It won’t be long before the temperatures start to fall, and you will rely on your furnace or boiler to keep your family warm and comfortable. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about your heating system and whether it is up to the task, and you might even want to pull out your utility bills for the last few years to see if there are any worrisome trends. If so, an energy-efficient furnace or boiler may be the logical choice.

Save Money

While there’s little doubt that buying a new home heating system is an investment in its own right, the truth is that buying an energy-efficient model will actually save you more money than you spend. According to the US Department of Energy, heating accounts for about 30% of the energy consumption in your home during the winter months, so by taking steps to reduce that energy consumption, you could save a tremendous amount of money. Depending on the price of the unit, it may take a few years to truly recoup your investment, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Better Comfort

Old, inefficient furnaces and boilers are simply not capable of providing the same level of comfort as today’s newer, more energy-efficient models. With an older furnace, it must run for a long time in order to bring the temperature to what you’ve set at your thermostat, resulting in chills and drafts. Newer, more efficient models can quickly produce a lot of heat, so in just a few minutes time, you and your family will feel far more comfortable – and there will be fewer drafts and chills, too.

Fewer Repairs

Newer furnaces and boilers are the most energy-efficient, so if you choose to take this step, there are other money savings to enjoy, as well. Of all of these, the need for fewer repairs is the most impressive. Your 15-year-old home heating system likely needs frequent repairs, and even if they are all relatively simple, these costs add up over time. When you upgrade to a newer model unit, not only will you save money on energy, but you will also find that you need less service. A simple annual maintenance visit is likely all it will take to keep things running smoothly.

More Peace of Mind

With all of today’s talk about climate change and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, doing your part to reduce your impact on the environment can make you feel good. When you make the switch to an energy-efficient furnace or boiler, you will save quite a bit of energy, which can go a long way toward your lifetime carbon footprint. Simply put, you will feel much better about keeping your home toasty and warm, even when it’s below zero outside.

If you are still using an old furnace or boiler to heat your home, it is time to start thinking about energy efficiency and today’s new models. There are many from which to choose, each with its own features and efficiency rating. Start researching now and you can have your new home heating system installed and ready to go before the first chilly night.