Electrical Installation Services in Lake Bluff, IL

Lake Bluff, IL Electrical Installations

There are many home projects that can be performed with DIY methods. In most cases, though, electrical installation is not one of them. Installing electrical devices and systems can be extremely dangerous and can result in injuries or subpar work when not performed correctly.

Unless you’re handy and have experience with electrical systems, leave the work to a licensed electrician. Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric has provided homeowners and business owners in Lake Bluff, IL and Chicago’s North Shore and Chicago’s Northwest suburbs with high-quality electrical installation services since 1928. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Reliable Electrical Installation Service from Ravinia Plumbing

It’s important not to hire the first electrical company you see online, as not all companies are reputable. All electricians in Illinois must be certified and licensed to perform work. Hiring an unlicensed electrician can lead to several issues, including poor installation, electrocution, fire hazards and gas leaks. Old or inefficient electrical systems that don’t perform up to current standards can also increase your monthly energy bills, break down or lead to safety issues.

Ravinia Plumbing can provide electrical installation services for new builds, remodeling projects, replacements, repairs and upgrades.

Types of Electrical Systems Ravinia Plumbing Installs

Contact Ravinia Plumbing if you need any of the following electrical devices or systems installed in your Lake Bluff, IL home:

Whole Home Generators

Do you live in a neighborhood that experiences frequent power outages due to weather or other issues? If so, consider installing a whole-house generator. Unlike small, portable generators, whole-house generators turn on automatically when an outage occurs and can power your entire home. This gives you peace of mind that your family will be safe and comfortable until power is restored, and it prevents food from spoiling while you wait for the power to return.

At-home EV Charging Stations

EVs are continuing to grow in popularity, and that trend will continue at a rapid pace. Whether you own an electric vehicle or plan to buy one in the near future, consider contacting Ravinia Plumbing to install a Level 1 or Level 2 at-home charging station. Gaining the ability to charge your vehicle in your garage each night is incredibly convenient compared to finding a public charging station, which could be located miles away from your home and have long waiting times.

Smart Home Devices

Is your home a “smart home?” Installing smart devices adds an extra layer of convenience and safety to your home. Ravinia Plumbing installs the following smart devices:

  • Thermostats
  • Smart lighting
  • Home security systems
  • Smart locks and video doorbells
  • Automatic blinds and shades
  • Voice devices
  • Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors


Your home’s wiring can last 50 years or more, but faulty wiring or environmental factors can cause your wiring to break down earlier than expected. If you’re unsure about the condition of your Lake Bluff, IL home’s electrical wiring, contact Ravinia Plumbing. A home’s wiring should be inspected about every three years to check its condition.


Lighting technology has advanced significantly in recent years. Installing new lighting indoors or outdoors can improve your home’s security and aesthetic appeal. Consider installing accent lighting indoors to accentuate wall decor or improve the atmosphere in a room. Ambient lighting, meanwhile, can create a sense of warmth in a room. Security lighting, motion sensor lights, spotlights and floodlights, and landscape lighting make excellent outdoor lighting options.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It’s incredibly important to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors across your home to help keep you and your family safe from the threat of fire and carbon monoxide leaks.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers typically last about 30-40 years, but they can break down prematurely due to factors including fluctuating voltages and poor power ratings. If your circuit breaker is experiencing issues, contact a reputable electrician.

Contact Ravinia Plumbing for Electrical Installation in Lake Bluff, IL

Whether you’re looking to install a whole house generator or you need new wiring installed in your Lake Bluff, IL home, you can count on the licensed electricians at Ravinia Plumbing to perform high-quality work and earn your complete satisfaction. Contact Ravinia Plumbing to hear more about our services or to schedule an appointment.