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What to Do When Your Toilet Starts Leaking

What to Do When Your Toilet Starts Leaking

“Oh, no, where did this water come from?” You stepped into your bathroom to find a puddle of water at the foot of your toilet. Should you panic? No! First, determine the source of the leak. You can fix some leaks easily, but other, less visible, problems may require the diagnostic services of a licensed plumber. Be aware of these common issues before an unaddressed leak leads to a waste of water or a costly home repair bill.

 External Leaks

 1.      Condensation –  The humidity in a bathroom can condense on the toilet tank. Usually minimal, this condensation may fall onto the floor and appear as a leak. Simply take steps to reduce the humidity in the room to eliminate the condensation.

 2.      Cracked Pipes – Rusting pipes, if ignored, can develop cracks, allowing water to leak around the toilet.

 3.      Bad Seal – Over time the wax seal binding the toilet to the bathroom floor may deteriorate and allow water to leak around the base of the bowl.

 4.      Worn Tank-to-Bowl Connections – Bolts and gaskets connect the two major parts of the toilet, the tank and the bowl. When these connections become loose or worn, they can develop leaks.

 5.      Cracked Bowl or Tank – Toilet bowls and tanks are made to last 100 years! That said, you may find hairline cracks developing into major issues over time.

Internal Leaks

 1.      Bad Flapper – While a bowl and tank can last a century, experts say you may need to replace the internal components of a toilet, the flapper and flush valve assembly, every five years. The flapper, designed to prevent tank water from emptying, if worn, can cause water to leak continuously from the tank into the bowl.

 2.      Poorly Adjusted Valve Assembly – Does your toilet run constantly? Is it making a dripping sound? A poorly adjusted or malfunctioning flush valve assembly will allow water to enter the overflow valve and continuously flow into the tank.

 Whether invisible, annoying, or deeply problematic, these issues, if unaddressed can lead to a huge waste of water or costly damage to your bathroom. Consider contacting a professional plumber to diagnose and fix any toilet leaks efficiently and effectively.

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