We’re not perfect.  Heaven knows we try, and we must be doing something right, since we’ve been around since 1928.

But occasionally, we do get something wrong.  And when we do, you have every right to call us on it.  We’ll do our best to make things right, and to treat you politely and with respect.  In that spirit, we are offering you some tips on how to make sure the customer service experience turns out right.  This is not only for communicating with us, but for everybody with whom you do business.  In fact, we do these ourselves when we have service issues.

  1. Write down the facts prior to the call, and stick to them.  Write down everything in a timeline, and explain concisely what happened.  Service people respond best when they are presented with facts in an orderly fashion.
  2. Don’t get emotional.  Screaming and yelling wastes energy and won’t get you to a solution any quicker.  You can stand your ground and be firm without yelling.  And think of it this way.  Would you rather help somebody that is screaming and yelling, or somebody that is talking to you in a controlled manner?
  3. Offer a solution.  When you call, you undoubtedly have a solution in mind.  Do not be afraid to state your expectations.  Even if we (or whoever you are calling) cannot meet those expectations, they represent a starting point.
  4. Take notes.  Write down everything about the conversation, including the service person’s name and identification, and the time of your call.  Write down the nature of the problem, and the proposed solution.
  5. Elevate, if necessary.  If you are not happy with the results of your initial call, do not be afraid to elevate to a supervisor or, if necessary, the business owner.