Home Care Club – Terms

Home Care Club (HCC) by Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric (RPSHE)

1. Repair Warranty:

Warranty is increased from 30 to 90 days on repairs and sewer rodding and applies only to materials and labor provided by RPSHE as long as your membership is current throughout the warranty period. See below for exclusions.

2. Installation Warranty:

Warranty increased from 1 year to 2 years on all new fixtures, faucets, water heaters, pumps, re-piping, heating and cooling systems, humidifiers, and electrical equipment provided and installed by RPSHE. Homeowner is required to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for this warranty to remain in effect. Exclusions are below.

3. Service Scheduling:

As an HCC member we’ll work hard to make scheduling as simple as possible. While we don’t ever put a minor repair (for example, a dripping faucet, or burnt-out light bulbs) over an emergency (like water pouring through a ceiling, or sparking or smoking outlets) we do make every effort to schedule our HCC members to best meet their schedule.

4. Service Charge (Plumbing, Sewer & HVAC)1 :

We currently have a $69.00 service charge to get our licensed, trained, uniformed, drug tested, background checked professional in a truck full of tools, parts and specialty equipment to your home. Once there we will perform a visual inspection of your problem and either quote a repair cost or a diagnostic cost to determine the problem. If you have us perform the quoted work within 2 weeks of the quote, we will waive the service charge.

5. Service Charge (Electric)2 :

Our electrical division has a $65.00 service charge to get our licensed, trained, uniformed, drug tested, background checked professional in a truck full of tools, parts and specialty equipment to your home. This service charge is NOT waived. Services are then billed in quarter hour increments for all work performed.

6. After Hours Service Charge 2 :

Our technicians are always available for after-hours emergency work. Our current normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 4:30 pm. Emergency work is defined as a sewer back-up, flood that cannot be stopped by temporarily turning off the water to the house, or no heat to a home that only has one furnace or boiler. While we waive our service charge if work is performed during normal business hours, the service charge is NOT waived after hours. Currently, HCC members pay a $69.00 service charge compared to $189.00 for non-HCC customers.

7. Discounts on Standard Repairs 3 .

As an HCC member, you will receive a savings of 10% off our regular prices except for sales tax as we cannot discount the amount of sales tax that is paid to the state. During normal business hours, you will be identified to our technician as an HCC Member before he is dispatched. New construction and all quoted jobs by our estimators are excluded.

8. Service Reminders:

We understand your plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems aren’t at the top of your mind and we don’t want them to be. Our service reminders are designed to let you be in control of your house without having to add one more thing to your to-do list. All service reminders are delivered to you via email only.

9. Annual Visual Plumbing Inspection:

It is up to the customer to contact us to schedule their free annual visual plumbing inspection (performed without the use of tools or equipment) to be performed in March, April, or August only (HVAC inspections are done with paid tune-up work). If the customer cannot have the free inspection performed in one of these three months, we will be unable to perform the inspection. As the inspection is free, it has no credit value if not performed. If we find a problem during the visual inspection, we will quote the cost to repair and will require approval prior to performing any work.

10. Exclusive Offers:

Offers will be extended periodically throughout the year to all HCC members who provide us with their email address. If you decide to opt out of any email marketing message, you opt out of all email messages.

Fee Structure and Terms – January 1, 2022

$9.00 per month charged to credit card on file (Annual $108.00) + $25.00 initial setup fee. Twelve (12) month minimum is required. You can cancel any time after the minimum service term by email or postal mailing to our office so that we know of your intentions by the 15th of the month. Monthly payments are non-refundable. Should changes to the program become necessary at any time we will give written notice sent by regular mail or email to your address on file at RPSHE.

Warranty Specifications, Disclaimers and Exclusions

HCC Membership does not extend or enhance the manufacturer’s warranty: HCC Membership only extends the RPSHE warranty.

HCC Membership simply alters the standard RPSHE warranty by extending it: Otherwise, the standard RPSHE warranty and all of its specifications, disclaimers and exclusions continue to apply and are attached hereto.

Continuous Membership Required: Continuous Membership means that you are a current HCC member continuing to make monthly membership payments. Any extended warranty offered herein will cease if you cancel your membership or fail to ensure that monthly payments are current. If you choose to discontinue membership, your warranties will revert to standard warranties.

Warranty on Repairs Made: Warranty extends only to the repairs made, not to the entire unit. For example, if the repair to a toilet requires a new flapper, then the warranty covers the flapper only, not the remaining components of the toilet. Or if one socket in a light fixture is replaced, the warranty covers that socket and not the remaining sockets or the fixture. Our technicians will fix the present problem instead of recommending you replace everything “just in case”. As such, we stand behind our work 100%, but can’t warranty anything outside of our repair. Of course, if the repair was made to a fixture or equipment installed new and provided by RPSHE and it is still under warranty, that warranty continues. Consumables such as filters, batteries, light bulbs, etc. are excluded.

Warranty on New Heating and Air-Conditioning Installations: Our and the manufacturer’s warrantees are valid only if seasonal tune-up maintenance is completed by RPSHE as required by the manufacturer on all units. Failure to perform preventative maintenance can cause premature failure of system components and may not be covered by RPSHE or the manufacturer. Our warranty does not cover consumables like filters and humidifier pads.

Warranty on Sewer & Drain Rodding: Sewer and drain rodding warranty is increased from 30 days to 90 days from date of rodding, which includes one free call back rodding within 90 days. Not all sewer stoppages can be remedied via rodding. Any subsequent rodding and video inspection necessary to determine a planned solution will be charged at HCC rates. Broken sewer lines are excluded. Flushing anything other than toilet paper and human waste down the toilet will void the warranty. Items such as paper towels, napkins, baby wipes, tampons, dental floss, prophylactics, q-tips, expired pets, etc. should never be flushed down the toilet. The warranty on interior drain line rodding requires customer help. We’ll open the drain, but we will not warranty the rodding if non-drain friendly items are put down the drain. For kitchen sinks, that’s things like grease and excessive amounts of food.

Warranty on Sump and Ejector Pumps: Warranty on pumps excludes pump failure due to the pump or pump switch being jammed with debris such as paper towels, napkins, baby wipes, tampons, dental floss, prophylactics, q-tips, expired pets, or anything other than human waste and a normal amount of toilet paper.

Warranty on Frozen Pipes: Once we get the water flowing, we can’t warranty against pipes re-freezing. Once thawed, the occupant will have to keep the affected area out of trouble by keeping the heat high, insulating that section of the structure, opening cabinet doors or taking other preventive and proactive measures to solve the underlying problem. While we’d love to say we can promise Mother Nature will not be cruel enough to freeze your pipes twice, we simply can’t. We will be happy to consult with you on a more permanent solution to the freezing problem and refer you to other tradesmen who may be needed to attempt to solve the problem.

Lapsed or Cancelled HCC Membership: If your membership lapses for any reason, or if you cancel your membership, a new $25 set up fee and a new minimum 12 month commitment to the program will be required. Your warranties and discounts will then start over, after any necessary repairs or corrections have been made, from your new membership date.

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