Did your pipes freeze and burst during the last bout of frigid weather, or anytime in the past? If so, you are not alone. Consider the following:

Of course, there is a way to limit or even prevent water damage from leaky pipes, as well as minimize rising water costs from leaky faucets, fixtures, and toilets. That is with an automatic water shut off system. Simply put, these systems detect water leaks and shut off the water supply, limiting or preventing damage and higher water bills.

Features and Benefits of a Water Shut Off System

Not all water shut off systems are the same, but they all do reduce or prevent damage and reduce costs resulting from leaks. Their water leak sensors are all triggered when they sense leaks. Here are some other things to consider:

Types of Water Shut Off Systems

There are two types of water shut off systems:

Final Points

A few more things to consider:

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