Many Winnetka homeowners just assume that if their furnace was working properly last year, it will still function normally this season. Too many of them will be caught off guard when they discover HVAC problems that could hurt their furnace. Don’t wait until the winter’s first cold snap, when you can take advantage of the following benefits by scheduling an appointment now.

Eliminates Surprises

We become inundated with phone calls the first time temperatures drop. That’s because a good number of people come to realize their furnace no longer works properly. This causes a backlog, leaving us unable to attend to many customers for several days. Of course, this isn’t a problem for those who have already had their unit inspected and had the necessary repairs made.

Older units are sometimes difficult to get parts for. As a result, you may have to wait several days while waiting for replacement parts. This is not a big deal if it is still warm outside, but wait until it’s cold and those few days will seem like an eternity.

Being ready for winter is especially important if you have children or senior citizens in your household. These individuals are more susceptible to colds, and might easily become ill if they are exposed to cold temperatures for too long. As such, you could find that you have sick family members to care for in addition to worrying about furnace problems.

A cold house could also bring about other surprises in the way of burst pipes. You could suffer enormous damage, particularly if no one is at home to shut off the water supply which could lead to a costly furnace repair.

Ensures Your Family’s Safety

If you have a furnace problem you may be tempted to operate it anyway, particularly if our technician can’t get to you right away. But just because you can run your system does not mean you should. Some repairs such as a broken heat exchanger could cause carbon monoxide to leak out into your home. Others like damaged heating coils might lead to bigger problems unless they are fixed right away. A furnace that overheats will also increase your risk of a house fire. There’s really no reason to jeopardize your family when there is still plenty of time to address repair issues before winter arrives.

Saves Money

As mentioned, small repairs can quickly turn into larger ones unless they are taken care of quickly. You could even find yourself needing to schedule costly emergency service if your system goes out at night or on the weekend. Not only that, but a dirty furnace does not operate as efficiently. A cleaning and tune-up will have it working at maximum capacity, allowing you to save as many energy dollars as possible.

Regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of your unit. We recommend scheduling service in fall and spring in order to keep your system in like-new condition for as long as possible.

Winnetka homeowners-do not wait until you need your furnace to ensure it is running properly. Schedule an inspection now so that you will be warm and cozy once winter arrives.