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Furnace Repair Services in Deerfield Illinois

Deerfield, IL Furnace Repair

Ravinia Plumbing has been serving the Deerfield, IL area for over 90 years. We offer a range of services that cover business and residential heating, cooling, sewer, plumbing, and electrical needs. Our service technicians are highly screened and undergo training so that they provide a high quality of customer service, and exceptional maintenance and repairs.

When you need furnace repair turn to the Deerfield heating experts at Ravinia Plumbing. We are here 24/7.

Signs Your Deerfield, IL Furnace Needs to Be Repaired

Repairs are common on furnaces that are more than ten years old. Here are some of the more common issues with older furnaces:

● No heat in one or more areas of the house – Many issues can cause this problem from broken ducting to issues with the blower or burner.

● Blower fan continues to run – This is never a good problem to have because the longer the fan runs the more cool air it circulates throughout the house and the more the thermostat tells the furnace to make hot air. It is waste of energy and fuel.

● Detection of a funny smell/gas odor – Call for an emergency service call, open the windows and wait outside if possible. Funny smells can be gas, CO2 and other dangerous fumes.

● System runs constantly – Generally this is an issue with the thermostat. You can try to replace the battery in the thermostat if there is one. If that does not work call for our professional techs to inspect and repair the unit.

● System cycles on and off rapidly – Call immediately for service as the on/off cycling will damage your furnace. You can try to replace the battery in the thermostat too.

● Hearing odd noises (squealing/rumbling) – These are signs that something has either broken or is breaking. Servicing the unit sooner is a good way to prevent additional damage.

● Thermostat not working – Check the battery if there is one, and replace it. If that does not work, give us a call.


Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

Making the decision to replace a furnace is difficult. Here are some issues that help you decided to repair or replace.

It’s better to repair your furnace when…

  • It is less than ten years old

  • When it has require few repairs

  • If it is still under warranty

  • If the repair is less that $200

  • The unit is still reliable

These five criteria tell us that there is still life left in the unit and the repairing it is a better value. Of course you want to weigh in the reliability of the unit because you do not want to go into winter with a furnace that is on the verge of failing.

It’s better to replace your furnace when…

  • It is older than ten years, which also means that it is likely out of warranty.

  • There have been an uptick in repair calls over that last few years – signals that the unit is no longer reliable.

  • If the repair costs are more than $200 and all of the other criteria on this list is true.

  • The unit is no longer reliable

You never want to go into winter with a furnace that is failing. Winter temperature around Deerfield can be dangerous and a cold house is more likely to experience frozen water or sewer pipes. Our team will give you all of the data needed to make an informed decision about replacing or repairing your furnace.

The Benefits of Enrolling in a Maintenance Program from Ravinia Plumbing

If you are faced with repairs, emergency service calls, or a furnace install project, consider the benefits of the Ravinia Home Care Club, which is our maintenance program for heating and cooling appliances. The program is designed to save your family money on regular maintenance and help to keep your units running at an efficient level. Our team of technicians will perform visual inspections and you receive perks such as 10% off our regular rates. It is a great program that our customers love and it will save your family money. An example of savings includes an emergency service call which is billed at regular rates instead or our emergency service rates. The program works on all heating appliances including a boiler, furnace, and HVAC system.


Contact Ravinia Today for High-Quality Furnace Repairs in Deerfield, IL

When your Deerfield Illinois furnace needs help, call on the professional experts at Ravinia. Our services are cost efficient and we offer high quality service calls with the job done right the first time. We’ve been serving the greater Chicago area for more than 90 years. Read our customer reviews to see why Ravinia is your first call for furnace repair in the Deerfield area.

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