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Furnace Repair Services in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Buffalo Grove, IL Furnace Repair

Ravinia Plumbing is the first company to call when you have a furnace repair need. We’ve been serving the Buffalo Grove area for over 90 years. Whether you have a gas furnace or an electric furnace we provide excellent service, repair, and installation. We are your go-to experts for furnace services in Buffalo Grove Il and the surrounding communities.


Signs Your Buffalo Grove, IL Furnace Needs to Be Repaired

Most furnaces are dependable until they start to breakdown. At that point their reliability becomes questionable. Here are some scenarios that our team faces when your furnace needs repaired. While there are many HVAC companies, we are your go-to furnace and heating experts.

No heat in one or more rooms

When your furnace is not able to heat your entire home, there is a problem. It could be any of a number of issues, from a broken blower fan to a duct that has split. Call our professional team for fast service that is accurate and affordable. We offer high customer service and our technicians are prompt and courteous.

Short cycling

Short Cycling can damage your furnace quickly. The rapid turning on and off of the unit causes major wear and tear on the moving parts. For major repairs, ask us about our Home Care Club which offers price discounts and other savings.

Odd noises (squealing/rumbling)

Furnaces generally make the same amount of noise without the squealing or rumbling. If any other sounds beyond the general hum of the furnace occurs call for a furnace service call. We have the tools and experience to quickly fix your furnace. One service request is all that you need.

Detection of a funny smell/gas odor

Odd odors from your furnace can be a health and safety issue. Any smell that you can detect should be investigated immediately by one of our expert furnace technicians. If monitor goes off for CO2 vacate the building and call for an emergency service call. We are here 24/7 for furnace repair services.

Blower fan continues to run

When the blower fan continues to run it creates drafts as unless the furnace is running the blower is moving cold air, which causes the furnace to run more often. It is a waste of fuel and electricity.

System runs constantly

When the system runs constantly, it is burning fuel and overheating the house. A heating service call is an easy way to isolate the problem and get the unit back to working order.

Thermostat not working

Either the furnace runs constantly or not at all – the thermostat is the little gauge that tells the furnace to start or stop. When it is not working, neither is the furnace. Thermostats can stop at anytime. Give us a call even after hours to replace the thermostat.



Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

Whether you should repair or replace your furnace is a tough question. You don’t want to replace it too soon and lose any life that it may still have. You also don’t want to wait to replace to the point where it becomes unreliable and costly. below are some situations where it may be better to go with a new furnace or repair your heating system.

It’s better to repair your furnace when…

It is a good idea to repair your heating system rather than repair it when the cost of the repair is small or when the unit is still under warranty. It is also a good indication that there is plenty of life left in the system if this is one of its first breakdowns. So, if the unit has been very reliable, repair it. Also, if the unit is not that old, repair it – under ten years in use, repair it; Over ten years in use replacement is optional.

It’s better to replace your furnace when…

Buffalo grove heating uses the following criteria to suggest replacing your HVAC system when the unit is aging – over ten years and when it begins to breakdown more often. That process means the unit is no longer reliable and should be replaced. If there is a poor history of maintenance and the system is beginning to breakdown it should be replaced. If you are facing a major repair where the money spent to repair the unit would be better served as part of the payment for a new furnace. Even the best furnace service may not return the unit to factor specs. Check out our customer reviews for an idea of why we are your Buffalo Grove IL heating experts.

Our job is to help all of our Buffalo Grove clients understand the situation they face, give you the best and most accurate information, and be available for you if you need us to repair the unit or replace it.


Enroll in Ravinia’s Home Care Club Maintenance Program

Ravinia Plumbing Sewer Heating and Electric offers a Home Care Club and maintenance agreements program. The program is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers. When you opt for our maintenance agreements you receive discounts on regular and emergency service calls, priority service status, and other discounts that add value to your Buffalo grove IL heating and cooling relationship with Ravinia. As your Buffalo Grove IL HVAC contractor, we offer you honesty and accurate work that is efficient and affordable.

Find out more about our Buffalo grove IL maintenance agreements by visiting us online or talking with our service technicians.


Contact Ravinia Today for High-Quality Furnace Repairs in Buffalo, Grove, IL

As your Buffalo grove IL heating experts we invite you to read our reviews and then join our client list. We offer heating services that include quality HVAC Systems, Furnace services including furnace installation and repair. We are here to answer your questions, provide a service quote, or schedule a service call. Our company has served the Buffalo grove IL area for more than 90 years.

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