Winter not only brings cold weather outside, but also low humidity inside, resulting in dry air. That dry air can lead to a scratchy throat and skin. It can also damage wood floors and furniture.

The solution is to employ humidifiers to ensure the relative humidity level in your home stays within 30% to 50%. Now, you could use one or several portable humidifiers that can humidify specific areas of your home. They are relatively inexpensive and can be moved from room to room.

However, the better alternative is to invest in a whole house humidifier. Here are a few reasons:



Getting the Right Size

No matter what type of whole house humidifier you buy (see below), you need the correct size. That is a factor of two things:


Types of Whole House Humidifiers

There are three types of whole house humidifiers. One type, self-contained humidifiers, operate independently of HVAC systems and are the only option for homes that use radiant or ductless heat. They use a fan to distribute air, as opposed to ducts.

Here are the other types, appropriate for homes heated with a furnace.


Which is right for you? Steam humidifiers are more efficient; evaporative units are cheaper. Here is a little table to guide you.

Evaporative Steam
Initial cost $400 – $800 $1,500
Efficiency 20% to 30% of water converts into humidity 90% of water converts into humidity
Operational cost Lower, since they use little electricity; however, the furnace has to run Higher, since they require electricity


Other Considerations

Some other features you might want to consider, even at extra cost:


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