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Furnace Repair Services in Libertyville Illinois

Libertyville, IL Furnace Repair

Chicago IL has a -16°F low temperature record. That is not the time to be without a working furnace. Even in temperatures much warmer than -16°F a broken furnace creates an uncomfortable and even dangerous living situation. Fortunately Ravinia Plumbing is available 24/7 and our trained and professional furnace technicians are fast, honest, and dependable. We will quickly and accurately repair your furnace and resolve any issues.

Signs That You Need Furnace Repair Services in Libertyville, IL

Rising Heating Bills

The longer a furnace goes without service the more it drops efficiency. Our furnace services are designed to help return your furnace to its highest efficiency where it will comfortably heat your home. If your energy bills are higher than normal request a furnace service call.


Uneven Airflow

If part of your house is hot and part of it is cool or cold, there is uneven air flow coming from the furnace. Call for servicing of the furnace and our crew will inspects and repair the problem quickly. Our team is trained to provide great customer service.

The System Short Cycles

The constant on/off cycling is damaging to heating systems. If left unchecked, it will cause the current system to fail and a new unit will need to be installed. We are available 24/7. Simply turn the unit off and call us.

Loud Noises From the Unit

Furnaces should make a gentle hum and sometimes a whoosh as they begin to force air through the ducting. Loud noises are not a good sign, but the damage may not be done yet. Call for service and you could be preventing a significant service call. The same is true for your water heater – any loud noises need to be inspected quickly.

Low Indoor Air Quality

A furnace that is failing can cause a number of odors to enter the house. These can include gas, exhaust and other toxins that can be dangerous. A furnace that is not maintained can also cause additional particulate matter to become airborne.

You save money by maintaining your furnace and servicing your furnace each year. Our highly qualified technicians make an easy job of caring for your furnace.


What to Check Before You Call for Furnace Repair Services

If you are not sure you need a service call, customers can check the air filters to make sure they are clean and intact. Clean air filters help your system run efficiently.

Another issues that is easy to fix is a dead battery on a thermostat. Generally a thermostat will last the life of the furnace. If the unit is not producing even heating throughout the house, you can also visually inspect the ducting if you can access it.

Checking the registers – the slots where the heat enters the room – to make sure they are open and not closed is another easy job. If repairs are needed our professional and courteous technicians are available. Give us a call to schedule repairs.


Enroll in Ravinia’s Home Care Club Maintenance Program

Because We know how difficult it is to run a household, we offer a Home Care Club Maintenance Program.

The program works to save money for our customers. When you enroll you receive heating and cooling services at a reduced rate. You even save money on emergency service calls.

Quality maintenance is the best way to avoid purchasing a new furnace and our repair service helps keep your furnace running efficiently. Other perks include longer warranties and priority service.

Consider joining today and receive 10% off our regular prices and a free visual inspection of your system. Learn more on our website or give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions. Read our online reviews and experience our excellent work.


Contact Ravinia Plumbing for Furnace Repair Service in Libertyville, IL

We are your Libertyville, IL furnace and HVAC company. We work on all models of heating systems and offer quality heating and cooling services from our highly trained and experienced technicians. We have all of the equipment for maintenance, repairs and installation of heating units.

We are also available for afterhours requests and emergency service – even for installations. As your local heating service provider you can request heating service at specific times or we can come by on a set schedule.

Learn more ways to save on the services you need.

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