Buffalo Grove, IL Sewer & Drain Services

If you notice issues with your Buffalo Grove, IL home’s sewer and drain lines, it’s important to act fast. If left unattended, a small sewer clog can quickly lead to a disaster if your home’s sewage backs up in your tubs, toilets or sinks – leading to unsanitary conditions and potentially expensive repairs or replacements.

Contact a licensed plumbing company such as Ravinia Plumbing, Sewer, Heating & Electric for sewer and drain services to avoid a stinky situation. Our licensed plumbers offer a full range of services including sewer rodding, sewer excavation and sewer camera inspection. We can also maintain, repair and install sewer ejector pumps. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

The Most Common Causes of Sewer Backups in Homes

Some of the most common causes of sewer backups include:


Clogged drain repairs in Buffalo Grove, IL is one of the most common services for homeowners. Drain blockages are often caused when people put the wrong things down drains such as grease, solid materials and feminine hygiene products. Hair and soap scum can also build up over time and lead to clogs.

Cracks in Pipes

Plumbing pipes can crack over time and lead to sewer backups due to old age, soil shifting, improper installation and avoiding regular maintenance such as drain cleanings and inspections. Fixing cracked pipes in Buffalo Grove is always best left to the expert local plumbers on our team.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are attracted to sewer lines because they contain water and nutrients. Tree roots can puncture sewer lines and cause a major sewer backup. Regular sewer line inspections in Buffalo Grove can catch these types of problems early to prevent a major repair or replacement. Cleaning sewer lines in Buffalo Grove also capture warning signs of tree root damage before major damage strikes.

Sewer Services Offered by Ravinia Plumbing

The licensed plumbers at Ravinia Plumbing offer a full range of sewer and drain services including:

Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer camera inspections are extremely effective at pinpointing the precise location of a clog in sewer lines. During a sewer camera inspection in Buffalo Grove, a high-tech camera is mounted on a cable and then inserted into the drain. When the camera head reaches the clog, the plumber will know the location and develop a plan to fix it. Sewer inspections take the guesswork out of locating the clog so plumbers can make a more accurate diagnosis while avoiding digging up larger portions of the yard.

Sewer Rodding

For most sewer clogs, sewer rodding will often do the trick. Sewer rodding in Buffalo Grove involves inserting a tool, depending on the type of clog, into the drain and cutting through the clog. Sewer rodding is a standard solution to fixing slow-draining sinks or tubs, as well as eliminating unpleasant odors emanating from drains.

Sewer Excavation

Sewer excavation is a more comprehensive service that is used to repair a sewer line or replace a section of piping with new materials. It involves using a high-tech camera to locate the clog and then using earth-removing equipment to remove soil and rocks above the pipes. Sewer excavation is an effective method for fixing or replacing old and outdated sewer lines, broken sewer pipes and problems associated with poor sewer line installation.

Sewer Ejector Pumps

A sewer ejector pump ensures water from plumbing fixtures or water-using appliances located below the main sewer line – most commonly in basements – is pumped upward toward the main sewer and out of the home. The licensed plumbers at Ravinia Plumbing can maintain, repair and install new sewer ejector pumps.

Contact Ravinia Plumbing for Sewer and Drain Services in Buffalo Grove, IL

Keep your sewer and drain lines open and flowing with the help of Ravinia Plumbing. If you’re not sure when your sewer lines were last cleaned, you’re probably overdue for this service. Contact us today to learn more about our sewer and drain services or to schedule an appointment.