customer review 

Ravinia never fails. Our mom used them for over 50 years. We had a reason to change to Ravinia over an error made by another long time plumbing business that were regulars in our area 25 years. Mike assured me all would be taken care of to completely change various shut off and gas valves that were old. Not an inexpensive “repair” “replacement” but done well.”

Northbrook HVAC/thermostat customer review

Cesar was fantastic. I have been having problems with my Smart thermostats and the related app. Cesar spent extra time to make sure that I was able to use the full functionality of these devices.”

Northbrook furnace customer review 

“The technician that came to our house was very professional and took care of our furnace quickly and efficiently. I’m impressed with your service. We had issues with our last service company and it was refreshing to work with a company that cared about us and our home.”

Highland Park HVAC customer review 

Appreciated that tech checked warranty on furnace parts (originally installed by Ravinia with their extended warranty). That and membership to Home club saved me hundreds of dollars! I’ve been a customer of Ravinia Plumbing etc. for 35 years and have never used any other company.”

Bannockburn HVAC customer review 

You could set your clock with their as promised arrival time. The Tech did not talk down. Explained technical aspects at the level I was comfortable with. Was very pleasantly surprised when the actual bill was a bit LESS than quoted. Loved the car dealer type “Out the door delivered pricing”. Can’t say enough good things about them. Will we use them again? In a heartbeat!”

Highland Park HVAC and plumbing customer review 

“Bill is surely an excellent plumber with knowledge of my complicated plumbing issues. He also had a filter for my HVAC in his truck even though I had forgotten to tell the scheduler that I needed one. He took the time to do this for me after finishing the real reason for his visit. I really appreciate not having to make another appointment . This customer service is why I stay with Ravinia!”

Winnetka emergency service customer review 

“My furnace broke down when the outside temperature was in single digits. I called and they had a technician at my house in 45 minutes. It was a complicated repair and they sent several techs out until they solved the problem. I am very happy with Ravinia and would recommend them.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review 

“My husband and I love Ravinia. Efficient, knowledgeable and polite professionals visit our home. Communication is excellent. Ravinia sends emails regarding the visits and if earlier time would work. LOVE the communication.”

Evanston frozen pipe emergency customer review 

“We had a frozen pipe on a Sunday; they sent a very experienced plumber, John, who quickly solved a problem (the location and nature of the leak) that wasn’t easily apparent. And as members of their home care club, this emergency weekend fix ended up with a vey reasonable cost. I also appreciate the Ravinia pros who come out, as they are always consultative and informative.”

Lake Bluff HVAC customer review 

“I would recommend Ravinia Plumbing to a friend — the 2 or 3 appointments I’ve had with Ravinia have been a pleasure from start to finish.”

Buffalo Grove electrical service customer review 

“The electricians arrived on time, completed the work quickly, and provided the desired result. Other electricians I contacted for the job did not respond to my request for service, did not follow up with me after our initial contact, or did not want to travel 10 miles to do the work.”

Lake Forest HVAC customer review 

“The Ravinia team truly went above and beyond to try to help me with a burning smell in my house. They quickly determined the issue was not the furnace, as I had suspected. They took significant extra time to evaluate all other systems in my home to confirm I was safe and to assess the cause of the odor. I really appreciated the extra time and kindness they showed while evaluating the issue.”

December 2021

Evanston plumbing customer review

Dan was professional and knowledgeable. He completed all jobs in a timely fashion. The cost was very reasonable also. This company is really excellent.”

Winnetka all services customer review

Absolutely I would recommend Ravinia. I’ve used them for numerous issues concerning electrical, heating and plumbing problems. Each and every time they have been professional and efficient in completing the job.”

Palatine sewer customer review

Service was excellent. The tech explained everything and provided cost estimates before starting the work. I was able to get an appointment quickly and the tech was right on time.”

Glenview HVAC customer review

Cesar is incredible. He’s both professional and personable. He has maintained our HVAC systems for the past 4 years. We have the utmost trust in his ability to ensure that our equipment will be kept in the best running order possible. If I owned a heating and cooling Company I would do my best to hire him away from Ravinia. He’s a great asset to your Company.”

Arlington Heights plumbing customer review

Ravinia is always professional and reliable. No matter the extent of the problem, Ravinia will work until the problem is fixed and fixed properly.”

Highland Park HVAC customer review

“Technician completed boiler maintenance and our house is significantly warmer. My son’s room has been freezing for two years and now he is comfortable and actually wants to spend time in his room!”

Buffalo Grove sewer customer review

“The tech was able to arrive early, which really helped our schedule. He was professional, had all the tools for the job and double checked his work. Ravinia was recommended to us, and now we see why!”

Skokie plumbing emergency customer review

“I will always recommend Ravinia. Great service, skilled techs, always prompt, clean, thorough, and professional. I appreciate that they found and fixed problems we didn’t even know we had before they turned into more serious issues.”

Northbrook plumbing customer review

“Highly recommend Ravinia. Our tech was Jason and in his initial visit, we could not re-create the problem. He clearly explained our options without pushing to do a repair because he couldn’t be sure without hearing the issue. We decided to hold off and if the problem came back to take a video. Sure enough, it happened after he left and when he came back we had the video and the problem so he could make the proper repair. All good now.”

Lake Forest sump pump customer review

“My technician Conrad was superb. We have a complex pumping problem and he was determined to solve my problem and not just patch it. I have also enjoyed working with Terry on a sump pump installation and he is very professional and also instills confidence.”

Northfield furnace emergency customer review

“Over the weekend, our furnace was experiencing a major problem, and when the technician came he had to turn the furnace off…He then went to the shop and found the necessary parts to fix it and returned and got us back in business…. this all on a cold December Saturday night. He was thoughtful and explained the situation carefully to us. We were greatly relieved.”

Glencoe all services customer review

“We have used Ravinia and it’s predecessor for over 20 years. From customer service through technicians we have found their service excellent. Of particular note is how personable as well as competent there technicians have been This is across plumbing, heating and a/c, and electrical.”

November 2021

Wilmette HVAC customer review “We made the appointment for a specific time and date. They called the day before our appointed time and asked us if the technician can come to service us now instead of the appointed time and date. We were pleased that they were able to come earlier and thoughtful enough to call us.”

Lake Forest HVAC customer review We recently purchased this home and noticed that previous maintenance and installation records identified Ravinia as the Service Company for heating, air conditioning and hot water tank. We have experienced no problems on any of these systems for the time we have lived here, so I felt confident in contacting Ravinia for a routine heating maintenance check. I plan to call the company for an air conditioning maintenance check before the next cooling season.”

Highland Park water heater customer review “Jason did a very professional installation of our tankless water heater. He was a pleasure to work with.

Riverwoods plumbing  customer review “I have been a Ravinia customer for more than 25 years. Ravinia always has been responsive and candid in assessing situations, including recommending not replacing something that was perfectly functioning before it’s expected useful life.”

Riverwoods HVAC customer review “I liked the quoting process. Jeff fully explained my choices. He told me about additional options, but he did not try to upsell or pressure me into more expensive options.”

Vernon Hills HVAC customer review “They did a supposedly routine check of my furnace before winter set in, but they were very thorough and patient with me as they explained what they were doing each step of the way!”

Glencoe plumbing customer review “I can’t even describe how I felt after the visit; he answered every question as I am a recent widow and did not understand what needed to be done and why. He was kind and professional and I felt so grateful to begin understanding the needs to maintain my house and be able to trust you to be fair appropriate and  trustworthy.”

Deerfield plumbing customer review “The staff in the office went out of their way to get someone to my home to fix my problem. They also followed up just like they committed to doing. Quality of service fixing my issue was excellent as well.”

Northbrook all services customer review “Their technicians are prompt and courteous and quite technically proficient. We use Ravinia for plumbing, HVAC, electrical and generator service.  I am a technical person and the service technicians are always willing to explain how the various systems operate.”

October 2021

Indian Creek plumbing customer review “Extremely helpful and honest. I appreciate a company and workers who are truthful and help you to keep your home at its best! Scheduling personnel are awesome! Kind considerate and caring people! Jeff was Very helpful. Honest and safe. He cleaned up so well when he left You didn’t even know he was here!”

Buffalo Grove HVAC customer review I truly appreciate Ravinia Plumbing and Heating and the high level of service provided.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “We have been using Ravinia for over 10 years and always been happy with their work.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Ravinia Plumbing notified me by phone that due to a scheduling change my technician was able to arrive within 20 minutes ( about an hour earlier than the promised time window)!if that was ok with me. It was and he did.”

Deerfield plumbing customer review “Ravinia’s technician was very professional, efficient, neat, and knowledgeable — and very careful to comply with Covid-19 precautions. What I envisioned as a moderately challenging issue with a tub drain turned out to be more complex: an old gummed up drum trap set in concrete. While the problem could not be fixed during the visit and possible further actions are under review, I was pleased with the service provided.”

Deerfield plumbing customer review “I’m hoping that you notice how much of a repeat customer I am. That says it all! Your service reps do an outstanding job with obvious skills. Wouldn’t think of calling anyone else!”

Northbrook HVAC customer review “Ravinia was prompt, professional and very accommodating. In the past we used one of the companies that does a lot of advertising on TV. They were responsive, but the people they sent were all young and inexperienced. Plus there was always some sort of upsell at the end of their visit. I do not need a new HVAC system every time you come out for a checkup. Ravinia is my new go to resource. Their reputation is deserved. Don’t fool around with anyone else. They were very careful. We had just painted and they took great care and it was appreciated.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “I have used Ravinia for twenty years. They are always knowledgeable and professional. Jeff was amazing. He explained everything he was doing and took pictures to show us what the problem areas looked like. We did the whole house plumbing inspection and it was a great offer. We ended up fixing everything on the list.”

Wilmette HVAC customer review “The technician who I’ve requested for years retired so I requested a technician who he had recommended for the annual Furnace maintenance and it worked out well so I plan to continue to request this technician regularly. My association with Ravinia over many years has in large part been due to my loyalty to Larry B. for HVAC and Danny Q. for plumbing as I have high regard for them. When I learned Larry B had retired, I was very disappointed but decided to request Jack this fall for furnace maintenance as Larry had in the past spoken highly of him. I was very pleased with how it went with Jack and I plan to always request him for annual furnace and A/C maintenance.”

Glenview condo plumbing customer review “I was a little apprehensive about the plumbing in my condo , being pretty old. Ravinia send a man who knew that we were lucky that the original plumbing is a little better than expected.”

September 2021

Northbrook plumbing customer review “We love Ravinia! We know the work will always be done the right way and in the most professional way.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review The person who took care of my request was prompt with an appointment.  The technician explained what he was going to do. Shared cost of his service Was polite Cleaned up Very happy with the repairs done Would recommend the technician.  Now I know who to call for any plumbing problem I might encounter

Chicago plumbing customer review “The techs were great. The whole process smooth from start to finish. I even appreciated the call to tell me once they had the parts they would call back to schedule. Communication was great.”

Long Grove customer review “Kevin Moran is terrific. He has been servicing our Arlington Hts. house for many years. We are now moving to Long Grove and he spent a lot of time checking everything out at the new house. He’ll be back to do some work soon.”

Barrington customer review “The best in the Chicago burbs!! I have used them for close to 20 years!!!  Nothing better than having a relationship with a company and their employees.”

August 2021

Lincolnshire plumbing customer review “If possible, I would request the same technician, Chris Kielar, to do future plumbing work, as I felt comfortable about watching and asking questions about his work.”

Wilmette customer review Everyone with whom I interacted was friendly, professional and efficient. My technician was excellent! I felt completely confident in his abilities and the service I received. I especially appreciated the call in advance to let me know that the technician was on the way. I will definitely be using Ravinia again!”

Deerfield HVAC customer review “Bob Flores was wonderful. He went above expectations as he dealt with a problem with build up of debris around outside AC unit. He took his time to fix the problem and also to explain what took him so long to do. He was respectful of the fact that I was working remotely and waited for me to have a break to speak with me.I believe that Ravinia techs always try to push newer equipment by telling me that there’s nothing specifically wrong with the unit, but if you get a new unit it’ll be better….. Bob did not try to push anything. He did suggest the Home Program, which made sense.”

Buffalo Gove generator customer review “My first time using Ravinia and the technician that fixed my generator problem was awesome! He knew his stuff. Definitely will keep them as my go to for service.”

Glencoe electrical services customer review “Les was pleasant and professional. He did not need to be told to wear a mask during covid, which we appreciated very much. Would call Ravinia for electric service again.”

Glenview electric service customer review “Contract was for the installation of new electrical line (220V, 50 amp). Electricians were extremely professional and timely!”

Buffalo Grove plumbing customer review “Prompt, polite, professional – both projects are completed and working beautifully. It’s a relief to have the work done well. Also very much appreciated the cleanliness of the work area after the work was done.”

Lake Forest sump pump emergency customer review “Ravinia provided prompt and top quality service on a Friday night when my sump pump failed during a week-long stretch of rain. Phil was very knowledgeable and completed the work in a timely manner.”

July 2021

Skokie HVAC customer review: “Rich was terrific. He explained everything to me thoroughly to be I understood the work. He was fast and clean. And he was able to suggest some more recommended work to help upgrade our system, and provided estimates immediately.”

Bannockburn customer review: “All the work was top notch and well done. The company is quick to respond and they were very accommodating to our schedule changes. I highly recommend Ravinia Plumbing. My dad was a plumbing and heating contractor both for the city of Pittsburgh and for private clients so I do know how to evaluate the work done.”

Buffalo Grove customer service customer review: “I was satisfied with all aspects of the service. Marlee who answers calls/ deals with scheduling has superb customer service skills and is extremely helpful, friendly and professional. Having her as a point of contact is an extreme bonus for the customer and an asset for the company that should be valued. Highly recommend Ravinia Plumbing. They stand true to their good reputation over the many years in business for honest quality service, customer value and customer appreciation.”

Glenview plumbing emergency customer review: “Ravinia was very responsive to my plumbing emergency and even more other appointments to make sure our immediate needs were met beyond our satisfaction.”

Deerfield electrical services customer review: “Vicktor was very knowledgeable about all the delivery of electricity in our home. He solved problems that I didn’t know were there in this older home. Those problems could have led to serious issues. We had moved furniture for Vicktor’s arrival. We didn’t expect him to move it back into place as it was heavy, but he did put it back in place without prompting.”

Lake Forest sewer service customer review: “Neatness counts, which is the point of question 6 below. But that’s hard to do when you’re rodding the sewer line from a clean out that is tucked away in a small closet in a finished basement where the walls and trim have recently been painted! James (JJ) understood how important this was for me, and he left the work area so clean and tidy that he deserves a pay raise! Thanks!”

Vernon Hills AC emergency customer review: “So thankful Ravinia could come out on extremely short notice on a very hot holiday weekend to fix my AC! We’ve been long time customers and this was amazing service as always!!!”

Lake Forest sump pump emergency customer review: “Ravinia provided prompt and top quality service on a Friday night when my sump pump failed during a week-long stretch of rain. Phil was very knowledgeable and completed the work in a timely manner.”

June 2021

Riverwoods commercial plumbing customer review “Our organization has used Ravinia for years and I highly recommend them for commercial plumbing!  I had to move appointments around a few times and they were always patient and accommodating!! – Charlie was great – on time, friendly, and got the job done way quicker than I was told!”

Lake Bluff Home Care Club customer review The technician was great. He solved my problem and signed me up for the “Home Care Club”..”

Northbrook HVAC and plumbing customer review “Ravinia is an outstanding company. I have used them for years for HVAC and plumbing matters.  Rich Cochrane is an OUTSTANDING technician in all respects–highly competent, professional, courteous, neat”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “I called to make an appointment right before the holiday Weekend. I so appreciated that someone came before the appointed time!!  I really appreciated that Barb got someone here sooner than the original appointment days later after the holiday. She was very understanding and accommodating. I explained that both my husband and I were in wheelchairs with 3 broken legs and couldn’t Hope to fix the problem ourselves.”

Highland Park HVAC customer review “I have been using Bishop heating and ac for almost 10 years. I have never been disappointed in their service. Thank you for always doing the right thing and making sure i am completely satisfied. Always a pleasure to work with knowledgeable, kind professionals.”

Highland Park HVAC customer review “Cesar knows our furnace and a/c and our house so I always want him. Honest and doesn’t try to sell things that we don’t need.”

Evanston water heater customer review “I was very happy with their service overall. They were up-front about pricing and stuck to the numbers they quoted, they were fast, and they helped out with a couple of other items that I just asked about while they were there for another job.”

Skokie HVAC customer review “Our appointment was very easy to schedule, and Bob, our technician, showed up on time. Our A/C problem was quickly diagnosed, and although it was a “tricky” fix, Bob took care of the situation using his skills & experience. He was friendly and professional, as are all the Ravinia representatives that we’ve dealt with. Thanks to all.”

May 2021

Highland Park all services customer review I am a 50+ Year Customer. That Says it all.”

Skokie furnace customer review Your representative (Jeff Johnson) was excellent with information about the products I needed and showed concerns about all aspect of the job and very concerned about, if I understood all that was needed to be done with the job.  I could not have been more pleased with the technician.  I asked to clean the area where the furnace was being placed, they said no, we will clean and they did. I was pleased. All my questions was answered and additional Links was provided for the products being used so I could research for myself. Jeff Johnson was amazing.”

Northbrook water heater customer review “I am completely satisfied with the completed job of installing a new hot water heater. Kevin, the technician, did a fine job reworking the pipes leading into it to bring the installation up to code. He also explained the operation of the hot water heater well.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review “The technician repaired a leaking pipe located in a very difficult area without removing existing plumbing or drywall. The work was perfectly executed. Another company suggested that we would need to remove a toilet and cut a hole in the wall to access and replace the pipe.

Evanston all services customer review Ravinia was recommended to us by a friend over a year ago. We have had regular HVAC service, plumbing and emergency calls (landscapers cut electricity to garage, repair required even digging trench from house to garage) and are always satisfied with technicians’ work.”

April 2021

Long Grove all services customer review I have been using Ravinia for years and have always been very satisfied with the quality of their work. My technician was extremely knowledgeable and very nice.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review Rich was very helpful explaining how I would need to change my soaker tub faucet. He also changed out 3 toilet seats and fixed the shower head. Professional and efficient!”

Arlington Heights plumbing customer review My plumber, Kevin M., was magnificent, a total pleasure and comfortable with him in my home. Clearly explained all possibilities to rectify my issue.”

Deerfield plumbing customer review I called Ravinia at 8:00 a.m. because the night before I discovered a leak under my kitchen sink. Chris arrived at my house that afternoon on time, promptly diagnosed the problem, clearly explained my options and answered my questions, quoted a price, and efficiently performed the repair. What more could one ask?”

Glencoe customer review Dan W. was superb! Extremely knowledgeable and a complete professional, he gave us total confidence in him and his work. I also commend Barbara in the office for her excellent support. Knowing that I can have my questions answered (Mike was so helpful) and our needs met has made us very long-time Ravinia customers.”

Buffalo Grove plumbing customer review “Pass on my gratitude to your crew led by Andy N. who did a great job on my drain problem. his expertise was essential to fixing my problem when other professionals had failed.I would also like to thank Diane S. whose patience helped this come together. I would recommend your company any time. You’re the best at your job. Ravinia is my go-to for the future.”

March 2021

Deerfield all services customer review This was an excellent experience. Your technician, Danny, was very professional, knowledgeable, and customer savvy. I have recommended Ravinia to two friends here in Deerfield already – and one has an appointment with you for next Tuesday! I will continue to use Ravinia for all my plumbing and heating needs in the future.”

Glencoe furnace customer review Roy was excellent. Very knowledgeable and honest and we knew exactly when he was coming and he fixed our downstairs furnace and recommended that we clean our attic furnace as well. We will use you all again.”

Deerfield furnace repair customer review I called to report that our furnace was not working at 10:00am — it was repaired by 1:00!  Besides that, the fellow who fixed it determined that the failed part was under warranty (10-year part), so we only paid labor. I was really impressed..”

Lincolnshire plumbing customer review Danny K. will continue to be the plumber I request. I have confidence in his work and I appreciate his technical knowledge as he always answers all of my questions.  I appreciate Mike R. taking the time to make sure I received a fair quote and that I was pleased with the value they were providing.  As long as I continue to receive great workmanship and be treated as a valued customer, I will continue to send my business to Ravinia.”

Deerfield electrical and plumbing customer review My experience with Ravinia was great from start to finish. We had an electrical and a plumbing emergency all in one week and they were able to get here quickly and solve both issues.!”

Wilmette HVAC and plumbing customer review “I have used Ravinia for more than 20 years and intend to continue. For a number of years now I have always requested Larry for HVAC and Danny for plumbing – they are my go to guys and have given outstanding service to me.”

Northfield all services customer review “Have been a customer for many years and have always been pleased with the service. Technicians arrive on time, are courteous, willing to answer questions and address concerns. Have never had any issues with the work performed by Ravinia and have recommended them many times.”

February 2021

Deerfield all services customer review I am a retired builder, so I don’t have my own personnel for service. But I knew Ravinia has been in the area for a hundred years or so and called them. Couldn’t be happier. The woman on the phone was great with a happy attitude and personality. The service was performed quickly and at a very fair price. Honestly there are no complaints. This is a very well run family business. A pure pleasure to deal with.”

Buffalo Grove plumbing customer review Ravinia plumbing provided quick emergency service with a qualified plumber. He was thorough doing his job. Very pleased with the company.”

Lincolnshire plumbing customer review It all started with a friendly voice when I called for service and less than a half hour later the technicians arrived and quickly took care of a clogged toilet at a reasonable price.”

Lake Zurich all services customer review We’ve used every capability at Ravinia and everyone is at the top of their game, always happy to do the extras to make sure the service is beyond complete.”

Highland Park HVAC customer review Timely. Identified & Solved the furnace issue. Tech followed the COVID protocols & was careful and maintained a clean work area. Also avoided tracking in snow!”

Lincolnshire all services customer review “If one owns a home on the North Shore I would say Ravinia is a must! I can’t imagine any better total service.”

Deerfield furnace emergency customer review  “We so appreciated the amazing responsiveness of the after-hours person on a Sunday evening and then having the scheduler call us within five minutes to schedule an appointment for early the next morning, as we had limited heat. The technician was excellent and worked to correct the issue. Although he had an initial impression of what the problem possibly was, he carefully tested and observed the furnace and came realize that it was something else (blower motor). He patiently explained everything very well and secured the parts quickly!”

Northbrook furnace maintenance customer review  “Ravinia has been my “go to” provider for years. They have rescued me from some major situations and also taken care of the mundane, but necessary, annual maintenance for furnace and air conditioner. Always, the appointments are honored within the time frame scheduled and their technicians are efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous. I can recommend this company with total confidence!

Lake Forest plumbing customer review  “The Ravinia plumbers are professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. We are satisfied with the projects they have completed for us. The office staff provides quick, competent support.”

Northbrook new furnace customer review  “Jeff managed the entire new furnace project. explained everything thoroughly from my old furnace to options for a new one and the process going forward. I am very grateful. All the men that came were professional and helpful.”

Lincolnshire plumbing customer review  “I scheduled Ravinia to review house plumbing. In particular I wanted the pumps (2) in one of my 2 sump pits to be assessed as they are aging. Danny from Ravinia reviewed this and agreed that the 2 pumps were at risk. He left a quote with me and I scheduled him back the next week. Danny returned and got right to work. 2 – 2.5 hours later he was pretty much finished. My expectations were easily exceeded. First Danny explained his solution and then he made it happen. The solution included the install of an alternator which automatically switches from one pump to the other and as such balances the work load. The prior configuration did not do this. Although there were 2 pumps, they did not alternate and therefore, one pump was overworked and the other hardly used. Now everything is in balance. Danny also made sure to write the date of installation on each PVC pipe attached to each pump. A nice and convenient touch. Danny also then demonstrated the solution which of course worked perfectly. I recently switched to Ravinia based on my daughter’s recommendation. I am very happy with this decision. Ravinia’s staff and field operations are very professional, explain things well, work efficiently, and treat their customers like no other. I highly recommend them.”

Glencoe furnace customer review “Todd went above and beyond expectations. He spent time and effort not only to repair our furnace humidification system, but checked all the vents in the house, adjusted them accordingly, adjusted the thermostat, and got our airflow running properly. He was most professional, humble, and very good and thorough in his work. We are most grateful to having the entire system working properly, and efficiently as it should.”

Northbrook frozen pipe customer review  “My technician immediately diagnosed the cause of my frozen pipes, went directly to the spot that was frozen and thawed the pipe all in less than 15 minutes! He gave me valuable information about prevention; it is still below zero and the pipes are fine! Thank you Ravinia, my trusted friend for all my plumbing, electrical, heating and air-conditioning needs.”

Lake Forest garbage disposer leak customer review  “We had a leak in our disposal. Terry came and immediately identified the problem. He outlined several possible solutions and the costs of each. He also identified a code issue in our dishwasher drain. He returned on time the next day and did all repairs, explaining each action. He is a helpful, experienced man and we plan to request him again. Thank you for him and the prompt attention to our problem.”

Northbrook water heater customer review  “I had a great experience with Ravinia Plumbing from estimation to installation. I am impressed how the estimator had the whole installation figured out when he made an assessment of the site. The installation guys were great to work with. The electrician reviewed with me how they would install the outlet and the plumber let me know where he was at with the installation process any time I came down to the basement. It’s not every day that you convert to a tankless water heater. I’m glad I hired Ravinia and would have no hesitation on recommending them to anyone else. After all, they were recommended to me from an old neighbor!”

Highland Park plumbing customer review  “We had a plumbing issue that needed a creative solution and at the same time needed to comply with the specific codes of Northbrook. Ravinia Plumbing solved the technical problem and had a full working knowledge of Northbrook’s requirements. Our significant problem was solved quickly, professionally and at a very fair price. Ravinia should be your “go to” plumber.”

Highland Park sewer customer review  “Andy diagnosed the sewer problem quickly and thoroughly – I was able to view the broken pipe through the camera. A detailed proposal followed. Scheduling was easy, and Andy along with Aiden resolved the issue. A difficult, potentially messy job, involving outside digging was accomplished, in the dead of winter, efficiently with a very tidy job site always. Everyone involved was extremely courteous (AC units needed to be moved which Ravinia also accomplished) and thorough, and I am very happy with the result.”

Vernon Hills toilet replacement customer review  “The job we hired your company for was replacement of an old toilet. Your employee did everything we could have wanted–he was on time, courteous, wore a pandemic mask the whole time, and most importantly he got rid of that old piece of junk that was leaking and sounding like a wounded animal, replacing it with a nice QUIET new john. Terrific all around.”

Arlington Heights electrical customer review  “So glad to have such a “ stress less “ interaction with your Electrician……Prompt service, helpful hints, and a job done with confidence, and obvious great technical knowledge.Your phone number is securely registered on my list of Who to call, Thankyou !”

Indian Creek plumbing customer review  “A special thank you for the quick efficient service provided by Ravinia. I found a water leak on a Sunday. The company promptly answered my call and helped me turn off the water. A technician came immediately the next morning and helped me complete the repair. He cleaned up so well you never would have known there was a problem. Excellent service and I highly recommend the company!”

Lake Bluff plumbing customer review  “The technician had to send for a part for a faucet. While he waited, he cleaned out my dryer vent and did not charge me for that service. I thought that was extraordinarily kind, but also good business. It made Ravinia my go-to for the future.”

January 2021

Lake Forest plumbing customer review The technician arrived on time, was masked, & presented professionally. He took time to diagnosis the problem, offered solutions, explained options, & provided an estimate. He answered all my questions. Once I approved the work, he undertook it efficiently, completing the job within the time suggested. Outstanding job.”

Lincolnshire plumbing customer review Just a quick note to put on record that Brian is a credit to his profession. He has done work at our home several times. The quality of his work is always first class. He goes about his business in a way that not only reassures us that he really knows what he’s doing, but does it with the minimum amount of bother. Please pass on our thanks.”

Deerfield HVAC and plumbing customer review Ravinia gave us wonderful service, professional quality, and excellent support. The plumbers and HVAC personnel who came to our home were friendly and informative, each possessing excellent communication skills. The work was done efficiently, with an impressive system of back-up personnel and delivery systems to expedite the delivery of parts. Their service was thorough too, and the HVAC serviceman may have saved us hundreds of dollars and a headache by noticing that our 18-year-old water heater had a slow leak and was ready to go. Another serviceman noticed that our ejector pump next to our utility room in the basement seemed to be full and not operational. This observation may have saved us hundreds of dollars more in repair and restoration of our basement. The work was performed within hours of the problem, and was always followed up by friendly folks in the office, both dispatchers and billing. Ravinia also offered easy access for us to apply for 12-month 0% financing, which we did. I couldn’t be more impressed with Ravinia in all aspects of their operation.”

Wilmette sewer customer review As always I received prompt professional service from your team but I was particularly pleased with how they addressed our concern over a lower outdoor drain (something new to us) at our new home.”

Highland Park HVAC customer review James was really good, friendly, knowledgeable. I actually jotted down his name and saved it in anticipation of receiving this survey (and I don’t usually do surveys). He immediately diagnosed and fixed the issue.”

Deerfield plumbing customer review “I have needed Ravinia for a variety of plumbing services for two different houses. Both the people who answer the phone and the techs who come to do the work are top notch. Prices seem reasonable for the work done. I plan to recommend them to myself for some small electrical projects, next.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Ryan is AMAZING! So timely, COVID cautious, and very informative. Very responsive. Definitely the best experience we have ever had with a plumbing company and technician! We just moved into our home and found a bunch of issues that our inspection did not catch. Ryan diagnosed all of our issues and resolved them so quickly. He was SO nice and responsive to our questions. We are for sure going to be loyal to Ravinia moving forward and use them for our forever home thanks to Ryan and his team!”

Lincolnshire plumbing emergency customer review “Particularly helpful when I discovered a lot of water under my kitchen sink. It was a Saturday morning and help arrived within the hour and solved the problem. Thank you.”

Buffalo Grove furnace maintenance customer review  “My Technician was a consummate professional in the conduct of his duties. He patiently and respectfully responded to my questions. He followed all rules with respect to the Covid-19 restrictions.”

Glenview sewer customer review “Joe was very helpful and knowledgeable. He came out and resolved the blockage after another company had been out twice — the 2nd time they wanted to charge me 5 times the previous amount to fix what they should have fixed on the first visit. And Ravinia Plumbing offered me a 30-day guarantee on the work they did. Thank you, Joe, for all your help.”

Highland Park all services customer review  “We’ve been customers of Ravinia Plumbing and Heating for more than 40 years and have found their workmanship to be routinely good. They are very responsive and back up their work without any hassle.”

Winnetka furnace maintenance customer review  “The people and technicians at Ravinia are terrific. Very helpful, respectful and knowledgeable. The technician listened carefully to my issue and, together, we came to a good solution. I highly recommend Ravinia for all your plumping, heating and electric needs.”

December 2020

Wilmette all services customer review “We have been Ravinia customers for years and very happy with their service. Ravinia is knowledgeable and I’m happy the company provides everything: electric, heating & plumbing. My family and I are especially grateful for Ravinia, their technician discovered a gas leak which was undetected.”

Lake Zurich all services customer review “Ravinia’s a great company to work with. they’ve done four projects at my home and I also had them work on the kitchen plumbing at my daughter’s house. They have always done a good job. I’ve never had to call them back.”

Lake Zurich HVAC and electrical service customer review “Charlie really did a very professional job installing my whole house steam humidifier. Unit placement, water line hook-up into my existing line and the installation of the humidifier drain line were all done in a professional manner. Les (the electrician) did a great job in adding a dedicated circuit. Overall, a very nice job. The humidifier’s also been working perfectly.

Glenview HVAC and electrical service customer review “Ravinia Plumbing and Heating has always delivered great service which we appreciate. It is nice to know that when we call with an issue be it a check up on heater, air conditioner or electrical we get the same great service no matter the technician.”

Deerfield HVAC customer review “I always request Tad for yearly maintenance of our furnace, boiler and AC.  This fall, only the furnace and boiler were serviced.  The boiler is very old (our house was built in 1926 and most likely the original boiler) and Tad detected a CO leak in addition to a continuing decrease in efficiency.  He let us know this was dangerous and strongly encouraged us to replace the boiler.  Tad relayed this information to Ravinia and put us in touch with Jeff who provided us with an estimate.  Yesterday, we had a new boiler installed.  The entire process was easy thanks to the folks at Ravinia!”

November 2020

Northbrook all services customer review “Ravinia is my one stop source for HVAC, plumbing and electrical service. Their technicians are always prompt and leave the work areas clean. I’m a technical person and they are always willing to explain in detail how various systems in our home work.”

Deerfield furnace maintenance customer review “I don’t typically write reviews. Despite having tried more than a few companies that provide heating and cooling and plumbing services, when needing help we still found ourselves asking who should we call? After our experience with Ravinia Plumbing, we wouldn’t consider asking that question. This company represents professional integrity, combined with expertise and consistently dependable service.

Northbrook sewer line customer review “Ravinia was great and helped us understand that we didn’t need a VERY expensive repair that another company recommended. Thanks Guys!” Highland Park drain repair customer review “Great service. Had my kitchen sink clogged and nothing I tried personally worked. Ravinia tech. finished the task in 1 hr. Recommend them to anyone.”

Northbrook sewer service customer review “We are repeat customers of Ravinia. The techs are always prompt, polite and knowledgeable. All pricing is explained thoroughly before any work is started. They leave a clean work area and are careful to follow Covid protocol.”

Evanston plumbing customer review “My technician, Tom had close to 20 years’ experience. The work done was perfect. He was respectful of my property and courteous. He also completed the job sooner than predicted. I would highly recommend Ravinia plumbing.”

Glenview HVAC maintenance customer review “Thanks very much! Your seasonal maintenance specials are wonderful! Not only are they great reminders that it is time to inspect our HVAC systems but, the prices are extremely competitive. We have requested the same Technicians now for over 3 years. It’s reassuring to know that as we head into winter our furnace and air purifier have new filters and are in proper working order. Thanks so much.”

Libertyville furnace emergency customer review “Had no heat and they were able to get out in a timely manner and restore my furnace to working order. Great service!”

Northbrook sewer line customer review “Ray explained each step of the process to me, and showed me where the sewer (root) blockage was. He allowed me to view the camera of the entire sewer line. I appreciated his willingness to answer my questions…it was a pleasure talking with him and learning at the same time.”

Highland Park all services customer review “They are our go to company for heating and AC work, plumbing and electric. We like the stability of having a familiar company for home repair issues.”

Deerfield furnace maintenance customer review “Charlie at Ravinia is superb and makes the company shine! Ravinia is easy to schedule with, easy to deal with, and provides expert technicians. Charlie is second to none! We have been very happy with Charlie and Ravinia for years and recommend them highly.”

October 2020

Highland Park electrical customer review “Your communication with me after the visit was most impressive- thank you- having “lost” my electrician of 15+ years, I was not happy to try a new one but I have been most satisfied. Thank you.”

Highland Park all services customer review “I have been associated with Ravinia P,H.&E for over 40 years and have been more than satisfied with their workmanship and services.”

Deerfield all services customer review “I have been a customer for a million years and am a member of the home care club. We have the utmost faith in the workmanship and have always been impressed by the technicians and their work. All personnel, including the office staff, have always treated us with respect and are a pleasure to interact with. My only concern is the price of the service and parts.”

Northbrook drain emergency customer review “I needed a plumber fast. Ravinia Plumbing was able to respond the same day. The technicians were friendly and very knowledgeable. All of my questions and concerns were answered. I especially appreciated the information they provided about maintaining my kitchen drain to avoid future clogs.”

Northbrook HVAC customer review “We were very happy with Kevin who was our technician for our complicated HVAC systems. He was calm, methodical and patient. As well, he was the only technician that we have had to our house that was able to diagnose and fix a very intricate problem.”

Riverwoods HVAC customer review “Technician was efficient and respectful of mask and distance protocols to ensure our safety. He explained what he did and what we should look forward to in the future. We will continue to use Ravinia for all our HVAC needs.”

Wilmette furnace customer review “I always request Larry B for HVAC and he is top notch, in my book. I have confidence in his ability and his honesty.”

Mundelein HVAC maintenance customer review “I am always pleased by the service I receive from Ravinia, the technicians are always friendly and professional. The office staff is excellent too when I schedule an appointment!!’

Long Grove HVAC repair customer review “After a routine service check, a problem was found. The entire Ravinia team worked together to get the needed parts and schedule the installation. Thanks for a job well done!”

Deerfield all services customer review “They are our go to company for heating and AC work, plumbing and electric. We like the stability of having a familiar company for home repair issues.”

Highland Park HVAC repair customer review “Tech showed up on time. After discussing the issue he realized the problem we were having with the furnace was due to something I had done! He made the correction and charged me the minimum fee. He could have easily turned this into something much larger/longer appointment and did not! That is why we always call Ravinia.”

Skokie furnace maintenance customer review “Everyone at Ravinia Plumbing has been so pleasant, kind, & helpful. My husband said no one has ever given our furnance such a thorough cleaning until Ravinia. He was so impressed. We highly recommend Ravinia Plumbing.”

Winnetka furnace repair customer review “An extremely friendly person answered my call right away. After checking my account and history on-file, she was able to help in scheduling, as well as help determine the problem to make it easier for the Tech.”

September 2020

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Technician John Moran was fantastic. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to explain exactly what was wrong with our garbage disposal and how he was fixing it. I would not only highly recommend your company, but I would specifically recommend John as he is one of the best service technicians I have ever met. Thank you!”

Highland Park electrical customer review “They did a great job. The team replaced our house electrical breaker box. They were done in their estimated time and verified with me at the end of the job that I was satisfied and everything was restored to normal.”

Winnetka plumbing customer review “Roy was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He went out of his way to make sure all of my questions were answered and efficiently address the issues we were having. We definitely plan to use Ravinia (and Roy) again.”

Glencoe HVAC maintenance customer review “I used Ravinia for an issue with my AC unit, and everything was very professional and seamless from booking the appointment all the way through the payment process. Tim was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I asked a bunch of questions about the work he was doing, along with general questions about my AC systems. He was more than happy to address my questions. Will definitely use Ravinia again next time.”

Lincolnshire sewer customer review “Old-fashioned family business feel and hospitable service. The scheduler could not have been more personable and engaging and treated me like a good friend, while handling our emergency call with urgency. The technicians were warm, friendly, and highly skilled. Our issue was resolved 100%. It was very refreshing to do business with Ravinia.”

Mundelein plumbing customer review “Once again, Ravinia came to the rescue and fixed a plumbing issue quickly and professionally, saving us from a long Labor Day weekend out of joint and out of a kitchen sink.”

Lincolnshire HVAC service customer review “Tod did an outstanding job servicing our HVAC system and diagnosed an issue that could have been troublesome during the winter. Very impressed with his knowledge and willingness to uncover the problem.”

Lincolnshire all services customer review “Ravinia continues to retain the highest standards of plumbing heating and electric.Professionals sent out an each of these areas at the highest level of professionalismThe office staff that handles calls and appointments is polite and welcoming.”

Northbrook air conditioner emergency customer review “Terrific help on a Sunday morning when chipmunks got inside the AC condenser and made a nest! Perfect service!”

Wilmette furnace customer review “I started using this firm when they were Bishop Heating. My furnace wouldn’t run, another firm took one look and wrote up a quote for a new furnace. A friend suggested Bishop, they came, opened up the combustion air blower and removed the dead bird that was blocking the fan. 20 years later we have the same furnace. Ravinia carries on that same quality and full value operation. I have used the plumbing, electrical, and heating sides of the business.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review “Jason was a terrific plumber. On time, efficient, and knowledgeable. Very respectful of Covid-19 protocols as well. Will definitely use Ravinia Plumbing again!”

Lake Forest all services customer review “Outstanding service AGAIN!!! Dan did a fantastic job repairing our dryer vent as well as troubleshooting the source of a leak in our shower. Ravinia Technicians are always professional, competent and timely. Highly recommend for any plumbing/ HVAC/ electrical work.”

Skokie electrical service customer review “Our electrician, Cuauhtemoc Carrington, had been at our home before this visit. On both occasions he was professional, friendly, knowledgeable about his trade, and explained every step of the procedures he was replacing/repairing. We were very pleased with his efforts, and will definitely schedule him again if/when the need arises.”

July 2020

Northbrook plumbing customer review “We had a leaky bathtub faucet from the 1950’s and our water bill was ridiculously high. I called Ravinia because they’re local and have many positive online reviews. Our technician came and took a look and knew immediately what needed to be done. We aren’t in a position to completely replace or remodel our bathroom at this time, but our technician was able to find spare parts from the old model and repair it. We are very happy with the work.”

Glencoe HVAC maintenance customer review “We’ve been customers of Ravinia for many years and they have always been easy to reach, prompt, courteous, friendly and knowledgeable while also providing great service at fair prices. Thank you, Ravinia!”

Glenview HVAC repair customer review “Ravinia’s staff and technicians provide high quality honest customer centered service every step of the way from scheduling to assessment of problems to fixing problems and Followup afterward to explain.”

Deerfield HVAC maintenance customer review “We started using Ravinia when we moved here over 20 years ago. We have been pleased with the service they supply and will continue calling them for any plumbing and heating issues that arise.”

Deerfield air conditioner maintenance customer review “Tod Middlebrook, the technician, was very professional and provided an overview of the service he completed in our AC annual tune up and asked if I had any questions. Tod also suggested that we change the filter to one with a larger pore size to reduce some of the stress on the unit. He mentioned that a case of filters (one dozen) could be dropped off at the house the following day, I gladly excepted the offer!”

Highland Park air conditioner maintenance customer review “We have been customers of Ravinia Heating and Plumbing for many years. Their technicians and other employees are a pleasure to work with. They are clean, respectful of property and knowledgeable. They have always been on time and have explained issues that have come up clearly, professionally and patiently.”

Northfield HVAC installation customer review “Ravinia Heating did a great job installing a new furnace and air conditioner in or condo. They arrived on time and finished as scheduled. They were patient in helping with passwords on the new thermostat, both during the installation and after. They also did a nice job of cleaning up when they were through.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “I have used Ravinia Plumbing for years . With the fear of Covid-29, I have hesitated to have anyone working in my home, but felt 100% confidence with Jeff from Ravinia Plumbing! It was my first technician in months!”

Buffalo Grove HVAC maintenance customer review “I do not recommend any business unless I am asked. If asked I would certainly tell them that I have been your customer for 30+ years, and I would not have remained a customer unless I was pleased.”

Northbrook air conditioning maintenance customer review “I really appreciate Todd’s tips to improve our air conditioner’s efficiency (like making sure the damper is in the right position and whether the fan should be on “auto” or “on”). Also, I’m very glad he told me that I had the furnace filter in backwards. I never knew there was a right way, after 36 years as a homeowner. No one ever told me before..”

Deerfield air conditioning service customer review “Technician Marc arrived with a mask, gloves and booties upon entering the home. He reviewed the interior AC unit and determined that the issue was with the exterior AC unit. He replaced the blown capacitor. He also checked the freon level and determined that the level was within the necessary range. He cleaned the exterior AC unit. The technician determined that the interior furnace filter had approached the end of the manufacturers service life. A replacement was installed. This was appreciated.”

Northbrook electrical service customer review “The electricians were excellent. The installation was neatly done and they cleaned up very well after they were finished. It’s reassuring the have a company (Ravinia) that we can depend on for many different aspects of home maintainence.”

Gurnee plumbing, HVAC and electrical service customer review “When I contact Ravinia for HVAC, electric, or plumbing issues, I never have a doubt that things will be done correctly by skilled courteous technicians.”

Lincolnshire HVAC installation customer review “I went with Ravinia HVAC based upon my initial conversation with John D. I was not a customer at the time and was in need of a 2nd opinion. John D. took the time to listen to my problem, review the A/C system, answer my questions, and send Jeff J. over to assess my system. Jeff J. provided a fair estimate, setup the installation appointment with Marc S. (who impressed with his professionalism and service), and kept in contact with me throughout the whole process. This overall experience led me to recommend Ravinia to my neighbor who subsequently had Ravinia service his hvac system. I plan on joining Ravinia’s Home Care Club to have them service my hvac system and to make use of all of their home care services. Thank you John D. for taking the initial time out of your day to help out someone you didn’t know and had no obligation other than you being a nice person. I look forward to meeting you in person in the future.”

June 2020

Highland Park sewer customer review “Kevin is a knowledgeable technician with great diagnosing and technical skills. He answers all of our questions and is a plesure to work with.

Lake Forest plumbing customer review “Phil did my plumbing work. He went above and beyond . He help me understand what all was going on. Very professional and polite.”

Lincolnshire air conditioner maintenance customer review “Even though it was just a simple check of our AC the technician was exemplary in attending to the cleaning and checking of our unit. We really appreciated it as our unit is getting older and we feel comfortable that we should not have any service calls this year regarding it.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review “Wonderful, efficient and caring office staff. If only every business was run like this, we’d all be better off. Thanks,”

Northbrook plumbing customer review “The technician arrived on time, fully gloved, masked and with shoe covers. The plumbing problem was resolved quickly. All the parts needed were already in the technician’s truck. Documentation was delivered electronically (so there was no contact). Have used Ravinia for about 5 years now and highly recommend.”

Deerfield air conditioner repair customer review “We have an older Ranch style home. The Ravinia Technician was able to diagnose the A/C problem and fix it with the existing parts in his truck – Great Job! I’ve made a note of the name of the technician in the event of a future issue.”

Northbrook all services customer review “I have known the family for about 15 years and have exchanged services with Father, Don and the son David who runs the company since Don retired. From having spent time with both of them, I know their values for service and dependability are very high, similar to mine in the way that have been doing business for almost 50 years now. Feel confident that they will do your project with fairness, dependability, and integrity.”

Northbrook HVAC replacement customer review “We had a great experience with Ravinia. They replaced our AC/furnace at a fair price. The technicians were extremely courteous and took the time to answer any questions I had. We were very pleased with the job they performed and have been pleased with all the other jobs Ravinia has done for us. They always leave me feeling confident, I would highly recommend them.”

Evanston electrical service customer review “Over the years, Ravinia Plumbing, Heating & Electric has consistently provided me with speedy and knowledgeable service. Whether the job is big or small (panic phone call before leaving on vacation), the fine folks who schedule the service calls are friendly and have a sense of urgency. The service professionals are courteous, keep me informed of their etas and are proficient–they explain the work to be done, why, and how to keep the equipment maintained. My home is my “hassle” but Ravinia keeps me sane….!”

Skokie air conditioning maintenance customer review “Ravinia Technician explained carefully, using tablet with graphs and gauges, to illustrate the problem(s) with A/C.I was impressed with this and while I did not realize the connections were using too much electricity as well as too much coolant, this information useful, and the repair to adjust the unit will save me money. He also identified a vent in the basement that was not turned on, so that was corrected too. Well worth the cost. The Tech was very friendly and knowledgeable, and professional.”

Deerfield air conditioning maintenance customer review “Service tech was great, provided good suggestions. took a lot of time and did a great job. I switched from previous person we used for>25 years, after last summer and fall checks, could not take his attitude anymore. Our air is running the way it should very cold without having to sit temp at 50 and extremely quiet.”

Glenview sewer customer review “I couldn’t ask for better service. The technician was awesome. Wore a mask and shoe coverings and stayed a distance away. Service was so good that we are having Ravinia Plumbing out in a few days to fix another problem. Nice people!!!.”

May 2020

Kenilworth customer review “Ravinia has served our electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling needs for many many years. We are grateful for their integrity and kind and considerate service, no matter how small or large the job. They are dependable.”

Deerfield plumbing customer review “Ravinia has always surpassed my expectation for scheduling, timeliness and professionalism. They go the extra mile with extra-ordinary service and expertise. I highly recommend them!”

Deerfield heating and air customer review “Ravinia is always helpful, I recently brought a new furnace & air conditioner. They service is great!”

Deerfield plumbing customer review “Inviting a plumber into our home during the pandemic was stressful but necessary. However, Terry was highly professional, wore a mask, and observed social distancing. We felt perfectly safe. I have used Ravinia Plumbing for years and will continue to do so. Thank you for being available to our family when we needed you!”

Deerfield electrical customer review “Electrician was very thorough. Got to the root of the problem with time left over to update an outlet. Love the advice I get from technicians that help prevent future problems.”

Grayslake church plumbing and electrical customer review “(Our) Church is so grateful for the wonderful work your skilled electricians and plumbers accomplished! Ravinia Plumbing is a reliable and professional company.! Thanks for getting everything working again!”

Skokie customer review “I count on Ravinia for all my needed electrical, plumbing and appliance repair. Bottom line, from the kind person answering the phone to the professionals who know their stuff. I trust them to help me keep my 80 year-old home in good shape without bankrupting me!”

Highland Park plumbing and electrical customer review “We’ve dealt with Ravinia Plumbing for almost 4o years on small and big project. They have never once disappointed us or were unable to help us with our plumbing and drainage problems. They are our gaunt only for plumbing but electrical work as well. We rely on their expertise.”

Deerfield plumbing customer review “Ravinia’s staff is always friendly, respectful, and helpful. I believe they are truthful in their recommendations and I feel confident the work will be completed efficiently and correctly. I call them every time I have a plumbing issue. No need to try another company.”

Buffalo Grove plumbing customer review “Dan Ward was the best! He was able to replace the valve through the small existing opening in the drywall basement ceiling. Previous plumber wasn’t even going to try and was ready to saw open my ceiling. Not only did he perform the repair, he saved me lots of time and money that would have been needed to repair drywall. Next time I need a plumber I will definitely request Dan.”

Lake Forest electrical customer review I’ve had three other electricians come by to fix the same issues with our electrical system over three years… only Ravinia got it all fixed in one visit.

Northfield plumbing customer review “Communication is important to me and Ravinia Plumbing responded immediately to my call and arrived to fix the problem quickly. They let me know exactly when to expect arrival and were fast and efficient. Very professional.”

Deerfield plumbing customer review “My technician did an excellent job of presenting three possible scenarios to me for fixing my hot water problem in my bathroom. I was lucky to have the work successfully done for the lowest estimate. He even caulked around the back of the spigot that lets water into the bath and ultimately to the shower.”

March 2020

Deerfield sewer line customer review “I have complete confidence in the knowledge and competence of the technicians from Ravinia Plumbing.”

Highland Park HVAC customer review “Always happy to use Ravinia Plumbing. They have been our go-to providers for decades!”

Northbrook electrical customer review “Thank you, Ravinia (and formerly Romitti) for keeping everything in our house running smoothly and efficiently the last 8 years. We appreciate everything you did for us and hope you weather this coronavirus storm to come out strong on the other side.”

Northbrook electrical/plumbing customer review “We have had numerous technicians from Ravinia in the past seven years to help us with our plumbing and electric needs. All of them have been impressive in their punctuality, professionalism and knowledge. If we were not moving out of state we would never consider leaving them. We sold our home and are moving to Columbus, Ohio so we will not be able to use Ravinia again in the future. If we could bring Ravinia with us to Columbus, we would use them forever! The office staff was always friendly and incredibly helpful every time we called for assistance. Ravinia deserves a rating of six stars out of five!”

Riverwoods furnace emergency customer review “We woke up on a Sunday morning with a temperature of 65 degrees in the house (and very low thirties outside). We called Ravinia at 7 am. By 9 am the technician was here. He determined the problem in 20 minutes, said we needed to replace a part and he believed he could get one from the office and return within 40 minutes. That is exactly what happened. In addition, he said it looked like the part was under warranty. He would check on that during regular business hours. He got back to us on Monday and indeed the part was under warranty. This is the kind of service that have made us long time customers of Ravinia. In answer to your survey, not only would we “likely” recommend Ravinia to friends and family, we consistently do. We are grateful for their expertise and integrity.

Highland Park electrical customer review “Thanks again for accommodating us and for the great job–especially being extra careful not to mark up any walls, and taking the time to make sure everything was working properly. We really appreciate it!

Lincolnshire HVAC customer review “Our technician found the source of our furnace issue, showed us and explained the problem before correcting it in a timely manner. Great service and fair pricing for what was done.

Mundelein plumbing customer review “We had several problems, from lint buildup owing to faulty installation by another vendor to upgrades in the bathroom, and the willingness to go beyond the call of duty, and the careful and articulate explanations were much appreciated.”

Winnetka sewer customer review “One of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a trade for work in our house. Setting up was easy with excellent communication. And the technician was phenomenal. Clearly knowledgeable but also explained things well and was clear. Was also very respectful of our home. It wasn’t likely the cheapest I could have found but you truly get what you pay for……..I will be using Ravinia again in the future.

Highland Park electrical customer review “George came to our house twice in one day to fix the problem with our kitchen light fixture (florescent). He was here less than an hour after I initially called Romitti/Ravinia, gave advice on what bulbs to go buy, and when that didn’t work, he came right back (after he was already on his way home) and figured out that the ballast was different than the bulbs that had been in there! He saved us from having to order a new ballast, which would have taken a few days and, as it turned out, wasn’t necessary. I’ve found that home repairs like this require a significant ability to sleuth out a problem, and George is my new favorite detective. Thanks!”

February 2020

Highland Park plumbing customer review “This is the second time I’ve used your company and both times the service has been great! Both of the technicians have been wonderful at their craft and in the way in which they treated me. Thank you!”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Friendly and very knowledgeable. Repaired this very old house’s system beyond what was expected and required. Very professional and friendly. I was watching a perfectionist with pride in his work.”

Deerfield plumbing customer review “Outstanding service. The plumber came quickly, fixed our problem and was in no way “selling* to do extra work. Other local plumbers have been very aggressive with us to try and sell other work. Not Ravinia. They will be out plumbers for a long time.”

Highland Park electrical customer review “I have used Ravinia’s services for many years. They are knowledgeable, respectful and always fair. They represent an excellent value and I recommend them highly.”

Highland Park sewer customer review “My plumber was courteous, knowledgeable and professional. He diagnosed the problem immediately and had it repaired quickly and at very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Ravinia Plumbing for any plumbing issues.”

Deerfield sewer customer review “We received excellent service for a main water line break. Ravinia Plumbing was fast and efficient in diagnosing the source of the problem. Their service in solving the problem was outstanding.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Dan Ward is an excellent plumber, who solved our problem! He worked very hard to unclog our washer sink drain which had overflowed onto the floor. He successfully replaced parts and we have not had any leaking or other issues. He recommended using a lint catch on the washer hose, which we have done. The office staff is excellent and took my emergency call about our flood the day before. We have used Ravinia Plumbing from before 2005 for many services, and have been very satisfied!”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “I called Ravinia Plumbing to finish a job that had been started during some construction we had been doing. The repairman had to figure out what had been done already and how he could best complete the work. It was a bit of a puzzle because the new sink was a different style than the old one and it needed some creative problem solving. It took a number of hours but he did a great job. We’ve called Ravinia Plumbing a few times and every time they came through with great service.”

Northbrook water heater customer review “Jason worked on my hot water heater and shower. Would highly recommend him. Knew his stuff, courteous, informative and trustworthy. Feel good service and pricing.”

Wilmette furnace customer review “We had a minor glitch after a recent new furnace install. A quick call resulted in immediate appointment that solved the matter same day, no charge. Ravinia continues to be a firm to count on around our house.”

January 2020

Highland Park HVAC customer review “Easy appointment, on time arrival by a personable, competent technician gives us a feeling of security that our Heating and A/C systems will provide comfort.”

Deerfield plumbing customer review “Outstanding service. Your Team are always qualified, capable, and good representatives of a quality Company. Always appreciated.”

Northfield plumbing (toilet replacement) customer review “Replaced three toilets in my home. Was able to pick a replacement easily with plumber recommendation for price and most practical for each bathroom. Perfect every time. Looked like I updated the whole bathroom. Clean, professional workmanship.”

Wilmette HVAC customer review “I find all the Ravinia people we have worked with highly professional, capable and with a strong attention to detail. It is much appreciated.”

Lake Forest HVAC (thermostat) customer review “I was not at home when the repairman was here but he kept in touch during the replacement of the thermostat. He even put in a backplate that made repainting the wall unnecessary which was a nice consideration on his part.”

Deerfield HVAC customer review “Just want to especially thank John Doyiakos, whose helpfulness and kindness really knows no bounds. People like him are the reason why I continue to call Ravinia over the course of many years. The guy has a heart of gold and is always eager to assist. Can’t say enough good things about him.”

Wilmette sump pump and electrical customer review “Cardigan, the electrician suggested new lights which I absolutely love! He did a wonderful job. I never thought my basement could be so light and beautiful. Kevin the plumber was an expert.he had to reroute my water in the basement and put in a new sump pump. He had to remove paneling and did so with a positive attitude. Both men took away the old material and left me feeling so happy. I will recommend Ravinia to everyone. From the person answering the phone to the tradesmen I was completely satisfied.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Fabulous service, as always. The techs were knowledgeable and friendly, take pride in their work, and have a sense of humor, too. I always like how the Ravinia service techs explain what they are doing and answer my questions. The office personnel is great to work with as well.”

Northbrook emergency plumbing customer review “Great service on cold Saturday night. My broken gas line was fixed by Ravinia and we didn’t freeze.”

Northbrook new HVAC system customer review “Prompt, reliable friendly service. Quality work at a reasonable price. I needed a new furnace and A/C unit. I had recently researched what to expect the cost to be, including using Consumer Reports web site. Ravinia’s proposal was right on with what my research said the cost should be. I was able to schedule the work right away. The job took less time than was forecast and the installers took additional time with me so that I fully understood what had been done and how to operate my new heating and cooling system.”

December 2019

Kenilworth all services customer review “We’ve tried many of Ravinia’s “competitors” over the past 25 years, and have come to the conclusion that Ravinia has given us the best service, value and follow-through on projects we initiated with the various divisions of the company. We recommend them without reservation.”

Wilmette HVAC customer review “I request and rely on Danny for plumbing and Larry B. for HVAC as I have come to greatly respect and value their expertise. They both have demonstrated problem solving skills that have met my need repeatedly and are the nicest fellow as well. They are what keep me loyal to Ravinia and I am so grateful and appreciative for their outstanding service!”

Winnetka heating customer review “We are former Bishop Heating customers…. used them for years. We really thought they gave great service and were honest and fair. Always responsive to any concerns which there were from time to time. We think since Ravinia does equally as well. Thanks.”

Deerfield all services customer review “Ravinia Plumbing, HVAC & Electric is our “go-to” service team for all of our household needs. We appreciate their HomeCare Club for a discount and have found all of their service techs to be competent and nice.!”

Glenview sump pump customer review “The technician, Phil Jackson was prompt and very courteous. He did his job very well, recommended a monitoring system of my sump pump via Wifi (Glentron) that I appreciated very much and ordered on the spot. Phil also explained how things work after the installation. I feel confident that the new sump pump system is in good hands with Ravinia Plumbing and Heating.”

October 2019

Glencoe plumbing and electrical customer review “Any problems in plumbing or electrical I will always call Ravinia Plumbing.”

Lake Bluff plumbing customer review “It was nice to actually set an appointment with an employee – not an answering service. Terms and conditions were stated upfront and adhered to. Service was prompt, efficient and professional. Having had several plumbing companies in the last 30 years for service Ravinia Plumping has been by far the best I have encountered. I will continue to use them in the future and recommend them highly!”

Highland Park water heater customer review “The Ravinia technician installed a new water heater. He arrived on time and he promptly went to work. The technician gave me a good explanation of the project. Beyond that, he was always polite–which I really appreciated. After his work, he cleaned up the area. So far, the new heater has worked fine.

Highland Park toilet repair customer review “I have a high-end KOHLER toilet and Ravina Plumbing knew everything about it to fix it! Thank You!!!”

Lincolnshire heating and cooling customer review “Ravinia Plumbing & Heating recently installed a new furnace and thermostat. The technicians were highly skilled, professional, and welcomed my questions. I highly recommend Ravinia Plumbing & Heating for your heating and cooling needs.”

Highland Park furnace customer review “Roy was great! He knows it all when it comes to my boiler furnace. I highly recommend him. Thank you Roy!”

Deerfield furnace customer review “I had Todd as my technician. He was very kind and patient with all my questions. I have only been in the unit since May and my first attempt at the furnace. Nice man.”

Lake Forest water heater customer review “Larry did an excellent job on the hot water heater, which was recently installed, but had a bad controller. I would recommend him for any issues regarding the hot water heater or the boiler. Thank you.”

Glencoe all services customer review “My parents started using Ravinia Plumbing when we moved to Highland Park in 1951. There’s been no reason to switch!”

Northbrook all services customer review “We have used Ravinia since 1980. We have always been impressed with the quality of the service and the professionalism of their technicians. We consider them friends who we can always count on.”

Wilmette all services customer review We have used Ravinia for various issues over the last couple of years and found them to be prompt, candid and fair about resolving our situations. For us they have represented a fair value for services provided, and all individuals dealt with from the folks answering the phones right through the service personnel have been great to deal with.

September 2019

Long Grove generator customer review “I had a home generator installed. The crew was exceptional. I would highly recommend Ravinia for any heating/cooling, plumbing or electrical work.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “The Ravinia plumber who came to our house, Joe Hutchcraft, was excellent. Professional and very informative. I would ask for him again by name in the future.!”

Gurnee generator customer review “Ryan is the best! He always takes my calls even after the generator was installed!”

Lake Bluff boiler customer review “The two technicians I had for our boiler replacement were Roy & Charlie. Both are very knowledgeable in there trade. I watched the whole replacement process and they work very well together. I never really understood the workings of the boiler and I asked a bunch of questions which they gladly answered for me. They were both glad I asked my questions. They were both a pleasure to have in our home.”

August 2019

Lake Forest plumbing customer review “Thanks you to your plumber, John, for troubleshooting so well, and for being so professional and pleasant.”

Winnetka plumbing customer review “Ravinia plumbing always exceeds our expectations!”

Deerfield heating and air conditioning customer review “We have used Ravinia Plumbing & Heating Company for quite a few years. Seven years ago they put in a new furnace for us, and just this summer, installed a new air conditioner. Plus we have used them for equipment check-ups and other plumbing issues. What a great company! We highly recommend them!”

Highland Park customer review “We have used Ravinia Plumbing & Heating for 30 years. They provide great service and we have always been pleased.”

Deerfield water heater customer review “Jack I was very impressed with Charlie who offered up a creative solution to the placement of my bathroom floor water heater. He was a breath of fresh air in his approach to solving a long standing issue.”

Northbrook plumbing customer plumbing review “The technician was incredible. I had water problems with my underground storm drain system. Despite terrible storms he stayed and worked through the downpours and cleared everything!!!”

Northbrook sewer line customer review “JJ and Andy were extremely helpful. On their second visit, they remained here until the Village of Northbrook crew arrived to consult with them. They also provided us with the video of our pipes and the Village sewer so they could figure out how to remedy our problem, which appeared to be with the Village rather than with our own pipes.”

July 2019

Glenview electrical customer review “I used the Romitti electricians that are part of Ravinia. Did a great job and were very professional. There were some complexities and George the electrician, did a fabulous job. The pricing was very fair for the work done.”

Wilmette sewer customer review “Conrad, the Ravinia Service representative was a true professional, extremely efficient and clearly communicated on the progress and status of my Rodding project.Thanks.”

Skokie HVAC customer review “We’ve always been treated with courtesy, honesty, and fairness by all of the Ravinia Staff that we’ve dealt with over the years. A special “shoutout” to Bob, the technician who does the annual checks on our boiler and A/C. He’s friendly, professional, and very thorough in readying our units for the coming seasons.”

Evanston plumbing customer review “When we discovered a leak in the just-painted living room wall of our century-old house, we feared the worst–holes in the walls and ceiling to track and fix it. Instead, Ravinia made one hole, sourced the leak and managed a repair that gave us full confidence. They were great.”

Evanston HVAC customer review “Jack was terrific. He suggested closing the basement vents to push the AC upstairs, something no one had suggested before. He also suggested putting plywood and a brick on the outside AC unit in the winter to protect it. He said that covers often become havens for rodents.”

Highland Park school customer plumbing review “I have been extremely happy with the numerous times we have used Ravinia Plumbing. Our school is housed in an older facility and they are very knowledgeable about the various issues that occur with more mature buildings and their plumbing. The technicians are very friendly and informative and definitely take the time to clearly explain what needs to be done and how they will do it.”

Deerfield plumbing customer review “We always use Ravinia Plumbing and Heating for all our plumbing needs. The response is always swift, the advice we are given is always thoughtful and the workers are knowledgeable, polite and skilled. When they complete the task, they always leave the area clean. Even on a very complex job due to shifting earth and a broken pipe, they wisely evaluated the alternatives and presented viable options with an eye to the cost and the efficacy. Without reservation, we give them an excellent rating.”

Highland Park electrical customer review “Great company. A++. Have used numerous times mostly for electrical. Technicians always on time and very professional. Patient answering all of my questions. Very knowledgeable and they let me know all options not just the one at the highest cost. Wouldn’t change a thing.”

Deerfield air conditioning customer review “I felt that the technician was exceptionally knowledgeable and professional in his approach to cleaning and evaluating our very old air conditioning unit.”

Wilmette plumbing, electrical and HVAC customer review “I use Ravinia for HVAC, plumbing, and electrical service. I have used them for 20 years and their service has been excellent. I was referred to them, when another company attempted to sell me an unneeded replacement furnace. They furnished a replacement blower fan. The original furnace is in my home today.”

May 2019

Highland Park sewer and basement flooding customer review “Many thanks toJoe for helping work out the issue and providing advice on how to avoid another mishap. I will be using Ravinia and recommend Joe to others. I just hope I never have to use them for this type of repair again (flood in our basement due to sewer back-up)! :)”

Evanston air conditioner customer review “Tech expert Jack M has been here 3X since 2016 for two different HVAC issues. Each time he has educated & informed me as he moves through the work. On two occasions, he has been here to deal with the vibration of a rooftop AC condenser, not mine, that has been vibrating in my unit’s ceiling for three years. He has carefully placed sound absorbing pads beneath the condenser that has progressively diminished the vibration. He knows his stuff.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Two techs arrived within the time designated, even earlier than I thought. The work was completed in a timely manner and with techs who were obviously highly trained professionals. I was very pleased with the work they did!”

Highland Park air conditioning customer review “We have been using Ravinia Plumbing for years and years and will continue to do so. They always get the job done!!!”

Mundelein air conditioning customer review “Always a thorough check of all systems, and knowledgeable answers to any questions.”

April 2019

Deerfield furnace customer review “During the Polar Vortex last winter, we experienced excellent response from Ravinia relative to the several problems which developed at our home..”

Winnetka general service customer review “I trust Ravinia Plumbing and Heating and Electrical for all my household utilities. If they did carpentry, tile, painting, and dogsitting, I would be set.”

Arlington Heights plumbing customer review “Kevin Moran has been my plumber for many years and does an excellent job especially on the hard jobs. He figured out how to fix my master shower without having to break into part of the bedroom wall. The people answering the phones are very helpful.”

Lake Forest electrical customer review “Could not have been happier with the electrical work done at my home. The two technicians sent were efficient, courteous and highly skilled. Everything we wanted done was completed in a timely manner and the house was left spotless.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Twice we’ve used Ravinia plumbing in our new house. In the first case we had a sewer pipe backup issue and we found a cracked pipe (verified on video). When they fixed the cracked pipe they even found it wasn’t the immediate cause and were good about notifying me the real cause (we would have fixed the pipe either way). We appreciate their honesty and quality of work.”

March 2019

Deerfield plumbing customer review “Ravinia is my only call for plumbing needs. I am confident the job will always be done right.”

Glencoe furnace emergency customer review “We had an urgent furnace problem at about 4pm. The tech was here within the hour, diagnosed the problem immediately, a new part was delivered by another tech, replaced, all within less than 2 hrs from my call. Great service.”

Deerfield furnace emergency customer review “On a cold, snowy winter day, our Ravinia Plumbing technician was able to find the part our furnace needed and get the repair done. What a relief! The technician was so knowledgeable…..thanks Ravinia Plumbing!”

Winnetka bathroom plumbing customer review “My technician was so smart! He not only fixed my plumbing problem but he fixed it in a way that will make it easier to fix any plumbing problem in my luxurious master bath. Thank you!”

Northbrook emergency heating customer review “A+++ experience all around, from calling in to see if someone could come out when my furnace stopped working, to someone being here within a couple hours, to him not only resolving our problem but educating me on my furnace and home! We loved our experience so much, we are having Ravinia come out again to do more work in our home. Very pleased customer here!”

Deerfield electrical customer review “Requested an electrician to check wiring in a ceiling fixture flooded by broken pipes in my condo neighbor’s unit. The appointment was scheduled and then when the electrician was running ahead of time and near my home he was able to come on an earlier day. I could not have been more pleased by the expertise and consideration.”

Highland Park electrical customer review “This was a service call to remove a chandelier at the home of my mother in law as she was moving out of her longtime home and into a senior complex. Darren was efficient, friendly and courteous. And it was quickly done. We appreciated that we got a call ahead that he was on his way.”

Riverwoods furnace emergency customer review “We awoke at 2:30 in the morning to find that our furnace was not working. We called Ravinia at 7am and by 9am we had a service person at the house. By 10am we once again had heat. We find this kind of service is typical of Ravinia Plumbing and Heating and say thank you!”

February 2019

Northbrook plumbing customer review “We have been customers of Ravinia Plumbing for several years. They take excellent care of our home from our sinks to our showers. Their techs are trustworthy, friendly and knowledgeable. They arrive within the time frame of the appointment given. We feel fortunate to have found them and will continue to use them into the future.”

Glencoe furnace customer review “Our Ravinia technician was great. Friendly, knowledgeable, fixed our problem–and it was a big one to fix: furnace issues during a very cold period.”

Deerfield emergency furnace customer review “During the polar vortex, we woke up to a house that was 47 degrees. Ravinia was out within 30 minutes and successfully replaced the inductor motor which had failed. Although it took some time to find the replacement motor, the tech stayed with us, promising us the part would appear, and it did.”

Northbrook furnace customer review “You guys came thru for me during an arctic blast when you, no doubt, had hundreds of other calls. The technician was a pleasure. Thank you.”

Highland Park emergency heating customer review “My mother passed away and we were having 60 people over to her apartment the next day. The weather outside was below zero and when we arrived at the apartment, the heat was not working and it was 56 degrees in the apartment. We called Ravinia. They were courteous on the phone and the technician arrived within 45 minutes. He called his office and the parts arrived soon after. He was knowledgeable and an expert at that type of heating system. They saved the day for us.”

Deerfield heating and electric customer review “We had scheduled appointments with both a heating technician and an electrician on what was the coldest day in 30 years. Neither was an emergency but the scheduled appointments were fulfilled on time. We have always found Ravinia to run a very efficient operation.”

Libertyville burst pipe customer review “We used Ravinia Plumbing to fix a burst pipe. Came out right away and fixed our issue. Tech was kind, knowledgeable and very friendly. Would use again in a heartbeat. A+!”

Deerfield electrical customer review “Ravinia replaced our main breaker box and power supply. They spent 2 days in our house and arrived on time on both days and were very quick and professional with the installation. Would highly recommend using them.”

Deerfield emergency furnace service customer review “Our furnace went out and Ravinia had a guy out that same day. He worked for about 3 hours dealing with various electric issues that were the root cause of the problem and got everything working again and provided some good advice on how to keep the furnace working properly.”

Deerfield plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical customer review “I use all of Ravinia’s services (Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC) and their technician always do a top rate job. Furthermore, they are extremely responsive and get to your house as quickly as possible.”

Skokie plumbing customer review “Technicians arrived on time wearing clean work uniforms and immediately put on shoe covers as they entered my home. I have an all-white laundry room, tiled floor, walls, and appliances. Plus a newly updated bathroom.The technicians left both rooms immaculate; there was no reason for additional touch-up upon their leaving.They explained, in detail, what caused the problem and what needed to be done to fix it. Both technicians were very professional with a great sense of humor. Both appeared to enjoy their work.”

Winnetka emergency furnace customer review “Our furnace stopped in the brutal cold, and we were able to get a technician easily, and timely. And…he was cheerful (Kevin) even though they had to be working all night in that cold snap! And it was extremely easy to get a follow up after the temps returned to normal to make sure all was working as it should.”

Northbrook plumbing customer review “We had water leakage in our newly constructed house causing severe cupping of our hardwood floors. The general contractor and his people were unable to determine where the leak was coming from. I had Jason from Ravinia Plumbing inspect the toilets, and he diagnosed the problem and made recommendations to remedy the problem. I’m very happy with Jason.”

January 2019

Deerfield customer review “Ravinia Plumbing has been our choice for over 25 years. Their technicians have always been courteous, careful and skilled, and scheduling is very convenient.”

Highland Park electrical customer review “Your electrical manager was wonderful to us and took on a difficult job which was completed successfully. We appreciate his help!!”

Libertyville heating and air conditioning customer review “My experience with Bishop Heating and AC was terrific. The technician was on time, clean, and respectful. He answered all my questions providing practical, not trying to sell something new, advice. He went above and beyond by solving a problem that my air filter had for years. I have had several other companies service this furnace to only overlook this issue. Thank you Bishop, I will be calling you in the Spring.”

Glencoe plumbing customer review “We have dealt with Ravinia Plumbing for about 30 years. In that time and given my experience with Ravinia, I would never let any other plumbing contractor in my home. Their techs are always very knowledgeable, very professional and have become almost like part of the family. They are always well groomed…not that important but appreciated. I want to make a special call out to Danny and Terry who are the men I put my trust in and have for years and I am never disappointed. And that goes for the girls handling the phone service also. Ravinia is a wonderful company top to bottom therefore I believe there must be a very good philosophy that comes from the family that owns and runs Ravinia.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Ravinia Plumbing and Heating Co., inc is our go-to for any plumbing problem. The technicians are VERYcompetent and really nice guys. The office staff is very efficient when setting up a service call.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Outstanding performance on an unconventional and demanding job, repairing and replacing components of the plumbing for a custom darkroom. The technician not only took care of the problems that I was aware of but identified and repaired some impending issues of which I had known nothing. All the work was done immaculately and with great skill, nothing unnecessary was added. A very impressive achievement on a job that I was concerned might not be amenable to any reasonable repair job.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review “We had a plumbing issue that had stumped three other plumbing contractors prior to calling Ravinia. Kevin came out and diagnosed the problem within a few minutes and was able to correct the issue on the next appointment. His expertise and knowledge saved us a lot of money and inconvenience. We will only call Ravinia for all our plumbing and electrical needs. They are exceptional.”

Glencoe sewer customer review “i had service to clean my sewer line out and it been a couple of years so it was purely preventative. The technician was on time, professional and went to work. He was super honest and did not charge me for the full job as he found no blockage in the lines. GREAT service.”

Deerfield emergency furnace service customer review “Our furnace went out and Ravinia had a guy out that same day. He worked for about 3 hours dealing with various electric issues that were the root cause of the problem and got everything working again and provided some good advice on how to keep the furnace working properly.”

Riverwoods plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical customer review “We have used Ravinia for plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical work. We have been pleased with the work done at each and every visit. Ravinia technicians know their business and go about irefficiently and politely. They have our confidence and we do indeed recommend them highly.”

Winnetka electrical customer review “I always ask for Vitold(hope I am spelling that right) who is an electrician in your Romitti Group. Such a great asset to your company, as he is bright, resourceful, and efficient. He has worked on 3 different projects in our home and always left the area better than when he arrived, always courteous and professional. Thank you!”

Deerfield kitchen faucet customer review “We recently relocated to the area and have little knowledge of local businesses. When the kitchen faucet needed attention, I called you guys. Figured you’re close by, plus your online reviews looked solid. My experience with Ravinia Plumbing & Heating was fantastic… you’ve definitely scored a new customer! Plan to use you for HVAC maintenance/services as well.”

December 2018

Highland Park heating and air conditioning customer review “We are always highly satisfied with our technician, Kevin, and appreciate his technical knowledge and courteous manner. We have confidence that our furnaces and ACs are in good hands when Kevin services them.”

Northbrook plumbing, HVAC and electrical customer review “Ravinia has been our go to plumbing, heating and electrical contractor for years. While maintained our systems in “excellent” condition, their professionals have identified and corrected issues destined to become future problems saving us both time and expense. We Recommend Ravinia frequently.”

Wilmette heating and air conditioning customer review “Nick & Viktor were outstanding, made sure we were taken through our installation & assisted in evaluating whether other unit needed replacing as well. Strong kudos for each of the guys that have been out for our variety of recent issues.”

Libertyville heating and air conditioning customer review “My experience with Bishop Heating and AC was terrific. The technician was on time, clean, and respectful. He answered all my questions providing practical, not trying to sell something new, advice. He went above and beyond by solving a problem that my air filter had for years. I have had several other companies service this furnace to only overlook this issue. Thank you Bishop, I will be calling you in the Spring.”

Lake Forest garage heater customer review “Our technician’s name was Roy. Roy went well above and beyond to fix our heater in the garage. Plus he is a really nice guy!”

Lincolnshire water heater customer review “We replaced a hot water heater and expansion tank at our home. Our experience with Chris was wonderful, so much so that I placed a call to the owner of Ravinia Plumbing to let him know personally what a great job was done. Really great work and we are very pleased.”

Glenview plumbing customer review “Couldn’t be more pleased with the service provided by Terry. He was polite and knowledgeable. He explained that, by calling Moen, I could save the expense of the needed part, but the approaching holiday would delay shipment of the needed part. The decision was made to have the part supplied by Ravinia. The needed item was delivered to my home by Ravinia’s central facility. It arrived promptly and Terry completed the repair. Terry was terrific!”

November 2018

Highland Park sewer line customer review “Ray and Andy did a great job diagnosing my homes sewer problem and fixing it, they communicated everything to me very well and I was very happy with the work.”

Glencoe furnace customer review “Ravinia has gone above and beyond for us when we had a situation with no heat and problems with (another company) servicing us. Highly recommend them.”

Highland Park heating and air conditioning customer review “Cesar is terrific. Has been coming to my house for years for both heating and air conditioning. Respectful, polite, cleans up and wonderful that he calls before coming. I cannot say enough positive things about him.”

Deerfield heating and air conditioning customer review “I have always felt like I was treated like a member of the family. The technicians are very knowledgeable and never think that your questions are stupid. They always take the time to answer all your questions. I love having them come and service my ac and furnace.”

Glencoe water heater customer review “Our hot water heater broke down right before Thanksgiving! We called that night and were assured someone would fix it the next day. Kevin from Ravinia was helpful and efficient! Thanks!”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review “Had an issue Thanksgiving day. Ravinia was able to respond by Friday morning, when my regular plumber was not even open.”

Highland Park heating and air conditioning customer review “We are always highly satisfied with our technician, Kevin, and appreciate his technical knowledge and courteous manner. We have confidence that our furnaces and ACs are in good hands when Kevin services them.”

Northbrook plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning customer review “Ravinia has been our go to plumbing, heating and electrical contractor for years. While maintained our systems in “excellent” condition, their professionals have identified and corrected issues destined to become future problems saving us both time and expense. We Recommend Ravinia frequently.”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Very knowledgeable and helpful technicians who completely solved the slow drain problem in the shower and the sink.”

Highland Park electrical customer review “My technician was very professional and courteous. He was able to do all the electrical work in a short amount of time.”

Wilmette furnace customer review “Nick & Viktor were outstanding, made sure we were taken through our installation & assisted in evaluating whether other unit needed replacing as well. Strong kudos for each of the guys that have been out for our variety of recent issues.”

October 2018

Lake Forest sewer line customer review
 “We had a sudden sewer back up at 10:30 pm on a Saturday night. We checked on Ravinia plumbing as we had used them in the past. We saw they had emergency 24/7 service. Andy arrived at our home at 12:45am and rodded our sewer and took care of the problem. Despite the hour, he was friendly and told us about maintenance and your Home Care Club. We signed

Evanston electric customer review “Our technician, Vlad, was very friendly and respectful with our home and property. He explained the entire process of installing our two new light fixtures and made sure to inquire about our preferences at every step of the way. He also advised that we could have dimmers installed with our new fixtures on the same visit, which makes for a great addition to our home and comfort. We are very happy with the professional service and will definitely recommend Romitti to our friends. Thank you.”

Highland Park heating and Home Care Club customer review “Everything was fine. Technician arrived on time. Cesar was very proper and friendly.He did his work to inspect my heating system in a very professional way, I am very grateful for the Home Care Club and for the savings in the price I paid today, Thank you very much. I am a loyal Ravinia customer.”

Lake Bluff water heater customer review “Superior and timely service. Water heater was not working and you sent a plumber (Brian) within an hour of my call (by 9:00 a.m.). He assessed the problem, you had the part in stock and my water heater was fixed by noon.”

Highland Park electric customer review “Bill Jensen, Justin and the crew and that actually did the work (Ryan, Carrington & Vlad) were all professional and performed the work expertly. I would recommend Romitti Electric, particularly since it has done work for us over the last several years without a complaint.”

Northbrook plumbing customer review “I would definitely use Ravinia Plumbing again. They were very responsive to our request for emergency service. Also the plumber was extremely knowledgeable in accessing the cause of our bathroom leak. I highly recommend them for regular and emergency plumbing services.”

Deerfield HVAC customer review “John Doyiakos is one of a kind; so knowledgeable and thorough…always doing the utmost for his customers 24/7. There is never a question too big or too small for John, for he gives 100% to everything. As for our twice yearly service, we wouldn’t have anyone else come to our home except Charlie. He is a whiz with every piece of equipment, and keeps our home safe and efficient. Thank you John and Charlie for your honesty and guidance through the years.”

Northfield HVAC customer review “Appreciate that the office always calls when technician is on the way and provides the name. The technician (Bob) who came to do maintenance on our 2 furnaces couldn’t have been nicer. Was very knowledgeable and answered a lot of questions in addition to making sure everything was working correctly. He even checked the carbon monoxide detectors and informed us they were out of date and needed to be replaced (we had no idea).”

Northbrook furnace customer review “Great technician – in fact the best one to date and they have all been consistently very good. He took the time to explain and was thorough and detailed, but in a way that I could understand. Really felt like I had gotten my money’s worth for this furnace, Aprilaire, air cleaner tuneup.”

Glencoe furnace customer review “The technician came within the time window specified and I was called 20 minutes beforehand to let me know he was coming. He was professional and didn’t waste time. After he was finished he let me know what was done and the condition of my furnaces and humidistats.”

Lake Bluff sewer rodding customer review “Joe, was my technician, for sewer rodding. He showed me the step-by-step process of the camera filming the inside of pipes from house to main sewer, before and after the rodding. Joe was very professional and knowledgeable. Hopefully I will see him next year.”

Deerfield furnace and plumbing customer review “Thursday of this week, we had our furnace cleaned and checked by your guy. You provided prompt, efficient, cordial service on that one. Friday, late in the day, I had to call Ravinia Plumbing because the only toilet I can use got blocked. I appreciated the fact that you had your on-call person come out ASAP and take care of it. He was cordial, checked everything thoroughly to understand the extent of the problem and took care of it quickly and efficiently and in a helpful manner.”

September 2018

Glenview sewer line review “Technician Joe H. arrived when expected. He was very courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and patient in explaining what he was doing. After televising my sewer line, he carefully explained his findings and what needed to be done. He called in his findings to your office and arranged to have someone come Friday and give me an estimate for the repair.”

Northbrook plumbing, heating, electric customer review “My I love this company! They are there when I need them! Plumbing, heating, electric. I had to get two new furnaces this year and they did a great job. Nick and David were professional and also a lot of fun! They showed up on time and did a great job. Very efficient. If you belong to the “club”, you get quicker service. Nice to know if you have a plumbing problem! ;).”

Northbrook plumbing/sump pump customer review “Very pleased with the work done by Joe, the plumber sent to handle my problem. He ws Polite knowledge able and explained how my sump pump and ejector system works.”

Lincolnshire bathroom plumbing customer review “We had a drain clog that affected the master bath toilet and shower. The multi-story townhouse building plumbing is complex. The technician was very thorough in diagnosing the cause and resolving it. That was done in a minimally invasive process. All work was done cleanly and neatly. We are very satisfied with this work and also with previous work performed by Ravinia. ”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Today we had Daniel Ward as our plumber. He was fantastic! He diagnosed the problem immediately and got to work. He went beyond the call of duty in helping us locate our turn-off valve and move the refrigerator. He was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable! We could not have been more pleased! We want you to know our experience with this young man was exceptional.”

Northbrook plumbing, HVAC, electrical customer review “We are preparing our house for sale. We have had many technicians at the house over the last few months! We have had an electrician, sewer crew, air conditioning, plumbing. The whole host of services you offer! It’s so nice to call one company for all those services. Many of us do not have a stable of contractors and we know your technicians show up well trained, pleasant and are able to get the job done right.”


Evanston plumbing customer review “Jon was wonderful. He explained what he was going to do in terms I could understand. He quickly analyzed the problem, fixed the leak and did not try to upsell me. He was very friendly and professional. He is a great advocate for your company. I will definitely recommend your company and Jon to my neighbors.”

Northbrook furnace customer review “Great technician – in fact the best one to date and they have all been consistently very good. He took the time to explain and was thorough and detailed, but in a way that I could understand. Really felt like I had gotten my money’s worth for this furnace, Aprilaire, air cleaner tuneup.”

Glencoe furnace customer review “The technician came within the time window specified and I was called 20 minutes beforehand to let me know he was coming. He was professional and didn’t waste time. After he was finished he let me know what was done and the condition of my furnaces and humidistats.”

Lake Bluff sewer rodding customer review “Joe, was my technician, for sewer rodding. He showed me the step-by-step process of the camera filming the inside of pipes from house to main sewer, before and after the rodding. Joe was very professional and knowledgeable. Hopefully I will see him next year.”

Deerfield furnace and plumbing customer review “Thursday of this week, we had our furnace cleaned and checked by your guy. You provided prompt, efficient, cordial service on that one. Friday, late in the day, I had to call Ravinia Plumbing because the only toilet I can use got blocked. I appreciated the fact that you had your on-call person come out ASAP and take care of it. He was cordial, checked everything thoroughly to understand the extent of the problem and took care of it quickly and efficiently and in a helpful manner.”

August 2018

Evanston plumbing customer review “Terrific! Same afternoon service and Joe was right on time. He was extremely friendly and professional and even explained in detail what he was doing and why he was doing it. He also helped us think about the possibility of getting new pipes since our house and our pipes are getting old. It was well worth the expense. The bottom line is that if we have plumbing work to do in the future, we will contact Ravinia and ask for Joe Hutchcraft. Thanks, Joe!”

Wilmette air conditioning customer review “My air conditioning went out and a repairman was there within 2 hours of calling and fixed it right away. Great service, wonderful company.”

Northfield air conditioning customer review “Our technician Bob F. was very prompt, friendly and efficient. He performed the service on our AC and did not try to up-sell us services or repairs that were not needed. We are very satisfied with his work and will not hesitate to call in the fall to have our furnace serviced for the season. Thank you!”

Highland Park electrical customer review “We had a problem with a “chirping smoke detector”. While the unit was new, it was defective. Our previous electrician did not respond for over 2 days. Your company responded within a matter of a few hours, and finished the job handily.”

Glenview sump pump customer review “Your serviceman, Joe,was very informative and answered all my questions with clarity. He installed a new sump pump and switch quickly and the area was very clean when he completed the installation. He also explained the advantages of joining your customer club. I was very satisfied and plan to call you for all my future needs.”

Northbrook sewer rodding customer review “The sewer rodding was done after an explanation and the video camera showed the issues. The work was very professional, with care taken to annotate the distance for future reference. This is not glamorous work, but it is essential and it is comforting to have knowledgeable technicians.”

Highland Park sump pump customer review “Phil was the best service person I have ever had at my home. Not only did he fix the problem that was happening. He looked into my history and notice I had not had my battery on my sump pump serviced in years and asked if I wanted to do that. Before servicing anything he showed me how much it was going to cost me. He was so informative and did such a great job. He was a pleasure.”

Lincolnshire toilet repair customer review “The plumber was very knowledgeable and professional. He found that the toilet leak was caused by the previous non Ravinia installation of the toilet. He was meticulous in keeping the area clean during and after his work.”

Deerfield air conditioner installation customer review “I just had a new airconditioner installed. The folks here were professional, on time, efficient, courteous and did a great job of protecting areas of the house from the dirt that normally would get tracked in. I would certainly recommend these services to my friends and neighbors.”

Glenview air conditioning installation customer review “Our HVAC stopped working at the worst possible time – the day before school was to start for our special needs daughter, during a prolonged hot season We purchased two new HVAC systems asking for an ASAP Installation. The crew arrived the next day and was able to do all installation, clean-up and instruction for us with no hassles whatsoever in 8 hours. The courtesy not only to us, but to our neighbors was heartwarming. The sales associate, Ron, stopped by during the install to register us for the rebates so we didn’t have to, the Ravinia Crew – Nick, Charlie, and Edgar, all were extremely polite, respectful, courteous and made us feel not so overwhelmed by this huge task. Charlie spent a lot of time assisting in the learning curve of new technology, and Nick and Edgar could not have been nicer. We were able to live our lives during the install as if they were not even there, and are enjoying peace of mind that our comfort for us and our daughter is set for years to come.”

Highland Park toilet repair customer review “Powder room toilet not filling tank with water properly. Called Ravinia at 7:40. Plumber arrived at 8:40. Repair completed by 9 A.M. That speaks for itself – how you could want better service than that?”

Des Plaines clogged drain customer review “I called the Ravinia office this morning to ask for a technician to come out to our store to unplug a floor drain in our janitor’s closet. Joe arrived about an hour or so later and was fantastic. He opened up the drain and got a stuck, plastic cup out with a makeshift tool. I didn’t ask for immediate service but, the turnaround time was terrific.”

Northbrook sump pump customer review “Tech was very patient as he explained the different sump pumps and how to periodically test the battery and backup sump pump. Was able to quote immediately through iPad. Sent invoice with pictures upon completion. Very clean.”

Northbrook general contractor customer review “As a General Contractor, we have many residential and commercial clients and have a lot of “unusual” situations that arise 24/7. We currently work with Ravinia Plumbing and our experience with their team has been excellent! Response is excellent, technicians are polite, professional and knowledgeable and we and our clients appreciate the results. Thank you!”

Buffalo Grove water heater customer review “I’m completely delighted with the service to repair my water heater. I was promptly called to schedule the technician who was punctual. He swiftly assessed the problem , thoroughly explained what was needed & estimated my costs. Rick was courteous, professional, efficient & cleaned everything up when done. I’d recommend Ravinia to anyone wholeheartedly.”

Wilmette sump pump customer review Tech 0172 Ryan came quickly and immediately found the problem and repaired everything. He had to replace a pump which he did quickly and carefully. . Everything is now working perfectly. He was friendly, and helpful. I am very satisfied with Ryan and Ravinia!

July 2018

Highland Park air conditioning customer review “I was extremely pleased with all aspects of my service call today. From the time I called early a.m. The technician arrived in late morning instead of afternoon,diagnosed the problem &solved it. My a/c is now working. He explained clearly.”

Northfield air conditioning customer review “My a.c. system stopped working at the hottest time of the year. When I called, Kevin, one of the technicians arrived. He was cordial, friendly, professional and worked hard on a very hot roof to find the cause of the problem. A short time later after replacing a part my a.c. was working. Thank you, Kevin! And thank you for squeezing me in during a very busy time.”

Highland Park air conditioning customer review “In July an air conditioning failure is a compelling problem. Your team responded promptly and efficiently to fix our concerns (which turned out to be a clog of cottonwood buildup!). We’re now cool, comfortable, and able to enjoy our home together. There are6 of us–ranging in age from 11 to 86! Thanks!”

Highland Park water heater customer review “Service technician was very nice and helpful. Described the situation and what the options will were. Did a great job of making sure he could fix the issue before telling me I had to replace the hot water heater. Back in service and with my thanks.”

Lincolnshire air conditioning customer review “Felt very fortunate that the AC guys could fix my unit (was clogged with cottonwood debris)- i was expecting that they were going to tell me i needed a new unit. with Ravinia, i have always felt the service people are very knowledgeable and good at explaining things to me.”

Deerfield plumbing customer review “Brian B. was great! On time, professional and so thoughtful. He did the job with ease and even tightened my kitchen faucet because he saw it needed it. Guys like Brian are why we call Ravinia. The ladies in the office are also excellent.”

Deerfield air conditioning customer review “Wife was here when he came, i was not. Here is what she said about him: He was “perfect”: efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and made several informative suggestions such as we had the furnace filter inserted the wrong way, etc. He also fixed the humidifier which had not been running for a while by simply blowing out dust from the plastic tube and informed how it should be left on and reset during the summer months. Here was her main comment: I want him to come back next time. Good work.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review “Ravinia is the best plumbing company around. The technicians are nice, smart and do excellent work.”

Glenview sewer line and sump pump customer review “My technician, Joe, was communicative, professional and overall seemed to really care about his performance. He called before he arrived and then once here explained to me what services he was going to provide. He invited me to view the camera of the rotting work he was doing and was very detailed when explaining to me the process. He also asked if I would like for him to show me how the plumbing works inside of my house. We went into the basement and he showed me my ejector and sump pump and gave me a brief tutorial on how they work with the outside sewers. I had called several companies and will for sure go with Ravinia for all of my plumbing needs after this experience.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review “Called on a Friday afternoon, 2 pm in need of shower/toilet rodding as company expected for the weekend. JJ and Andy were here within the hour. Great guys, problem resolved, so grateful for prompt service and thanks to the dispatcher as well!”

June 2018

Winnetka air conditioner replacement customer review “We had to have our air conditioning unit replaced. David did a spectacular job and it was a pleasure working with him. He answered any questions we had and did a good job of explaining our new thermostat. He gets very high marks from us.”

Highland Park electrical customer review “We had an electrical problem that required immediate resolution… within hours max! Bill returned our call immediately and helped troubleshooting a few ideas over the phone, and then sent Vlad who was quick, courteous, and solved the problem with a $5 part. Yayyy for Ravinia/ Romitti Electric!!”

Evanston thermostat customer review “This was my first time using Ravinia. The technician came to assist in relocating and upgrading my thermostat. He was on time, explained the process and was clear about other electrical requirements for the job. I look forward to continuing to work with the Ravinia team.”

Wilmette plumbing customer review “Danny was extremely friendly and professional. He fixed our plumbing problem quickly and effectively. He was cost conscious, trying to repair the hardware we have rather than add extra cost. He patiently answered questions. He even looked at our water heater to make sure there were no problems. I will definitely use your service again.”

Galena electrical customer review “I am selling my home and needed to update some electric in my garage, I had just sent another electrician off who wanted an extravagant amount to just change 1 breaker and never asked to see my main box. Vlad walked in looked at my sub-box and asked to see the main. he informed me he had to replace 1 breaker there and another in the sub-box after correcting these he replaced a switch also and charged me over $300.00 LESS than the other guy who was only changing the breaker in the sub-box. When he looked at the breakers he explained everything he was doing and was quick and professional also very friendly. Thank you Vlad from Romitti Electric I will definetly recommend you to anyone who needs an honesty professional electric company.”

Deerfield air conditioner customer review “This was an emergency situation and although no one could come here on Sunday night, I was called the first thing this morning (Mon) and they scheduled me for 1-3. I am on oxygen and said if they could make it sooner I would appreciate it, They were here around 11″30 and I really appreciated that, Jack was more that helpful in explaining things and fixed the problem with the air conditioner, Every time I have had some one from Bishop or Ravinia they have always been courteous and able to explain things so that I can understand them, The air quality is better now that the air is on and I can breath a little better, Thank You”

Riverwoods plumbing customer review “Again and again Ravinia Plumbing handles the job, quickly, efficiently, friendly and neatly. They were here today the same day I called and fixed the problem perfectly as they always do. My go to plumbers!”

Wilmette water heater customer review “We shopped for a twin set-up to replace our failing water heaters. Ravinia came back with a complete and competitive proposal which we accepted over one competitor who was comparable in price and one competitor that did not respond. We were scheduled for service the following week but were contacted a few days before and advised we could be served sooner which we accepted. The installers arrived right on time, completed their work as scheduled, added a couple of safety valves we did not originally ask for, left the work area spotless and accepted payment for the precise amount offered in the proposal.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review “Our latest service has fixed an ongoing issue with our hot/cold faucet which has stemmed from the manufacturer of the item and not the installation. Throughout each stage, Terry B. has always displayed his professionalism, along with his depth/breadth of knowledge in the way he uncovered the issues and executed the solutions. He was always calm, courteous and very thorough in his work. I had no doubts that if there was a solution, Terry would be able to fix the problem.”

May 2018

Lake Forest sump pump customer review “I called early in the morning and the technician (Ryan) was here within the hour. He assessed the problem and quickly replaced my sump pump within an hour.”

Lincolnshire plumbing (faucets) customer review “Ryan did an excellent job installing the new faucets. The work was done in a timely manner, and he left the job site in very neat and clean condition. I will certainly use Ravinia Plumbing again.”

Northbrook sump pump customer review “My experiences with Ravinia have always been very positive, and today was no exception. From prompt timing, expertise and ease of explanation – the replacement of our sump pump was flawless. Our technician, Jason Innis, was the consummate professional and a true asset to the organization.”

Lake Forest Home Care Club customer review “The Home Care Club is a great bargain and the tech was friendly, efficient and thorough.”

Northbrook air conditioning customer review “The first technician was professional and knowledgeable. Let us know that our 21-year old air conditioner required a new fan motor and the expense. Didn’t try to push us toward a new one but we ended up going that route. The sales person Jeff was incredibly nice and upfront about the pricing. Even got back to me quickly with questions regarding the estimate. The installation of the new air conditioner was professional. Overall the service was great from everyone involved. Felt everyone was friendly and knowledgeable.”

April 2018

Deerfield leaky kitchen sink customer review “We called Sat. morning Easter weekend around 7 am and received excellent response and followup to our kitchen sink leaking need. The plumber we’ve used before, Ryan, arrived on time and as indicated from your office. He is and was terrific, knew exactly where to look for the source of the leak, explained the required repair and costs before working on it and restored it to excellent working condition. Ryan is a cut above among home service repair persons in professional presentation, subject knowledge and friendliness. We appreciate your fine service and wonderfully skilled employees. Thank you for helping to make my Easter meals successful.”

Northfield leaking toilet customer review “Actually the technician arrived a little ahead of time, quickly identified the problem with the leaking toilet, ordered a new one, it arrived in minutes and was quickly installed, going through the extra step of replacing a rusty chrome piece on the water line. The bathroom looks like we remodeled! He then added a riser seat on another toilet for an arthritic family member as the toilet is too low. He listened to all my concerns, met them all and was through in record time. I’m very happy I called Ravinia Plumbing for the job.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review “Midday last Friday my wife discovered a leak from the washer soaking the wall below. With painters scheduled for Monday we needed help. Our now former plumber said Monday earliest I had friends who have dealt with Mahoney. So I called. I reached Nicole and within an hour she had Daniel here and in less than another hour no more leak. Thanks to Nicole and Daniel we had dry walls yesterday so our painters were not delayed. Fair price too. Dennis J.”

Wilmette new air conditioner customer review “I recently obtained several estimates for a new a/c unit. I chose to go with Ravinia in part because the man that came out to provide the estimate was professional, courteous, and answered all of my questions. The installation went as planned and the technicians were on time and professional.”

Lake Forest sewer rodding customer review “I am very pleased with the work Joe did today. He is likable, courteous, and competent. Sewer rodding is messy, and his challenge was to do it in a finished basement with oak parquet flooring. To my delight, I found not even a trace of any dirt after he left. Thank you, Joe!”

March 2018

Winnetka water heater customer review
 “Nick replaced our leaking water heater today. He explained clearly and thoroughly so many different aspects of its operation but also patiently answered other questions I had about the plumbing. It was impressive how very knowledgeable he is. What a pleasant experience having someone so professional and friendly and efficient working in our home!”

Highland Park plumbing customer review “Jason was thorough and skilled. Instilling confidence with a friendly manner. While two other plumbers from other companies declined the job as too difficult, your plumber dived in with solutions and handled the problem with ease. Being Bonded and insured and a union member only made me feel assured that the job would be done right and if there was a problem, it would be addressed. Thank you for being a reliable source for my plumbing needs!”

Lake Forest electrical customer review “Ryan was the electrician who made the repairs. He was on time, cordial and was willing to listen to an explanation of the electrical issues. We have a vintage house with old wiring and he was knowledgeable and accurate in diagnosing & fixing the problems. I highly recommend the company & Ryan. Most definitely would call again.”

Deerfield faucet repair customer review “On the day that we were expecting a schedule appointment for a plumbing job, I receive a call from Kevin stating that he would be at our place within ten minutes. He arrived when he said he would, he then put on some booties to cover up his street shoes and went to work to replace a part in our faucet. He was efficient & friendly. I also think the office personnel was very nice and competent when I called up to make an appointment.”

Winnetka thermostat customer review “I used Romitti Electric for the first time. Called kinda of late on a Friday, but rep rebooted the computer and called me back with an appointment. The electrician called about 15 minutes out to give me a heads up that he was on his way. Witold installed new radiant heat thermostats for me, replacing old thermostats that had stopped working. He did a great job, installing, patching the walls (new thermostat was smaller than old one) and helped me program and sync the new thermostats. He was quick, efficient, and cleaned up work space. Thanks for a job well done, will definitely use Romitti Electric again.”

Riverwoods furnace customer review “Great service! Roy and his colleague arrived on-time, quickly determined the cause of my furnace issue (it was the thermostat that was the problem), and fixed it. They were friendly too! I have used Ravinia many times for fixing plumbing, heating/cooling, and electrical problems — they are real professionals.”

February 2018

Highland Park electrical customer review
 “Very quick response today by the electrician after the heavy brass chandelier came loose from the ceiling during cleaning. It was very precariously hanging by only the electric cord and resting atop 2 ladders when he arrived. He worked quickly to put it back up and ensure no damage to people, floor and furniture.”

Lincolnshire kitchen plumbing customer review “Awesome job… clean, fast, and response time was excellent given with a family of 6 we needed to get our kitchen sink unplugged fast!”

Highland Park water heater customer review “All details were professional.  It was easy to make a timely appointment to check our water heater and then a new water heater was en route and installed the same day.  We have had no problems since installation.  There was no mess, no fuss, it all went smoothly.” 

Northbrook new furnace and water heater customer review “We are very loyal customers, and always call Ravinia for all our plumbing (and now heating) needs. We needed a new furnace, and were able to get a better price on the package with a hot water heater and humidifier.  The work was done reliably and well.  We have recommended Ravinia to friends. Thank you.”

Northbrook water heater customer review “Everything was very good. Our appointment was easily scheduled for our convenience, problems were fixed quickly, they arrived when scheduled, noticed one problem we’d forgotten to mention and fixed it, wore shoe covers without being asked, very pleasant and knowledgeable. One thing happened the following day-we had no hot water. A technician came out as soon as we were available and found the pilot light switch had been moved to the wrong position, and not knowing how it happened and acknowledging it could be easily slid while other work was done, the technician handled the call under warranty and did not charge for the visit. This made us very happy and gave a happy ending to this story.”

December 2017

Buffalo Grove bathroom plumbing customer review “Ravinia Plumbing was able to repair my shower when 2 other plumbers could not.  Tech was knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely call Ravinia again.”

Wilmette water heater customer review “Nicole does an excellent job on the phone with scheduling, etc.  Dan arrive as scheduled, called en route to confirm, and did an excellent job trying to fix our old water heater and finally installing a new one all in one morning!  He explained the problem so that even a layman like me could understand.”

Glencoe electrical customer review “Job entailed rewiring two electric garage door openers. While the job was more complicated than we anticipated, the technician was professional in his approach and the work appears to be well done.” 

Glenview furnace customer review  “The technician was so very friendly, polite and really cared. As a woman who knows nothing about heating systems I felt confident that he was trustworthy and would do a good job. It was also great he could come out the same day and the cost was reasonable. Thank you!”

Glencoe heating and plumbing customer review “I had 2 service calls last week.  12/4 HVAC maintenance and 12/6 Plumbing repairs.  Both technicians were excellent.  Both were very timely and friendly.  They were both very knowledgeable, and resolved all issues.  I want to comment on the 12/4 HVAC service, and how thorough he was (I don’t remember his name).  We have 2 furnaces and he really took his time to clean and service the furnaces and humidifiers.  He went around and checked all of the vents and explained the importance of leaving all of the vents open, and using hi air flow filters.  My husband has commented how “even” our heat feels this season!”

Winnetka garage heater customer review “We had a garage heater that didn’t work and Nick did an excellent job of replacing it. He completed the work in a timely, thoughtful fashion, even going the extra step of advising us of the way to get more storage out of the space he was working on. I appreciated his thoroughness which included a complete clean up and resulted in an excellent working heater.”

Glencoe emergency furnace repair customer review “From start to finish, the service experience was wonderful.  My furnace stopped working before 8:00 AM Saturday morning, The woman who answered the phone was incredibly helpful.  She knew our house was without heat and she was able to get someone out to my house by 10:30 AM that Saturday.  Rick Cochrane came in, was courteous and knew exactly what to do.  He diagnosed the problem quickly and tracked down a replacement blower motor, installed it and got my furnace up and running perfectly in just a few hours.  I can not say anything other than: wonderful!!!”

Wilmette furnace and plumbing customer review “Most recent 2 experiences:  Larry B for furnace maintenance and Danny for plumbing.  Can’t speak highly enough about both these guys.  They are both so knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and informative.  I request them and they are one reason I’ve appreciated Ravinia so much.  Not the only reason but a big factor.  They use initiative to solve problems and are expert at what they do.  The scheduling team is always as helpful as they can be in meeting my needs and this past year I’ve had over and above service in re to some issues that arose after I had a new HVAC system installed last year.  Several follow up visits were made to make things right and it was very helpful to me.”

Lake Forest furnace and water heater customer review “Larry the tech who serviced our furnace and hot water heater was personable and willing to answer my questions. He conducted himself with politeness and was thorough in his work.   Getting the appointment was easy.  I felt comfortable enough with the service cost that I signed up for the yearly service contract.  I look forward to a long relationship with Ravinia Plumbing & Heating Family of Companies.”

Highland Park furnace customer review “Our technician Tim took extra time to explain changes he was making to our system. In addition he made several suggestions that would increase the performance of your heating system.   We’ve used Ravinia before for plumbing. This was our first time for our heating. Very happy and will use again.”

Deerfield toilet repair customer review “Toilet water fill was VERY slow.  I called Ravinia and was able to be scheduled the next day  for this non-emergency repair.  Approximate time was followed, phone call before he came.  Estimate was given, I “ok’ed” it and the repair took less than 1/2 hour.  Very professional and clean job.”

Lake Forest emergency furnace repair customer review “Just amazing. Classic issue, New Years weekend, furnace died. I called and they were here in under two hours. Fixed it.” 

Deerfield frozen pipe/Home Care Club customer review “Because of having the Home Care option, I was able to get immediate service when my water pipes were frozen.  There was someone at my house within 2 hours and the problem was solved the next day.  I am always impressed with the professional service given by all the staff.” 

November 2017:

Lake Forest sump pump customer review
 “Called and got an appointment the next day, really appreciated that.  The service person was friendly and professional, explained everything clearly.  Since I am a loyalty member I got a discount on the purchase of a new sump pump, again was glad of this.”

Northbrook furnace customer review “Gary was courteous, efficient and friendly!  My furnace, humidifier and electronic air cleaner are in good shape for the winter now.”

Northbrook thermostat customer review “Jack installed a Nest thermostat. He was very knowledgeable and efficient and was very patient in letting me know how to use it online.” 

New furnace customer review  “We needed to replace a 15-year old furnace — Ravinia stepped up and did a great job. The installer, Nick, provided the highest level of customer service that I have ever seen. He guided me through the entire process and even managed to create a sensor hook-up that allowed my furnace humidifier to initiate when the furnace fan is on. This has increased the relative humidity in the house many fold in just a few days. Nick is simply the best — I hope that Ravinia compensates him for his talents as well as his value to the company. Additionally, the sales representative, Ron, has worked with us in the past and has always provided honest and reliable solutions to our heating/cooling problems.”

Highland Park emergency furnace service customer review “Very good service.  My appointment was scheduled promptly since heat was out in a section of my house.  I received a call updating me on the timing of the visit during the day and the technician arrived within the scheduled time window.  Technician was pleasant, quick and efficient in diagnosing the problem and good at suggesting alternative solutions to meet my needs and budget.”

Northbrook plumbing customer review “The receptionist Marilee was cordial and explained the procedure and charges. Charlie, the technician did a fantastic job. I’m a technical person and he explained a lot about how our plumbing system works. He added some shut off valves that the original contractor didn’t do that will make future servicing much easier and less expensive. All in all, Ravinia Plumbing is an outstanding company. I will recommend them to friends and neighbors.”

Winnetka plumbing customer review “The service I received was outstanding!  Not only were the plumbing professionals efficient, honest and polite, they made the overall experience pleasant.  Given the nature of the problem, the timeliness was within reason as it was an emergency call.”

Buffalo Grove plumbing customer review “I have been so happy with my service lately – we have needed 2 service calls in the past month (for unrelated things). One case was an emergency over a weekend, and we were able to set up same-day service, which was amazing. Jeff was our technician for that visit, and he was very helpful and able to explain the whole service to me in a clear and precise manner. He was also lovely to be around and was very patient with my 4 year old son and his endless curiosity. The other visit was scheduled during the workweek, but right before Thanksgiving, so it was really important to me to get prompt service for my broken kitchen sink! Chris was our technician for this visit, and he could not have been nicer or more helpful. Not only was he able to fix my broken sink, but also took care of some other nagging plumbing issues around my house (one of which was a faucet I tried to install myself, and ended up doing a poor job – I have learned my lesson and will call the professionals next time!).”

Glencoe electrical/plumbing customer review “Jose with Romitti Electric is the best electrician I have used. He is personable, efficient and always goes above and beyond what is needed. In addition, I have been using Ravinia Plumbing for close to 30 years and have always been happy with the service.”

Northbrook plumbing customer review “This is my first time using the company, I had an excellent experience all around.  People at the office were very friendly and easy to work with.  Don, the technician, was excellent.  He came on time, very knowledgeable and friendly.  He did not waste any time and was very efficient.  Explained everything so I can easily understand.  I did not shop around for the price but I believe it was well spent.  For any plumibing issues, I will use them again.  Thank you.”

Hawthorne Woods bathroom plumbing customer review “I called Ravinia Plumbing because I have a specific brand of wall toilet system that I thought was leaking. Other plumbers were hesitant to try and service the toilet. The technician, Jeff, who came out to the house was excellent! He was very friendly and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions. It turned out that it wasn’t the toilet that was leaking, but the shower next to it in which the drain had not been installed correctly. Jeff had to cut the ceiling in the area below in order to access the plumbing and do the repair. He ended up spending the morning doing the work. He also checked the other shower drains in the house to make sure they did not have the same issue. Thankfully, they were installed correctly. Throughout it all, Jeff was wonderful. I really appreciate all he did. I am so glad I found Ravinia Plumbing (on the internet) and made the phone call to them. I would not hesitate to call them again.

October 2017:

Lincolnshire bathroom plumbing customer review
 “Dan was on time-between 8 and 9 a.m. as scheduled. He was friendly, answered our questions and was thoroughly professional with a warm and helpful manner. He replaced a toilet, changed a shower connection and installed a sink disposal while bringing the unit up to code. We are very pleased. Everything seems to work just fine at this point.”

Northbrook furnace customer review “David A came to our house to do our winter maintenance.  He showed up on time was very friendly and also gave us a 20 minute heads up so we could meet him at our home. He did a great job and explained what needed to be done.  We have used your company for years and we are never disappointed.  David A cleaned up and was very up front of what needed to actually be done.  I am always concerned since one of our units is pretty old.  We always do the annual maintenance and keep getting a good reports from all of the technicians that come out from Ravinia.”

Northbrook overall service customer review “Every one at Ravinia Family Companies has always been very friendly but professional. Your office personnel who schedule appointments have been friendly. Your service people have always arrived on time and have been friendly. They explain any problems that they find and always explain costs in making any repair before doing the work.  Have to say I have been more than satisfied with your companies. Good job everyone.” 

Buffalo Grove heating maintenance customer review  “We recently had our annual pre-season check done by the Ravinia group and once again, it was a perfect experience.  Technician Gary Apfelbaum was right on schedule, and thoroughly looked over all components of the HVAC  system.   Ravinia & Bishop have been handling our HVAC for more than a decade, and the excellence continues.”

Deerfield sump pump customer review “On 10/14/17 we had yet another 100 year rain.  At about 8:30 that night when the rain was coming in buckets, our backup battery kicked in with a horrible alarm.  I called Ravinia and eventually was called back by Ray.  By the time he called us, the alarm had stopped and the sump pump was going again with out any assistance.  He gave us a few options of waiting until morning or him coming out.  With his assurances that the battery backup had done it’s job we decided to wait.  A bit later he called us back and said he rethought it and it was probably the best if he came, we agreed and around 11 PM or so he did come.  He inspected everything inside and out and gave us his opinion of the problem and what could be done.  By the time he left we felt relief that we would get through the night without too much worry.  The rain did stop, no more alarms and on Sunday morning Ray called us to make sure that everything was ok.  There was absolutely no expectation on our part that we would be called and Ray never said anything about a follow-up call but there it was.  Not many people would have taken the time to do this.  When he left us way past 11 PM the night before he was not sure if he would have to go to another house or be able to go home for some well deserved sleep.  I just can’t say enough about his professionalism but more importantly about his kindness.  Please let him know how much he is appreciated.”

Winnetka sump pump customer review “Excellent service again today provided by Dave.  Sump pump was stuck and not discharging the water.  Dave identified the cause, corrected and tested to ensure it was properly running.  He explained the recommendation and timing of potential replacement.”

Highland Park boiler customer review Rick Cochrane did a great job for me today. He was on time, calling me 10 minutes ahead. He taught me a lot about the boiler and what I should do to keep in functionin well. When I asked him at the end of the visit to repeat some things so I could write them down, he got tags from his truck wrote the instructions on them, and attached them to the boiler where appropriate. He did an add-on installation of a water sensor for the floor, even though he had to go back to the shop to get the part. I will ask for him again.

September 2017:

Riverwoods toilet repair customer review
 “I contacted Ravinia due to a leak above our front door.  They were called within 15 minutes of realizing we had a leak and were able to schedule for that afternoon between 1-4.  I had called around 11am.  Rich arrived at 1:40pm!  While I already had an idea where the leak was coming from, he was thorough in measuring as there are two toilets in two separate bathrooms located above the leak.  He showed me the problem and was able to make a fix to the toilet in question.  He was totally professional and cleaned up after.  I was thrilled to be able to get a same day appointment as we were leaving for the weekend the following day.  .”

Highland Park electrical customer review “Jose is amazing! He was respectful, professional and knowledgeable about everything we needed. He walked me through everything in the process and everything he quoted was what was on the final bill. When he left, everything was clean and beautiful. I will ask for Jose every time I have electrical needs.”

Highland Park heating customer review “Very helpful technician.  Courteous, answered my questions thoroughly and took time to show me how to better use my thermostats and change batteries when needed.  He is a service provider that I would be happy to have return to service my heating/A/C when needed.”

Glencoe leaky toilet customer review  “I called before 9 am to request service to fix a leaking toilet.  I was told someone could be there between 9 – 12.  I requested as early as possible.  Chris was at my house at 10:10.  He explained well what he was going to do and how much it would cost.  He completed the work in an hour and left the bathroom very clean. I was very impressed.”

Northbrook shower and toilet repair customer review “Our upstairs toilets and showers became backed up on a Sunday. I called Ravinia Plumbing 11:30AM. I was promptly called back by John who was reassuring and told me he would call someone and get back to me. He did get back to me and told me Conrad would be at our house by  1:30. Conrad came by then and solved the problem in a half hour.  I am very impressed that on a Sunday, my problem was solved 2 1/2 hours after I called.”

Winnetka air conditioning customer review “We had an emergency issue with our HVAC system over the weekend.  Rick Cochrane arrived Sunday am to resolve the situation.  He was professional, courteous and resolved this situation quickly.  He also took steps to prevent future occurrences of the same issue.  Outstanding service!”

August 2017:

Evanston plumbing customer review
 “They are prompt, courteous, clean, efficient, happy to answer questions, offer alternative solutions where appropriate, reliable and effective.  If having to call the plumber is a necessity, this is about as positive an experience of that kind as I have had.”

Deerfield air conditioning customer review “Our HVAC technician today, Gary, was excellent! Helpful, friendly, polite, and professional. Also, the woman to whom I spoke on the phone today to schedule service was extremely nice and friendly – as your customer service people always are!”

Northbrook plumbing customer review “I had a technician at my house within hours of calling.  He was very professional and pointed out an additional problem with my plumbing that we had had so long we were used to it and didn’t even think about having it fixed.  Now that it’s fixed, we are very happy and wish we would have done it a long time ago.”

Northbrook plumbing customer review  “We had an issue with our plumbing. One of your plumbers came out right away. He was very professional and answered all our questions about what happened and ways to maintain the lines. Even with us all working around him, he was very focused on the task at hand. One great detail was his set up of sheets to help maintain the floors as clean as possible. Overall, great experience, especially on such short notice.”

Winnetka toilet repair customer review “Kevin came and Address the issue of a leaky toilet in the guestroom. We noticed the problem this morning. Kevin came by 1 PM. He had the problem solved by 3 PM. He was very polite, and helpful, and represents the way your team has always treated us: Quick response time, clear pricing information, courteous and thorough service.”

Lake Forest plumbing customer review “James was very professionally dressed.  Addressed the situation and quoted a price.  i told him I was in the home club and should get a discount.  He stated it was not on his sheet, but gave me the quote for home club and would check later.  He fixed my clogged sink and now I am a happy camper.  Great team of professionals that I can trust.  My neighbor used your company to install a bathroom faucet., upon my recommendation.  Word of mouth is the best advertising.

July 2017:

Highland Park toilet customer review
 “In the past few weeks and today, also, I have had some major work done in my house. I did have a very old toilet removed that was leaking badly and that resulted in a wet floor. My technician was Chuck who did a wonderful job of removing my old toilet and installing my new toilet. The  service was great and efficient on all accounts.Today, Chuck returned to put a new flapper in my main bathroom toilet. Thanks for all the good work from Ravinia Plumbing in 2017.”

Wilmette air conditioning maintenance customer review “The service man was prompt, courteous, and patient when teaching me how to change the batteries on the thermostat. He was efficient and pleasant. He used coverups on his feet prior to entering any carpeted area. He was thorough and efficient. He cleaned and checked everything so I know that I will be in good shape with the A/C for the summer and fall. I am very pleased .In the fall I will call the office and easily schedule a convenient time for the winter to check & clean the furnace.”

Highland Park HVAC customer review “I have been using Ravinia for many years and have always been very satisfied with your services.  There is one fellow for whom I always ask to service my furnaces and that person is Kevin Jackson. Kevin is more than a service man, he is a friend.  He is always happy and my dog likes him.  His work is always well done and he gives me warnings when he finds a future problem.”

Highland Park air conditioning repair customer review  “Nick and David did an unbelievable job in replacing my spacepak system.  Timely, professional and friendly.  Highest quality job – exceptional attention to detail.  Worked long hours the first day to insure system was cooling before leaving for the day and then returned the next day to balance air flow and recheck everything.  Jeff Johnson has also been great through both the sales and installation process quick to follow up and everything.  I have never been disappointed with Ravinia service but this experience has been the best by far.”

Northbrook sewer line customer review “We called because in the midst of a bathroom renovation, there was a toilet plug. Chuck came out first (same day as call – thank you!) and diagnosed that a “sewer” crew would need to come out with bigger equipment due to the nature of our plumbing structure.  Next day, Jones-James came out and were so knowledgeable about the issue we were having. They rodded out the branch line and cleared the plugs.  We are extremely grateful and satisfied with their work.  Thank you, Ravinia, for once again saving the day!”

Deerfield electrical customer review “I had an electrical problem with some 60 year old despard switches. I tried to replace the switches but used the wrong kind and ended up without lights working in 3 rooms. Jose Guerra diagnosed the problem immediately, and replaced the switches and got everything working quickly. He also replaced 2 other malfunctioning switches. I was extremely pleased with his knowledge, professionalism, courtesy and efficient work.   Thanks!”

Lake Forest water heater customer review “We found 1 of 2 water heater tanks leaking over the weekend. Left a message & received a call back within 30 minutes. Talking over our situation with the tech on call, it was decided that we could wait until Monday for service. Monday morning the office called to schedule a technician for later that same day. Within the 3 hour window, the tech arrived within the first hour. The technician was very knowledgeable & clearly laid out our options. Based on the information and recommendation of the technician, we went from two water heaters to one. The work was completed in 4 hours. Very much appreciated the timeliness & cleanliness with which the work was completed. Also very impressed with the calm & professional manner in which the situation was evaluated and solved. Highly recommend your services to others!” 

June 2017:

Highland Park air conditioning repair customer review
 “Ravinia was a lifesaver. Our air conditioning broke down on the hottest day of the year so far and they came immediately on a Sunday evening to service our unit. The technician was informative and prompt and resolved our issue expediently.”

Highland Park air conditioning maintenance customer review “Tim was here today to service all four AC units.  It takes a long time and endless trips up and down stairs and in and out of house! He was also here recently to help with an evaporator installation for one of the units, which resulted in many hours outside in rain and cold! His work and concentration are amazing! Very pleased with him and his work, and appreciate all the info I learned along the way!”

Evanston electrical and water heater customer review “As usual, excellent. I called the office during an evening, left a brief message about a non-functioning overhead light dimmer and underperforming water heater, and got a callback at 8:07 the next morning. Appointments for both that afternoon. Then they called at 9:15 to ask if it would be convenient for us if the electrician came right away.  He found the problem, but not where I expected it, and quickly finished the repair (loose connection from a rehabber’s hasty work 2 years before we moved in) — without shutting anything down. So we did an optional dimmer installation in the next room. For that, he tripped the circuit briefly. Done well, on time, at about the cost I anticipated.  The plumber wore his jeans up where they belong (;-). Found problem. Ordered parts. Called back mid-morning the next day to come install parts. Plan, and prorated warranty (6th year of a 7-year warranty), saved us about $90 on a $500-plus job.”

Northbrook air conditioning repair customer review  “I had a tune up scheduled for 2 weeks from now, but when the A/C went out on Monday I was able to get a technician out the next day, during a heat wave.  I got a call when he was on the way and he was very friendly and professional.  I liked that the technician reminded me to adjust the A/C when he was done and close all the windows.  A lot of times they just leave, with lights on, windows open, and A/C set really low.”

Wilmette air conditioning customer review “I have been a Bishop customer for decades but was hesitant about the change to Ravinia Plumbing.  Everything from the courtesy call that the technician was on the way to the work completed met the high standards I have come to expect from Bishop.”

Winnetka air conditioning and furnace installation customer review “We got estimates on new A/C & furnace.  Ron was quick to get the information to us, gave different options, and it was easy to compare with estimates from other companies.  Nick and David were great at installation.  They arrived on time, told me what to expect, and were able to handle everything with no problem.”  

Highland Park plumbing and electrical customer review “Ravinia has been my go-to plumber (and now electrician) for the entire time I’ve lived in my house – 24 years. Wouldn’t think to use anyone else. Always appreciate the confirmation call ahead of time that the technician is on the way – plus the call from the technician. Never left hanging wondering if someone will show up. Technician was on-time, friendly, knowlegeable, helpful & professional. Service is always spot on – above and beyond any other company. I always recommend Ravinia & Romitti for service. Simply the best!”  

Highland Park toilet replacement customer review “In the past few weeks and today, also, I have had some major work done in my house. I did have a very old toilet removed that was leaking badly and that resulted in a wet floor. I was recommended to use Scott Sander for my handy man to correct this serious problem He took out the old wet floor and prepared it with good new plywood to get ready for my new Kohler toilet that I ordered. My technician was Chuck who did a wonderful job of removing my old toilet and installing my new toilet. The  service was great and efficient on all accounts.Today, Chuck returned to put a new flapper in my main bathroom toilet. Thanks for all the good work from Ravinia Plumbing in 2017.”

Lake Forest air conditioner repair customer review  “Reed arrived on time after calling when he would arrive. He was very polite and informative about what was wrong with the air conditioner and gave me a quote before  working on the unit. He also checked the filters and suggested how often we could take care of them to get better air flow from our unit.  I will highly recommend your services to friends and use Ravinia for other needs with heating, air conditioning and plumbing.”  

Highland Park electrical customer review “The electric line into my 95 year old father-in-law’s house had fallen due to a 51 year old rotted out 4×4 holding it up. We didn’t lose power, but it obviously needed to be repaired. Bill came out, took a look at it, gave us a couple of options. The quote was a very fair price. I scheduled the work for next week. Jessica (or Jennifer. Sorry, don’t remember which) called me back. Bill had seen an opening in the schedule the next day. So he and Vlad came out in the morning. They got the work done very quickly with no real inconvenience to us. Bill was super friendly and we are very happy with the results.”

May 2017:

Highland Park air conditioning maintenance customer review
 “Kevin came to test our cool pack system for the coming summer.  He was very personable and professional.  He took his time checking and cleaning the compressor and the condenser.  Of particular importance to me was checking the drain hose from the condenser in the attic to ensure that it was clear and hooked into the drain pipe.  He checked it drain hose from end to end and used his compressed air cylinder to make sure it was blockage free.  Kevin replaced the ceiling filter with a new one and because it had been somewhat bent out of shape in his truck he said he would not charge me for it.  I found that to be very customer-oriented.”

Highland Park sewer rodding customer review “Ravinia Plumbing & heating has serviced our home for several years.  From the call to the office, through the accomplished work, we have experienced only first class service.  The office always keeps us informed as to when to expect the technicians to arrive and they arrive on time.  The practice of giving an accurate estimate of costs prior to starting the work is greatly appreciated.  The technicians are always friendly and sociable.  Today Ray and a young apprentice, (I can’t remember) and rodded out the sewer, a nasty job.  But they took on the task with ease.  Two really nice fellows. They also cleaned up the work area.”

Deerfield bathroom plumbing customer review  “Terry, our service tech was most helpful with our bathroom shower faucet. He is very trustworthy in his assessment of our problem. He ordered the part, came back & corrected the problem. Our master toilet was running on its own and he recommended we call Koehler to get the part that was needed. We called and they are shipping it to us, free of charge. When the part arrives I’ll be calling to have Terry install it. He also did the service needed on our backup pump.”

Highland Park new air conditioner customer review “Nick replaced our air conditioner and fixed some other small items.  We were very pleased with his work and professionalism.  We appreciated his detailed knowledge about air flow which was very helpful to us to understand the scope of the work.  We would be happy to have him in our home again should the need

Riverwoods garbage disposer customer review Service on our leaking garbage disposal was completed within hours of my call for “help!” The service man showed and explained the cause of the problem, called for a replacement unit–which arrived within 15 minutes–and we were back in business after the efficient and friendly service. Thanks so much! arise.”

Evanston kitchen plumbing customer review “Kitchen drain clogged up Sunday night, called Ravinia Monday morning and they were out be 9:15.  Drain pipe cleared out and the problem was solved.  Very professional operation.”

Deerfield air conditioning maintenance customer review
 “The tech was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.  He checked our AC units for the summer and reported his findings in non-techie language. Making the appointment was easy; the office staff was also very professional.”

April 2017:

Northbrook flooded basement customer review
 “We needed emergency service for a leak in the basement during a rainstorm.  Technician called back quickly and arrived within an hour of our call.  Everything was taken care of, and saved our basement”

Evanston sewer repair customer review “David was very thorough.  We have had a sewer problem with roots for a very long time.  He reviewed our prior visits and listened to our current complaint.  He proposed a good and low cost solution.  His performance and professionalism were excellent.  He also provided a quote for a more permanent solution on the spot as well as offering guidance toward city services and rebates for our particular issue.  Top notch!”

Deerfield sump pump customer review “Jason was very through and explained everything, made recommendations.  Good to know that the sump and back up sump should not be on the same circuit for (what is now) obvious reasons and a pin valve on the hot water heater is not code (NOT your installation).”

Evanston electric service customer review “I reached someone in the office before eight in the morning on Monday, April 3rd to schedule service for an electrical issue.  The representative from Romitti arrived within the window given to me that morning.  He asked questions regarding the disruption and explained how he would go about finding the problem.  He was courteous and not extraordinarily messy.  Damaged parts which were replaced were left with me.  I could leave for work after he left without having to do any major cleanup.”

Deerfield new air conditioner customer review  “Ravinia Technicians installed a new AC unit today at our home. The technicians arrived on time and got to work quickly. We discussed the particulars about what was to happen, made sure the correct unit was to be installed and they went about the business of getting the unit installed. It took about three hours to get the project finished. Upon completion of the process the technician and I discussed the warranty and a few other concerns and all were answered. I had scheduled the installation a few months ago and had no trouble picking the date that worked best for my schedule. We feel the price is comparable for our Carrier AC unit.”

Glencoe plumbing/HVAC customer review “Your technicians are why we have been loyal customers for so long.  We have known Rich for nearly 9 years.  We were just lucky enough to get him when our stove had a gas leak shortly after we moved into our house.  We have requested him ever since!  A bad experience with another HVAC company lead us to Larry.  We are grateful for the honesty, knowledge, and experience of the technicians from Ravinia.  In addition your office staff is extremely helpful, efficient, and kind.”

Deerfield flooding customer review “Very good.  We called and were able to get an appointment quickly that fit our schedule.  The technician’s were friendly and able to diagnose our problem and correct it on the spot, after confirming estimated costs (which was really important to us).  They spent time with me understanding what work they thought was worth doing, and what alternate options we might have in order to save money (which is also really important to us).  JJ and Joe did a great job and corrected our drainage problem.  I’m looking forward to seeing the “lake” in our backyard dry up and disappear.”

Winnetka heating and cooling customer review “We were very happy with Ravinia/Bishop’s installation of our new furnace and humidifier. Jeff and the Team are a great group of professionals to work with. They made a potentially very disruptive procedure, very painless.  Most recently we took advantage of Ravinia’s great Spring Tune Up Special. In addition to his service, Jack provided helpful diagnostic information on the condition of our air conditioning units.  We also joined their Home Care Club…we seemed to us to be a no brainer.  We feel like we are being treated fairly …and that we are working with the best heating and cooling vendor on the Northshore.”

Deerfield electrical service customer review “It was quite easy to make an appointment. The technician, Ryan, arrived within the time frame given by your appointment scheduler. He was very professional — upon arrival immediately listening to our problem and then thoroughly investigating the source of our electrical problem. He found the source of it, told us what it was, and told us how he could correct it.  We had six ceiling light cans, the sockets of which had shorts in them.  He also suggested how we could save some money in labor time by having us (the homeowner) go to the lighting store to purchase the new LED cans that needed to be installed. While my husband went to buy the six cans, Ryan installed the needed new sockets. He also had to replace the damaged dimmer switch.  It’s never pleasant having to spend money on stuff like this, but when you think of the alternative — no kitchen lights — it had to be done and it was worth having it done in a safe manner.”

March 2017:

Lake Forest bathroom fan customer review “Technician Ryan was on time and professional in every way. One task was to install a new bath fan/heater to replace a worn out unit. He laid a drop cloth before inspecting and determined there was too little room around the old unit to install the new one without opening up the ceiling; not what I wanted to hear. Then he offered a great solution. Because the old and new unit were the same manufacturer, he suggested replacing the heater and fan parts of the old unit with the same parts of the new unit; problem solved!”

Highland Park sewer customer review “I had a sewer crew here Friday, they tried using my frost free hose tap and found it had frozen, so they arranged for someone to come Monday to fix, I requested Don because he did a big job for me last year, and did a great job, he showed up first thing Monday, and fixed the problem very quickly. He knew exactly how to fix it, was unbothered by having to work in a really tight space, very professional. I particularly like working with someone who is very calm and competent, no attempt to make me think the problem is worse than it is or overly complicated to fix. Super easy to schedule, obvious expertise.”

Lincolnshire sump pump and sewer customer review “Andy and Joe were great.  They gave us a courtesy call with an arrival estimate, wore the booties, determined the problem and installed a new sump pump.  Additional complications, however, forced them to dig up part of our back yard and “camera” some underground pipes to locate a blockage.  All this was done very efficiently with full explanations of everything that was going on.”

Lake Bluff water heater customer review “Excellent customer service.  I had what I thought was an emergency and they called me back immediately and talked me through mitigating the immediate problem from leaking hot water heaters, saving me large  overtime charges and set up an appointment for his technicians to come to my house and install 2 new water heaters the following day.  You do not find this type of service anywhere else and is why I have been a Ravinia Plumbing customer for the past 35 years!”

Highland Park garbage disposer customer review “Jason was out on time. He spotted the problem with the disposal quickly and advised of the cost of the repair. We discussed the age the disposal and decided it was time to get a new unit. He called in and the new unit arrived in about 15 minutes. While waiting for the new  unit he commenced removal of the old unit. We are up and running (quietly) with the new unit.”

Deerfield furnace customer review  “Our old furnace was going bad. The estimator Jeff Johnson came to our home evaluated our needs and the best choice for a furnace. We purchased a Carrier performance 95% efficient furnace and up graded to a Carrier Cor Wi-fi Thermostat. Our installers Roy and David were top notch, very personal, and very professional. After the installation they explained how the thermostat works and said call with any questions. We are very happy with our furnace choice, heats our house perfect and I can set my heat from my phone. I highly recommend   Ravinia.”

Northbrook electrical customer review “Jose did a very good job in a timely manner.  He is very polite and more than adequately performed the job.  Should we have electrical problems in the future, I would be very happy to have Jose fill the need.”

Lake Forest clogged sink customer review ”My experience with Ravinia Plumbing has been very positive. Most recent was a sink waste rodding. The Tech was David and he was professional, polite and clean. He informed me what was going to take place and a rough cost before he started, that was important to me! The repair was on cost and time schedule. Also I signed up for the repair club to earn additional savings on future repairs.”

Highland Park toilet plumbing customer review “Terry came to see about our toilet was was very slow to review. Initially, he saw that we needed several new parts for the tank, but after installing those parts he found that the toilet was still not working properly. He called the office and asked them to send out an additional part. He then had to remove the tank, take everything out and reinstall with the original new parts and the additional part. He did a great job. The toilet is working fine and he was very careful to keep the area clean. Great job.”

February 2017:

Lake Forest toilet and faucet repair customer review “We have always been so relieved to have Ravinia Plumbing to rely on. We have used in emergencies…to replace toilets and faucets….and probably more instances  than I can recall. Ravinia has always responded quickly after a phone call.  Their contact people have been  nothing but caring and responsive to our calls, and , of course , the professionals have always been so knowledgeable and polite. Thank you!!! So good to know Ravinia will promptly see to any problem we have.”

Highland Park faucet replacement customer review “We had a problem with my kitchen faucet and called Ravinia for help around 11 AM.  Since I was a member of their Home care club, they said that I would get priority and that they could have someone there that afternoon.  In fact, the technician was at my home by 1 PM.  He called their warehouse and had options for replacement faucets brought to the house so that I could look at the possibilities in person in my kitchen.  Within an hour,  I had a new faucet installed without having to go to the store to find the replacement.  The technician was knowledgeable and friendly.”

Highland Park furnace replacement customer review “We scheduled a tune up with technician Kevin and he was very efficient and professional. He informed us that our current furnace could not be serviced due to parts not being available. Jeff came out and provided an estimate. He answered all of our questions and we agreed upon a new system.   The team that came out, Charlie G. and Dan B. got the job done as promised and were very professional and provided fantastic service.  Thanks.”

Glenview water heater replacement customer review “I had to have a water heater replaced.  Terry was the technical professional who came, inspected, organized, and executed the water heater replacement.  He explained the process, the advantage of Home Care Club on price and future service.  He explained code issues, temperature settings and walked me through the new equipment. Answered questions.  Excellent service.” 

Lincolnshire flooding customer review “I was on my way home and my wife called to let me know water was coming out of everywhere. So, the only plumbing company that came to mind was Ravinia, due to seeing their trucks in the neighborhood.  I called and they showed up after hours. They fixed the problem after 8pm, came back the next day and fixed another problem.  They are now my plumbing company for all future problems or work.”

Riverwoods sewer line customer review “We called today at approximately 11:00am and the service people showed up at 12:30, wonderful response.  Our kitchen sink backed up and was told by Ravinia representatives that it had to be rodded out, and they accomplished the task quickly and efficiently.  They also showed us where the main sewer and the backup holding sewers where located.  Great service.”  

Deerfield sewer line customer review “Saturday at 1:00 I noticed water coming up from the floor drain in the basement, I called Ravinia and was told Ray was on another job, but could be over by 2:00.  Needless to say I was thrilled that someone was available so quickly.  Within a half hour Ray called me to say he was on his way and would be to my home shortly.  When he arrived he was pleasant, remembered being at my house for other service before and he got to work rodding the sewer drain from the street toward the house.  We talked while he worked and explained to me that roots are always growing and this maintenance should be done on a regular basis.  I truly appreciate the prompt and efficient service on a Saturday afternoon.  Thank you Ray and Ravinia Plumbing for being consistently dependable!”

Libertyville water heater customer review My water heater broke on Sunday. I called Monday morning and was told they would get a plumber out between 8 and 9. The plumber arrived at 8:30 and diagnosed the problem. Jason was straightforward with the cost to fix the water heater and showed me the price binder. He answered all my questions and called the office to have the parts delivered. Jason was very informative. My water heater was functioning again by 11:00 which was right within the timeframe that I was told it would take.

January 2017:

Lake Forest Home Care Club customer review “With the new Home Care Club membership, I have recently become introduced to Ravinia Plumbing. In just the last week alone, I have needed plumbing services on two different occasions. The first was to fix a couple issues that were supposedly fixed by another plumber and the second was to fix an improperly installed item by a contractor’s plumber that was done two years ago. In both instances the servicemen were professional & courteous; explained the situation and repair costs clearly and fixed the problems neatly & quickly.”

Lake Forest bathtub drain customer review “Tech Dave arrived in the afternoon on the day I called to request service right before the holidays on 12/21/16 on our slow draining bathtub. Dave was timely, courteous, friendly, and a true professional. Not only did Dave fix the draining problem, he took time before and after, first to better understand my concerns and to assess the problem, and secondly to explain the solution with some humor once the problem was fixed and to answer all my questions. I appreciated Dave’s brief tutorial on the plumbing layout of pipes and connections that exist in our main bathroom.”

Lake Forest sewer line customer review “I appreciated how fast Ravinia was able to schedule a technician to come out and take care of my clogged sewer pipe! I called at approximately 7:30AM and was advised by the representative that she would have someone out first thing,.. between 8 and 9 in the morning, same day. The technician was polite and flexible in my requests, and took care of the problem very quickly. And, advised what needs to be done as far as annual maintenance to help assure future problems can possibly be avoided and or reduced in severity. This information is helpful,.. being proactive is important as a home owner.”

Deerfield emergency furnace service customer review My furnace gave out just before Christmas. Within 36 hours we had a new furnace up and running. Alan was very helpful explaining the financial arrangements and all about the timing of the job. The two techs arrived early, stayed all day and explained how to program the thermostat. I believe we got a great deal, the service was excellent, the technicians were knowledgeable and very friendly.’

Highland Park toilet service customer review “We became worried about a possible toilet overflow after a relative experienced a flooding disaster so we called Ravinia for advice. Yes, the inner parts of our 16 year old toilets should be replaced as a prevention. Because Ravinia does Kohler warranty maintenance, it has all the exact specifications for Kohler products so was able to determine what we needed and install it quickly.”

Glencoe furnace/water heater customer review “Furnace motor/blower was louder than usual, went online to ask for an appointment (non-urgent) and promptly received a call from the office asking if they could come out later that afternoon. Charlie the service person handled the worn out blower and while he was waiting for the new OEM part to arrive from Melrose Park was able to perform routine maintenance on our hot water heater (very inexpensive). Glad the HVAC personnel are licensed to handle plumbing work too. Very professional, explained repairs and maintenance, left the utility room clean and did a nice job overall. We’ve always been happy and satisfied clients of Ravinia (now Ravinia Bishop Mahoney and Romitti.”

Glencoe furnace humidifier customer review “Nick & David were the Techs on my job which was to install two humidifiers on my furnaces. They also had to remove a very old furnace from my crawl space that was left by another company many years ago. The Techs did a great job. They were very friendly, courteous, and thorough. They gave me a little tutorial when they finished. Ron who was the sales person and he came by to check on the work, which I very much appreciated. Excellent job, we highly recommend Ravinia!”


December 2016:

Highland Park heating emergency customer review “My furnace went out on a very cold day.  Called to schedule appointment and was given a slot that afternoon.  Technician Roy arrived as planned.  Unfortunately it was determined the furnace heat exchanger needed to be replaced.  Roy was able to get the furnace working enough to keep us reasonably warm that night.  The next day it initially looked like getting parts and labor was going to be difficult, however, owner Dave offered up as many portable heaters I might need to keep the house warm.  In the end Ravinia found a way to get the parts and technicians to my house that evening and we had heat that night.  Roy and Charlie G, the repair specialist, and partner all did a great job.  They were friendly, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable.  Best of all they cleaned up after themselves.    Great people, great service!”

Deerfield sump pump/dryer vent customer review “I couldn’t ask for more in a plumber than the service Jeff Johnson provided today.  Punctual, friendly, knowledgeable and proactive.  He walked into my utility room to service our sump pumps and immediately identified a problem I did not know I had … trouble with my dryer vent.  He took care of our problem and I am so relieved that he cared enough about his customers to not ignore our problem.”

Northbrook kitchen plumbing customer review “Our job required installation of a new kitchen faucet, reinstallation of a garbage disposer, and re-piping of a kitchen and a bathroom sink.  Our plumber Chuck did a beautiful job.  The new correctly-installed faucet had slow water flow, and Chuck did not leave the job until he had tracked down and repaired the cause (a faulty part in the new faucet).  Another plumber might have walked away and left us with that issue, since the install was complete.  Very happy with Chuck.”

Wilmette water heater customer review  “We had a great experience with plumber Terry on the replacement of our two water heaters. These heaters had been installed over 30 years ago (by Mahoney), and finally started to leak. Terry quoted us a very fair price to replace them, and the Ravinia scheduler moved his schedule around so that he could install them on my day off. The flue turned out to be too narrow for the exhaust from both water heaters, and Terry insisted that it be done to code. Even though the flue had worked that way for 30 years, Terry knew it wasn’t safe enough with the potential harmful emissions. He didn’t charge us extra for all the work it took to try to expand the opening, and eventually reroute the exhaust. This meant a lot to me, because now I knew I could trust that we had a plumber who would do things right, and eat the cost if it went over the estimated amount. We joined the Home Care Club for this service because it saved us money over all, but we will definitely be calling Ravinia again because of their integrity.”

Wilmette boiler customer review “Rick came to service our boiler. He was very nice and explained that it was time for a new one. Then Jeff helped us select a new one, followed up with me several times during the process and could not have been more kind and helpful. Roy and Don then came and spent a day installing the new boiler. We were incredibly appreciative of their expertise. They were so patient explaining to us how everything worked. We were delighted with the whole process. Thank you.”

Highland Park furnace/sump pump customer review “We had a double-whammy: furnace wouldn’t turn on, sump pump wouldn’t turn off. Reed fixed our furnace and offered great advice about its future, then James cleaned our sump system and also gave us great suggestions regarding that. Both were the utmost professionals.”

Northbrook plumbing emergency customer review “Had a plumbing problem with kitchen sink. Water backed up and soaked kitchen floor. Very messy. Very stressful. When sink overflowed, I called Ravinia. Immediate response. Very courteous. Your servicemen were at our home within an hour. Believe one man was JJ and other Joe both were great. Assessed the problem. Went to work. And completed work in about an hour. Efficient. Effective. Courteous. Will use Ravinia in future. Would recommend Ravinia to others. Thanks.”

Lake Forest Home Care Club customer review “Have been a very satisfied Bishop Heating & Cooling customer for many years. With the new Home Care Club membership, I have recently become introduced to Ravinia Plumbing. In just the last week alone, I have needed plumbing services on two different occasions. The first was to fix a couple issues that were supposedly fixed by another plumber and the second was to fix an improperly installed item by a contractor’s plumber that was done two years ago. In both instances the servicemen were professional & courteous; explained the situation and repair costs clearly and fixed the problems neatly & quickly. Thank you for your excellent service!”

Lake Forest bathroom plumbing customer review “Tech Dave arrived in the afternoon on the day I called to request service right before the holidays on 12/21/16 on our slow draining bathtub. Dave was timely, courteous, friendly, and a true professional. Not only did Dave fix the draining problem, he took time before and after, first to better understand my concerns and to assess the problem, and secondly to explain the solution with some humor once the problem was fix and to answer all my questions. I appreciated Dave’s brief tutorial on the plumbing layout of pipes and connections that exist in our main bathroom.”  


November 2016:

Glenview sewer rodding customer review “Dave arrived just as scheduled to perform our sewer rodding. He also reviewed your Home Care Club offer with me while discussing the cost of the service. After completing the service he reviewed the results and suggested when we should schedule this service for next year.  He was professional, pleasant and competent — I would be happy to have him come perform the same service in the future.”

Glenview furnace maintenance customer review “Today was the first time I used Ravinia services for our furnace maintenance and was very happy with the service, comments and recommendations made by Jack. He arrived as scheduled, was professional and did a thorough job including making suggestions for actions we should take during the year to maintain our systems.”

Deerfield general customer review “As you know there are many heating & plumbing companies in the north shore. I will continue to use Ravinia because your staff are courteous and efficient. When Roy was here, he remembered me from before and I felt like a valued customer. Besides remembering me, he did an excellent job, cleaned up after himself, and was courteous. Thanks Ravinia job well done.”

Deerfield electric customer review “I called and easily scheduled an appointment for an electrician to replace several electrical outlets, some just needed to be updated and some were causing problems. The technician was prompt, performed the work expertly and answered all my questions patiently. The value for the work done was excellent, especially since one of the outlets I was concerned about showed evidence that it could have caused a fire.”

Lake Forest water heater customer review “Charlie came on Nov 10th as I spotted a leak beginning from one of my hot water heaters – he was able to replace it on the same day. Cleaned up well – you’d never know he was here. I had to leave and he locked up – I have great confidence in Ravinia employees.”

Highland Park boiler customer review “Cesar (heating tech) and Ryan (electrician) worked together to find and fix the electric problem that caused our boiler to fail. I like the responsiveness, the teamwork and the fact the entire issue was resolved in 1 day. Both men were very professional and pleasant. Plus we got a discount because we signed up for the annual boiler inspection.”

Evanston plumbing customer review “This last experience I had with Ravinia was as positive and always. Both Jeff and Dave R were here to do plumbing work and they did an excellent job. Both were so professional, knowledge, and determined to get the job done even though a few obstacles presented themselves. I truly have never worked with such great contractors and I am so thrilled that I found Ravinia. I am pushing my brother in Wilmette to join “the club” as well!”

Highland Park Home Care Club customer review Chuck arrived in a timely manner. He was very professional. He explained my options for the repairs and gave quotes for all the options. He was pleasant & worked quickly. He explained the home care membership which I decided was a good value for my money.  I signed up for the membership and saved on the weekend service charge as well as the parts and labor.

Deerfield sump pump customer review David, I believe, was very informative, outgoing, understanding and professional while taking care of an emergency sump pump fiasco at my home. Took care of the problem and saved the day. The operator I spoke to initially was also very helpful, courteous and easy to speak with. She was instrumental in setting up the service call that brought David to my rescue. Thank you all.


October 2016:

New toilet customer review “Chuck was personable, friendly and professional. He worked hard at completely removing the old silicone ‘caulk’ around the base of the toilet he was replacing. He was careful because he did not want to damage my tile floor. Chuck arrived on time and left me with a perfectly working new toilet. I will call Ravinia the next time I need plumbing work.”

Leaky sink customer review “I called Ravinia when appliance store technicians, who were installing a new dishwasher, discovered a hose leaking under my kitchen sink. My Ravinia technician, Chuck,  arrived within the hour. He was friendly and professional. Chuck gave me the option of letting him try to find parts for my 28 year old faucet or replacing the faucet with a new one. I selected one from his book, someone delivered it within 15 minutes, and Chuck installed it in a short time. Overall, I was very pleased with the experience.”

Line rodding customer “Andy came for rodding gutter lines.  This is the second year we have Andy come out to do that.  I requested him specifically.  He knows what he is doing, knows our gutter line locations and what is needed, and does the job well.  He is reliable and communicative.  We appreciate his good service.”

New furnace customer review “Installed new furnace.  Technicians Dan and Dave did a great job.  They were careful and considerate.  Good explanations and clean up. Ron, the estimator was was very helpful and responsive. Scheduling was easy.”

Heating system customer review “Technician was very friendly and professional.  Did some extra things that nobody else ever had which will help my furnace/humidifier run much better.  Was really happy with the service call.”

“Cesar, heating and cooling technician, performed a clean and check on my furnace with noted courtesy and attention to my questions regarding humidity. He has serviced me in the past including when an house emergency occurred. He made arrangements for Ravinia Plumbing to fix the problem which was not within work domain.”

General service customer reviews “They are very good about scheduling appointments and showing up for them in a timely manner.  They work efficiently and leave no mess behind.  We’ve been satisfied with the quality of their work and their professionals.”

“From our initial phone call to set up an appointment to the technician’s visit, the experience could not have been more pleasant. We were hoping to get our issue fixed within a couple days, but we were taken care of the same day. Our technician, Eric, was low key, professional, an obvious expert and very pleasant. Before any work was done, he gave me the range of the possible costs.”

Water heater customer review “The technician, Rich, was very good with all of my questions, requests, and installation  of my two new hot water heaters.  He was on time and got the job done.”

Electrical customer review “Jose, electrician, completed 3 projects with exceptional service. His advice necessitated a return visit in order install specialty bulbs with greater performance than those sold by a supplier. I am extremely satisfied.”  

Furnace and water heater customer review “Dan, showed up promptly this morning.  He fabricated and installed a complex sheet metal manifold that received the flue gases from both furnaces and the hot water heater. His work was precise and the new component fit perfectly. He then swapped out a cracked fan mounting board in one of the humidifiers. He covered the carpets with drop cloths and swept up in the furnace room before he left. The whole experience was professional and well executed.


September 2016:

Sump pump customer review “Terry came by today to check on our sump pump. He called when he was on his way and also is very friendly and professional. He does a thorough job and explains the outcome of the tests that he performed. He also is very meticulous in keeping the area neat and clean. I highly recommend his services and he is a great asset to your company!”

Leaky toilet customer review “Rich came today to look into a leak possibly coming from my toilet.  I asked if I could watch him and he didn’t mind at all.  He answered all of my questions and showed me things about my toilet and how things work.  Rich was very knowledgeable, professional and very personable.  I was very happy that everything got fixed and that I called Ravinia Plumbing!”

Air conditioner customer review “We had our A/C fail, just days before family was to arrive for our daughter’s wedding.  Ravinia was able to replace our unit within 2 days, just in time! Polite and professional service all the way.”

Water heater customer review “John was awesome!  Our water heater went out Friday and we now have hot water Saturday morning!  John found the part, picked it up and installed it in less than 24 hours!  We will definitely use you again and tell our friends.  Thank you!”

Electrical service customer review “I again had an awesome experience.  Jessica in the office was great in helping me getting any questions answered and gathering needed info. Tom showed up right on time, friendly, knowledgeable and patient answering questions.  He was quick/efficient and cleaned up everything after the job. Struck gold when found this company.  Whether big job of getting electric service buried to putting in and/or fixing outlets can’t find better or more reasonable.”

RPZ customer review “Our technician was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He was very careful to clean up the working area when completed his work. He explained to me the intricate workings of the RPZ system, etc. He was careful when entering my domicile to take off his street shoes. He performed his installation in a timely manner and checked the new system thoroughly.   Ravinia is a great company.”

Sewer line customer review “Services performed–sewer line rodding and a camera inspection. (We’ve had this done twice in the  past year by another plumbing Company.)  It’s been an ongoing issue over the years–as we have many old, large trees. Andy called to let us know he was on his way and was very polite while I explained our ongoing issue with sewer rodding.  We were told we probably had a broken line under the house as the previous Company was not able to get more than a 2 inch cutter through the pipe.  Andy retrieved lots of roots out of the 6 inch line going out to the main sewer and was also able to rod the line under the house with a larger 3 inch cutter–he did not find a broken pipe. We were quite relieved.  Scheduling was easy and I found the fee comparable to other companies we’ve used. He explained what he was doing and wrote a detailed report and answered all my questions. Said we should schedule an annual rodding, which we will do.”  

Dripping faucet, toilet, garbage disposer customer review “I called Ravinia Plumbing for a new garbage disposer, a dripping faucet in kitchen, 2 toilets.   Rich W. came to my home on time and did the repairs very well. He explained the necessary repairs, and options.   After I gave the OK, Rich did the repairs very well.  I realized that I needed a new kitchen faucet and decided to buy it myself and then call back for installation. Rich W. returned to my home today, August 31, 2016, to install the new faucet. He did an excellent job, and left everything clean and in order. He was very knowledgeable, polite, helpful, and friendly. I was very happy with the work he did in my home!”