Deerfield, IL Air Conditioning Installation

AC Services

You want to ensure that you have a properly functioning and energy-efficient air conditioning system in your home to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer in Deerfield, IL. If your unit is old and inefficient, it’s time to contact the professionals at Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric. There is no need to suffer through the hot, sticky weather that arrives every summer.

As a company in business since 1928, Ravinia Plumbing is dedicated to working with members of the community for all their cooling needs. Our customer service is excellent, and we work hard to keep every customer happy with the work we do on their property. If your existing AC system is failing – or you never had an AC unit installed before – it’s time to learn more about how we can help you stay cool every summer.

Choosing AC Replacement Over Repair in Deerfield, IL

Small repairs with any AC unit are common over the lifetime of the system. Air filter changes, fixing water leaks or recharging low coolant levels are all easy fixes when it comes to the overall needs of your HVAC system. Problems arise when you are continually contacting your HVAC company for major issues with your air conditioning system.

For example, short-cycling is a problem that occurs when your system keeps turning on and off without cooling the home. This can mean the thermostat isn’t functioning, or that the system is starting to fail, and replacement services may be warranted.

An HVAC technician can take a careful look at your system to uncover what is going on. While short-cycling is one problem, your system might not even turn on at all. When repairs are going to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, it is no longer worth fixing an older unit. If the system is running, and your home is still not cool enough, it’s time to call a technician to see what is going on. If your system is older than 15 years old, it’s likely time for a new AC unit to be installed to avoid any major cooling emergencies in the near future.

Choosing a New AC Unit for Installation

It’s important to understand the various factors that go into choosing a new AC unit to be installed in your home. The energy-efficiency rating of the system indicates how much energy your system will use to keep you cool. It is called the SEER rating, and anything above 16 means your system will be very energy efficient. The decibel rating is also important, as this indicates how loud your system will be when it is running. Decibels above 80 mean the system is going to be loud when it is running, while below 60 means it will be very quiet.

The size of your AC unit will also be important. A system that is too small for your home is going to run near continuously to try and keep your home cool. The system will burn out easily and need constant repairs when it is too small to cool off your space. A system that is too large for your home, meanwhile, is going to waste money, and is not necessary to invest in. Know what the square footage is of your home so that you can understand how big of a system you will need to keep your home cool.

Your New AC Installation in Deerfield, IL

If you are not prepared for hot weather, you are going to have a very uncomfortable summer in Deerfield, IL. At Ravinia Plumbing, we are ready to provide maintenance services for your existing AC unit, or to discuss your options for a new AC installation in Deerfield. We want you to be comfortable during the hot weather months, and we have the skills you need when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

A new AC installation is worth the investment. You will have a system that is energy efficient, and one that is less likely to break down. Your system is going to keep you comfortable when the weather gets hot, and you aren’t going to pay excessive amounts in utility bills.

If you are searching for an HVAC company in Deerfield, IL that residents trust, it’s time to reach out to Ravinia Plumbing to learn more. Speak to a member of our team and see how you can stay cool in the summer.