Last month, we talked about different types of showerheads. That is a critical part of the showerhead decision. But there is much more.

First, let’s review the types of showerheads:

  1. Fixed. This is the standard showerhead that is attached to the shower arm that comes out of the wall.
  2. Handheld. Handheld showerheads sit on a cradle and attach to a hose. When you shower, you remove the showerhead from the cradle and use the hose to manually direct the water. 
  3. Dual. The showerhead is mounted in the wall, but there is a “wand” you can pull out to make it handheld. 
  4. Massage or spray pattern. These showerheads offer a variety of spray patterns including pulse, rain, aeration, mist, and jet, among others.
  5. Body sprayers. Body sprayers use multiple sprayers installed in the walls. 
  6. Rain. Rain showerheads can be installed in the ceiling and “rain” down on you. 
  7. Water saving. Standard showerheads dispense approximately 2.5 gallons of water a minute. In comparison, water-saving showerheads use as little as one gallon per minute. 

Your shower should be a time to relax, either to start your day or at the end of the day.  So given that, here are some other things you should consider.

  1. Number of handles. Some showerheads come with systems that include the faucet, handle, and trim. If you do that, you will want to consider whether you want one handle or two. Most people prefer one, as that makes it easier to control the temperature.
  2. Price. Some showerheads can cost as little as $5, but you can also spend thousands.  Decide on your budget and go from there.
  3. Material. Your showerhead materials can impact how long they last and how easy they are to clean. Some are also more expensive than others. And, of course, there is the important factor of how they look. Here are some options:
    1. Plastic won’t get hot as the hot water flows through it. This is advantageous for handheld showerheads.
    2. Chrome is a common material. Chrome showerheads are affordable and easy to clean and come in a variety of finishes.
    3. Nickel showerheads have the benefit of being durable, as they do not scratch or tarnish easily. They also come in a variety of finishes and are easy to clean.
    4. Brass showerheads are also durable and come in darker finishes.
    5. Bronze showerheads are also durable and come in darker colors that complement neutral colors. 
  4. Ease of installation. While most people opt to have a professional plumber install their showerheads, some are relatively easy to install for a DIYer. Before you make that decision, look at the instructions and also read reviews to see if other people had issues.  

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