Although it may feel like winter is going to be around forever, spring is just around the corner. Soon, we will see green grass and feel the warm breeze through our open windows. And then before we know it, summer will be here, and instead of using the furnace to keep our homes warm, we will flip the switch, and use the air conditioning unit to keep our homes cool and comfortable.

Before the A/C is keyed up for use, it’s wise to think about maintenance of the unit. We don’t want to wait until the dog days of summer to discover our A/C is on the fritz. Regular maintenance and good service practices pay off, not only in the peace of mind and uninterrupted physical comfort, but also in savings from a system that runs as efficiently as possible, and does not necessitate emergency repairs. Here are some things you can do now to ensure cool indoor days ahead:

After a cold winter in Chicago, spring can’t seem to come too soon. So be sure to be prepared – with your spring jacket at hand and your A/C on the ready – for when the warmer weather hits.