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The Next Big Thing Happening in Furnace Technology

The Next Big Thing Happening in Furnace Technology

It’s easy to see how technology has advanced computers, telephones, and automobiles, but we often overlook similar advances in heating technology.  

Smart HVAC Systems

New smart technology gives your furnace a voice! Sensors located at various places in the heating system monitor the temperature throughout the system and communicate significant information to you as well.  For example, some advanced systems can even alert you to a maintenance problem. Wi-Fi enabled systems send performance data to your Internet-enabled devices which allows you to adjust thermostat settings from your tablet, computer, or smartphone.

Variable-Speed Blowers

Traditionally furnace blowers operated at only one speed. Today furnaces use variable-speed motors.  These units vary the speed of the blowers to deliver the correct level of heating or cooling necessary to achieve the desired temperature, reducing uncomfortable temperature fluctuations and increasing energy efficiency.

Zoning Systems

The “smart vent” zoning method employs smart technology to adjust vents and keep the temperature of each zone in your home at the desired level. In the traditional zoning method, a contractor installs an approved whole-home zoning system. This system uses a network of dampers and thermostats linked to a zoning panel to direct conditioned air to the desired areas of your home. Today’s smart technology can automate zone dampers, utilize wireless panels, and provide smart thermostats for each individual zone in your house. 

Hybrid Systems

Technological advances make it possible for heating systems to operate on more than one source of fuel for maximum efficiency. This technology pairs a traditional furnace, gas or oil, with a heat pump. In milder temperatures, the energy-efficient heat pump does the work, leaving the furnace at rest. As the temperatures fall to the point the heat pump becomes less efficient, the furnace activates and delivers the heat to your home.

Multi-Stage Burners

Traditionally, furnaces were single-stage, operating at only one setting. However, on mild days a furnace with two or more stages can provide heat at a lower rate, reducing energy needs. With new technology, these units can automatically determine how much heat you need and makes the adjustments for you. Other benefits of a multi-stage burner system include consistent heat delivery, quieter operation, and an extended life of the HVAC system. 

To learn more about these advances in HVAC technology, contact knowledgeable professionals and discover how you can bring your system into the new age of high-tech furnace design.

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