Is it time for you to buy a new clothes dryer? It could be if any of the following are true.

While we are not in the dryer business, our electricians have enough experience with dryers that we can give you a few tips on buying a new one.  

Tips for Buying a New Clothes Dryer

  1. Research. Read customer reviews as a first step. This might not tell you which dryer to buy, but it can eliminate appliances with poor reviews.
  2. Stackable or side-by-side. This will depend on the amount of space you have. If you have limited space, such as a closet, a stacked washer and dryer might be your only option.  
  3. Gas or electric. Gas dryers cost a little more up front if you have a dedicated gas line ready to go, and a lot more up front if you need to install a line. However, they cost a little less to operate since they heat faster and thus dry more quickly. Electric dryers cost less up front and are easier to install (just plug it in) but do cost a bit more to operate.  
  4. Capacity. Since clothes take up more space as they dry, you’ll want a dryer with about double capacity as your washing machine. Otherwise, it would take more than one load to dry a single full load from your washing machine. This of course also assumes you have the right size washer to meet your needs.
  5. Size. The dryer must fit into the available space. A standard full-size dryer is 30 inches wide, 25-35 inches deep, and 35-45 inches tall. Also, remember to add several inches in the front to open the door.  You will need three inches behind the machine for pipes/wiring, plus three inches on either side for heat clearance.  
  6. Hinge. The dryer can open from the left or right. The general recommendation is to place the hinge on the side opposite the dryer. That will make it easier for you to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer.
  7. Steam cleaning. Steam cleaning cycles help remove light stains and odors. They also remove some wrinkles, but are not a substitute for an iron or professional dry cleaning.
  8. Warranty. Check the warranty – the longer the better. You can also purchase an extended warranty from the store that sold you the dryer.
  9. Other features. Clothes dryers often come with special features that provide additional convenience and efficiency, although perhaps at a higher cost.
    a. Digital displays that may make it easier to control and adjust settings.
    b. Detachable drying racks that can rest within the drum to dry delicate or clunky items.
    c. Delayed start mode, which allows you to set the dryer to start at a specified time.
    d. “Smart” dryers which can: track efficiency to help you improve energy usage; detect when overnight energy costs are lowest and turn the dryer on at that time; start and stop the dryer remotely, and even change the cycle; alert you when the load is finished; and connect to voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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