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Time for a New Furnace?

Time for a New Furnace?

Winter, unfortunately, is not that far away. The air conditioner will go off; the furnace will go on. Obviously, the one thing you do not want to happen is for your furnace to quit during a bitter cold day. While no one can predict exactly when a furnace will die, there are some hints you can look for. Here are a few signs that you might need a new furnace.

  1. It’s old. The average life expectancy of a furnace is about 15 years. If your unit is approaching that age, even if it is working fine, you might want to consider replacing it now before the weather turns cold.
  2. Energy bills are rising. Rising utility bills could be a signal that your furnace is not heating your home as efficiently as it used to. That increased cost adds up over time. Additionally, chances are a new unit will be more energy efficient than your old unit was even at peak performance, providing even more savings.
  3. Erratic temperature. You may find that it takes a long time for your home to heat appropriately, or that the level of heat varies from room to room. These could be a signal there is something wrong with your thermostat, but is could also mean there is a problem with the furnace.
  4. Frequent repairs. If you’re spending more and more money repairing your furnace, that is another sign you may need a new one. Frequent repairs are a sign that your furnace is not what it used to be. And at some point it just makes sense to invest in a new unit rather than constantly throwing money at an older one.
  5. Noise. Clanging and rattling sounds are also a signal of potential trouble. These noises could be a sign that parts are wearing out, or other issues.
  6. Static shock. If you are experiencing static shock, that means the air in your home is too dry. That could be a function of the fact that your furnace is not moisturizing the air as well as it could. Today’s furnaces do a much better job controlling humidifiers than older systems.
  7. Yellow flame. Your furnace flame should be blue. A yellow flame could indicate improper combustion. This not only puts your furnace at risk, it puts your health at risk too.
  8. Health issues. A failing furnace could be allowing carbon monoxide to enter your home. This toxic gas can cause many flu-like symptoms, but significant exposure could result in serious illness or even death.

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