An average shower lasts eight minutes. Do the math and that is more than 48 hours a year if you shower every day. In other words, you spend two full days a year showering. Given that, don’t you want your shower to be a refreshing and reinvigorating experience? That starts with the right showerhead.


Here we provide a summary of the types of showerheads available.


  1. Fixed showerheads are the most common and perhaps not coincidentally the least expensive type of showerhead. They are mounted high on the front wall of the shower and point down. They can come with several spray patterns.
  2. Handheld showerheads are installed in the same position as fixed showerheads. The showerhead rests in a cradle and can be detached, making it easier to wash different parts of your body. Some people believe that benefit is worth the extra price. These are also good for showering children and pets. While hoses between 60 inches and 72 inches are available, to meet Americans with Disability Act requirements they must be at least 84 inches long.
  3. Dual showerheads combine the best features of fixed and handheld fixtures. The showerhead is mounted in the wall, but there is a wand you can pull out to make it hand-held. These wands usually offer numerous spray patterns.
  4. Rain showerheads are installed in the ceiling and allow the water to “rain” down on you from above. They typically have different levels of pressure. They are becoming increasingly popular, especially in more modern homes.
  5. Water saving. These showerheads use as little as one gallon of water a minute compared to standard showerheads that use about 2.5 gallons a minute. Many of these showerheads are aerated and then boosted to make it seem like they are dispensing more water.
  6. Body sprayers. Another more modern approach is body sprayers. Multiple sprayers installed in the walls simultaneously hit different parts of your body. These are typically installed either in new construction or during a remodel.
  7. Massage or spray patterns. These offer numerous spray patterns including jet, mist, aeration, rain, and pulse.


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