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Furnace Repair Services in Northbrook Illinois

Northbrook, IL Furnace Repair

Winter is never the time for a furnace to break. With record lows in the negative digits, a cold home is a dangerous place to be. A furnace should be reliable and able to heat your home even when the weather outside is -16°F. Not only does a furnace help keep your and your family warm, it helps to add an additional layer of protection to water and sewer pipes under your home.

If the weather outside is frightful and your furnace is not working properly give Ravinia Plumbing a call. Our service professionals are fast to arrive and will quickly restore your furnace to working order.


Signs That Your Northbrook, IL Furnace Needs Repair Services

Because furnaces are reliable ways of heating homes and businesses many buildings throughout the Northbrook area have them. As they get older, heating units can become unreliable and require repair or replacement. Here are a few of the signs that your needs a service call.

Strange Smells During Operation

You should never be able to smell the heating unit working. Any odd odors the heating unit produces can be dangerous and include exhaust from the burner, gas, or CO2, any of which can cause an emergency health situation.

Rising Energy Costs

Your monthly energy bill should remain the same based on the local weather. If there are no cold snaps and your monthly energy bill is rising, a heating repair service call will make sure that your heating unit is not the problem. If it is, a tune-up can return it to a higher efficiency.

Low Heating Output

When the furnace is not producing enough heat to warm your home to a comfortable level, several issues can be occurring. There could be debris on the burner which is causing a smaller flame, the burner may be failing, or there could be a problem with the thermostat. Our technicians can identify the problem quickly and return the unit to full working order.

Trouble Starting the System

When our customers have a problem starting the heating system, it is usually an issue with the thermostat. We can verify the problem and repair it as needed. We install new thermostats and offer complete furnace care and repair services.

Your Home is Suddenly Dusty

When your furnace is causing dust in your home, there is a problem with the burner and too much soot is being produced. A service call can fix the problem. Most repairs are fast and efficient.


24/7 Emergency Furnace Repair Services in the Northbrook Area

It seems that when your heating unit breaks it is on a Friday at 8 PM. No worries because Ravinia Plumbing is available 24/7 for emergency service calls. Our technicians are fast to respond so our customers are able to enjoy a comfortable home.

There is never a good time during the colder times of the year to be without a heater. That is why we offer professional heating and HVAC services. You can save on the cost of emergency service calls by joining our Home Care Club Maintenance Agreement. It is a program designed to help save money on common services such as maintenance, heating, cooling, and repairs.

Prevent Future Furnace Issues With Maintenance Services

Early in the Fall season is the best time to have your furnace serviced. Annual maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of any heating or cooling appliance. Maintenance does more than just keep your furnace running. It also helps to ensure better indoor air quality and helps to control the cost of heating and cooling your home. When your furnace or HVAC unit is maintained, the filters are clean so they catch more dust, the system is tuned to run efficiently and burn less fuel, and your home is easier to maintain at that perfect ambient temperature.

All of these additional benefits are wonderful but annual maintenance also helps your furnace to last the longest, and that is a huge cost savings over having to replace your furnace prematurely.


Contact Ravinia Plumbing for Furnace Repair Service in Northbrook, IL

When you need professional, quality, and fast service for your heating or cooling system, call on the experts at Ravinia Plumbing. Our Technicians are world-class, fast to respond, accurate in isolating the problem, and honest in their estimates. We are available 24/7 for full-heating and cooling services throughout the Northbrook, IL community.

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