Most people think toilets last forever, just occasionally needing some of the parts replaced. But here are some things to think about when questioning whether it is time.

  1. Age. If your old toilet was installed before 1994, it may have a flush volume of up to five gallons per flush. Toilets installed after that were required to have a flush volume of no more than 1.6 gallons per flush. That’s a big difference. And while a new low-flush toilet may cost you some money, that additional expense may be offset over time by lower water bills.
  2. Crack. If you notice water puddling near the base of the toilet, it could be due to a crack in the tank. Inspect both the inside and outside of the tank, but note that you may not be able to detect hairline cracks and may want a plumber to check it out.
  3. Leaks. Another indication you may want toilet replacement is if there is a leak. One way to determine whether you have a leak is if your water bill is going up. Another way is by dropping some food coloring into the tank. If after 10 minutes or so the dye shows up in the bowl, you have a leak.
  4. Constant running. If water is constantly running from the tank to the bowl, you may be able to fix the problem by replacing the flapper. If that doesn’t work, there could be a broken fill valve or other problem that may necessitate buying a new toilet.
  5. Clogs. Some clogging is inevitable. But if your toilet constantly clogs and you have to flush more than once all the time, that could mean you need a new toilet (but first make sure the problem isn’t further down the pipe).
  6. No flushing. If a toilet won’t flush and a simple fix like replacing the handle won’t help, that is a serious problem and a sure sign the toilet needs to be replaced.
  7. Comfort. There may not be anything wrong with the toilet, but if you have a toilet that is close to the ground, you may want to replace it with a taller one to make it easier to get up.

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