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Stay Warm

Stay Warm

Are we going to get lucky two years in a row and have a mild winter?
No predictions here.  But just in case, here are a few common sense tips that have nothing to do with your furnace that you can do to stay warm, and maybe even cut a few pennies off that utility bill.

  1. Seal  your windows.  Caulk the inside and outside of your windows.  Outside, focus on the sealing around all the edges of the sills with a water-resistant product.  Inside, use a temporary silicone caulk around all moving parts.
  2. Use storm windows.  If you have an older home with single-pane windows, remove the screens and put in the storm windows.  They add another layer of protection against the cold.
  3. Insulate.  Make sure your attic is properly insulated.  A good rule of thumb is to have 12 inches of insulation.
  4. Turn on the fan.  Here’s one most people don’t know.  Ceiling fans can help keep your home warmer in the winter.  There should be a little button or switch on your fan.  Pushing it reverses the air flow, pushing the warm air down.  Hint: in the winter, the fan should be moving clockwise.
  5. Close off unused space.  Close vents and doors to rooms you do not use regularly.
  6. Catch some rays.  Leave your curtains and drapes open during the day to let the sun warm your home.

Have another idea to make us all warm and fuzzy?  Post it here.

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