You know winter is coming and you have done the right thing by having your furnace checked.  But you also know heating costs are rising, with natural gas prices double-digit higher than last year, meaning increased costs of hundreds or even thousands of dollars to stay comfortable this winter.

So what can you do?  You can’t control the price, but you can control your energy usage to manage those costs.  Here are several ideas (excluding your furnace tune up because we know you’ve done that!).  

  1. Replace your furnace filters.  Even though that was done with your tune up, you will want to periodically replace the filters to make sure the furnace operates at peak efficiency.
  2. Turn the thermostat down.  Instead of keeping it at 72, try it at 68 or even 65.  You can stay comfortable by putting on an extra layer of clothes during the day, and an extra blanket at night.
  3. Invest in a Wi-Fi programmable thermostat.  These thermostats allow you to pre-set the temperature based on the time of day, so the thermostat can automatically be set lower.  Since they are Wi-Fi enabled, you can also lower the thermostat when you leave the home and set it higher as you are returning home.
  4. Close unused vents. If you have vents in areas you do not use, close them so you are only warming parts of the house that are in use.  Please note that you can only close a few vents because the furnace is sized to heat the whole house.  If you close too many vents, the furnace can overheat and shut down. 
  5. Other features. Here are two other items you may consider when you purchase your furnace.
    1. Furnace humidifier, which will regulate the humidity in your home.  Adding a bit of humidity will make you more comfortable at lower temperatures.
    2. Indoor air quality products.  There are several different types of products available that will clean and sanitize the air you breathe in your home.
  6. Warranty. Your furnace should come with a manufacturer’s warranty for parts for at least five years, and preferably 10. Additionally, your contractor may offer extended warranties for parts and labor.  
  7. Rebates. Check with your utility company to see what rebates are available.
  8. Contractor. You will be buying a quality furnace; make sure the contractor that will install it is reputable. Some things to consider:
    1. How long the company has been in business
    2. References from friends and relatives
    3. Ratings from third-party sources such as Google star rating, Angi, or the Better Business Bureau
    4. Availability of extended warranties
    5. Availability of maintenance programs, including notifications for annual maintenance

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