Ready to tackle a minor electrical issue to save money? Before you start this DIY project, weigh two important concepts – risk and reward. You may be focusing on the reward, saving a few dollars, but you need to think about the cost of the risk. Electrical DIY projects often tip the scales toward risk. Here are three reasons to hire a professional electrician for even a minor electrical issue.

Safety Risk

Do you have the expertise, equipment, and safety training to adequately handle the job? Are you familiar with the building codes in your area covering electrical work? If not, you risk not only your own safety but also risk injuring your family and devaluing your home. A poorly done electrical job can create hazards for the future resulting in electrical shock or fire.

Financial Risk

Often DIY projects requiring electrical expertise end in failure or encounter complications. Was your home wired incorrectly in the past? Are you now dealing with a poorly wired home? Attempting to save money, you may uncover complications resulting in the need to hire a professional to unwind and solve the problems.

Experience and Education Risk

You think you know the issue, but do you have the equipment and the experience to properly diagnose the problem? A professional has both the education and experience to recognize a seemingly simple issue as a symptom of a larger underlying problem. You may be attempting to treat the symptom without healing the disease. The untreated larger issue can surface with bigger problems in the future.

Building Codes Change: 

Professional electricians are familiar with current standards. Addressing even a minor issue may require upgrading your system; at minimum electrical fixes must be done to code to protect you from future issues.

To further minimize risk, look for a licensed professional. This license offers you the assurance your electrician has had on-the-job training, hours of education, and has passed the certification process. And often these professionals guarantee their work, minimizing future costs if the issue recurs.

It’s tempting to tackle even minor electrical issues as DIY projects, but think about the risks and rewards.  Call a licensed professional electrician. You’ll minimize risk and reward you and your family with a safe and secure solution.