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Top Reasons You Should Always Hire a Licensed Plumber or Electrician

Top Reasons You Should Always Hire a Licensed Plumber or Electrician

With summer gone and the weather turning, we are spending more time inside. Being inside makes us aware of electrical and plumbing maintenance and repair tasks. You determine these jobs are not DIY projects but do you really need to find a licensed professional to do the work?

The answer is, “yes.” Here are five top reasons why you should always hire a licensed professional.

  • Legal Implications. In many states, it is illegal to hire an unlicensed plumber. Illinois, for example, requires a plumber to have not only a license but also general liability insurance. The licensing requirements for electricians vary. Consult your state licensing and municipal boards before hiring a professional electrician.
  • Code Requirements. Building codes dictate standards of excellence and safety. Licensed professionals receive training in these codes and are experienced in complying with them. A contractor who ignores and violates electrical or plumbing codes can leave you with a messy rework or even a hazardous situation.
  • Personal Liability. You hire a plumber or electrician because you know these projects done poorly could result in injury to you or others or damage to your property. Licensed professionals carry insurance to cover any injuries to themselves or damage to your home. A licensed plumbing or electrical contractor also covers employees with workers’ compensation insurance, so you are not personally responsible for any injuries they incur while working in your home.
  • Proper Equipment. Plumbing and electrical projects require specialized equipment. Licensed contractors not only bring the proper tools for the job, but they have proven training and experience in using them.
  • Cost Savings. If your job is done poorly, you will likely need to have it redone at your expense to avoid potential safety issues or future damage to your home. These frustrating reworks not only cost you money, but they take additional time to complete.

As you list your plumbing and electrical home projects this fall, consider hiring a licensed professional to do the work. These contractors offer assurance your job will be done with the proper equipment, training, and expertise.

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