Air Conditioning Repair in Highland Park, IL

A broken down AC isn’t cool, especially on a sticky, humid summer day in Highland Park, IL. That’s why it’s good to know the friendly air conditioning repair experts at Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric. Our family owned business has proudly served Buffalo Grove, Libertyville, Northbrook, Deerfield, and other amazing communities throughout northwest Chicago since 1928.

Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Highland Park, Illinois?

There are various signs that could indicate that you need air conditioning repair services. Without proper preventive maintenance and routine repairs as needed, as your AC unit ages, it can run less efficiently. AC systems require periodic inspections and routine services to ensure continued performance. Let’s look at some of the common signs that an AC unit needs repairing.

Your air conditioner won’t turn on at all

If your AC system won’t come on, it could be a problem in the main power source, a faulty breaker, the thermostat, or another mechanical fault. The best thing to do is call one of our expert technicians to come and take a look. We will inspect your system and offer honest advice about the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for your situation.

Your air conditioner shuts off before reaching the preset temperature

If your air conditioner keeps shutting off before it cools your environment to the temperature you set on the thermostat, it is “short cycling.” There are several possible causes for short cycling, including a faulty thermostat, an overheating blower fan, or an interrupted power source. We do not advise running your air conditioning system in this state. Doing so can lead to serious damage and the need for costly repairs or replacements. It’s best to give us a call and let us come out and see what the problem is.

Progressively higher utility bills

If your utility bills continue creeping up for no obvious reason, it could be that your air conditioner is operating inefficiently. Don’t make the mistake of procrastinating about air conditioning repairs in Highland Park, IL. It’s always better to address AC problems preemptively because waiting significantly increases the odds of more expensive repairs or replacements. You need your air conditioner to work economically and reliably, which will save you money overall.

Subpar airflow from the vents

If you notice that not very much air is coming out of your vents, give us a call and let us come out and inspect your situation. It could be something simple, like a dirty filter. However, it could also be a malfunctioning blower fan, an obstruction in the ducting, or various other possibilities. One of our NATE-certified technicians can get your AC system back on track in a breeze!

Benefits of AC Maintenance and Repair in Highland Park, IL

There are many benefits associated with maintaining your air conditioning system and having it repaired as needed to keep it running optimally. These include maintaining healthy indoor air quality, keeping your environment cool and relaxing, and, of course, saving money. Let’s look closer.

Improving indoor air quality

Your air conditioner does more than just blow cool air out. It also filters the air, removing contaminants that can make you sick. Furthermore, a properly functioning air conditioner keeps humidity levels in check, between 30% and 50% as recommended. This is particularly important because high humidity encourages the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and mildew. Maintaining healthy indoor air quality is especially important for the elderly and people with respiratory illness.

Helping your air conditioning unit live its best life

All mechanical devices require periodic maintenance and repairs to stay in optimal working order. Just like your car requires tune-ups, oil changes, and other automotive mechanical services, your AC unit requires similar services to ensure its proper operation. Our expert air conditioning technicians are certified and have deep knowledge of all facets of AC maintenance and repair. We will keep your system running smoothly and reliably to maximize its lifespan.

Saving your money

Working with Ravinia Plumbing saves you money overall by ensuring that your AC system is performing optimally. A system that is stressed and working hard costs more to operate and is more prone to breakdown. A regularly maintained AC system operates fluently and reliably with less chance of malfunction. This adds up to considerable savings over the unit’s lifespan.

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