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Why the Phrase “Sewer Rodding” Shouldn’t Scare You

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  • Date: June 25, 2019
Why the Phrase “Sewer Rodding” Shouldn’t Scare You

The phrase, “sewer rodding,” ranks slightly below “root canal” on our comfort level scale. Like the need for the dreaded dental procedure, the problem lies below the surface. But take heart, sewer rodding is far less painful and provides equally good results.

What is “sewer rodding”?

Sewer rodding is a mechanical procedure used to clear blockages in sewer lines. A mechanical cable fitted with a cutter head approximately the diameter of the sewer pipe is inserted into the pipe. A motor spins mechanical teeth in the head at a high speed, enabling the head to chew through blockages in the pipe. The resulting finely shredded pieces wash easily through the line to your septic or municipal sewer system.

How do I know I need this procedure?

Sinks or showers that do not drain well or back up indicate a blockage. When the blockage occurs deep within the pipe running from your house to your septic system or the main sewer line, you must consider rodding to remove the blockage and allow fluids to flow freely.

What causes a blockage?

Over time, grease, soap and another residue build-up in the interior of your sewer pipe, narrowing the diameter of the line until sewage can no longer flow to the main sewer pipe or your septic system. Tree roots, seeking moisture, can attack the line also causing blockages.

Can I prevent these blockages?

You can do some preventive maintenance to prevent blockages; here are a few tips:

  • Routinely clean your drains with a non-corrosive drain cleaner or contact a professional licensed plumber every year to clean your line.
  • Plant slow-growing varieties of trees, locate them away from sewer lines, and water and feed them regularly so they do not extend their roots toward the lines.
  • If you suspect a growing blockage, contact a professional plumber to do a video inspection of your sewer line to diagnose any issues.

It may be hiding below the surface, but a blockage can become a mounting problem. Consider sewer rodding as the solution to the annoying clogs or backups hidden deep within your sewer line.

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