Whether you are just getting out of high school or already in the workplace, and are asking: “What’s next?” you might want to consider becoming an electrician. Here are a few reasons.

  1. Great pay. Electricians can make a very good living. In Illinois, an electrician can make upwards of $70,000 a year – plus benefits.
  2. Job security. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that there will be 700,000 electrician positions available. Demand for electricians is expected to grow 14%, compared to the average job growth of 11%. A couple of reasons for this. First, Baby Boomer electricians are retiring, creating a need. Second, the growth of alternative power sources creates demand for electricians to install them.
  3. Be your own boss. Many electricians either work on their own independently, or actually run their own electrical contracting firms. While being your own boss does include many responsibilities, there is also the independence and satisfaction of not only helping your customers, but of being a successful businessperson.
  4. Enjoyable work. If you want to work behind a desk, becoming an electrician is not for you. You may be in a different location every day, and working on different projects. One day you may be wiring a new home, the next day installing “smart” technology in a home, and the next day installing a unit to help charge an electric car.
  5. Be respected. People recognize that electricians perform highly technical and potentially dangerous work that requires skill and care. People who might ordinarily be a DIYer around the house stay away from electricity. So there is a special appreciation for electricians.
  6. Easy career entry. You don’t need an expensive four-year college degree that could put you hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to become an electrician. You will need to take classes at a trade school and serve an apprenticeship, but the path is inexpensive – perhaps even less than $10,000. And you might even get paid during your apprenticeship.