By now, you are quite familiar with how smart devices can make your life easier and more comfortable, as well as reduce your utility expenses. We’ve talked frequently about smart thermostats that you can program to set and reset the temperature in your home anytime, and how you can control them with your smartphone or tablet so you can control the temperature anywhere Wi-Fi is available.


However, there are other smart devices that can help you control and optimize your home’ safety and security. Here are a few:

Smart Security Systems

These applications allow you to set your home’s security alarm via your smartphone or tablet. Activate the alarm when you are leaving your house and turn it off when you return home. These devices can also notify you when family members get home. They are available standalone or packaged with other smart products.

Smart Cameras

Smart cameras can be deployed both inside and outside to cover your entire property. Again, access them anytime with your smartphone or tablet. Some features include:



If you purchase such cameras, make sure they are high-definition with infrared technology. Make sure the outside cameras are tamper-resistant and rated for extreme weather.


As an added precaution, these cameras can be integrated with your alarm, which should be connected to a monitoring service and the police station.

Smart Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These are critical devices to ensure your family’s safety and to safeguard your home and possessions.


Smart smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are always online. You can monitor them with your smartphone and tablet, and they can also connect with your security system.

About Those Smart Thermostats

One other thing about smart thermostats. In addition to letting you monitor and regulate your home’s temperature, they can automatically shut off your HVAC to stop fumes from circulating in the event of a fire.

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