The average toilet lasts 25 to 40 years. If your toilet is reaching that age, you may want to consider a new one. Or you may want one that is more comfortable or does a better job conserving water. Or you are buying a new place and need new toilets.

Here are some thoughts on buying a new toilet. We start with the two C’s – comfort and conservation.


Standard toilets are 14” to 15” off the ground. Most toilets today are 16.5” off the floor – what is known as “comfort height.” But if you are older, or have trouble getting up, you may opt for an ADA-compliant toilet that is around 17” off the ground. The seat will add another inch to the height. You can also consider riser seats that increase seating height, and grab bars.


Toilets account for 30% of water consumption in a home. On average, people flush a toilet five times a day. That is 1,825 times a year. Toilets made before 1994 flushed 3.5 to 5 gallons or more.  At 3.5 gallons, that is 6,387 gallons. Standard toilets now use 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF), which comes to 2,920 gallons a year. But you have options.

Toilet Types

There are several different toilet types:

Flushing Options

There are three flushing options:

Toilet Bowl Shapes

There are two options.


Speaking of size, also pay attention to the rough-in, which is the measurement from the bolt cap to the wall behind the toilet. Most toilets have a rough-in dimension of 12”. But they also come in 10” and 14” to accommodate older style toilets or mistakes during construction.

Toilet Bowl Colors

Most toilets are white, but there are other color options available. However, the toilet, lavatory bowl and tub should all have the same color.  And colors do go out of style.

Toilet Seats

Of course, there is your standard toilet seat. But you can also get special seats (for an extra cost) for various purposes:

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