If your sewer line is obstructed, it greatly increases the chances that it will back up, causing expensive and messy flooding in your basement or backups in your sinks and drains.  There are numerous reasons your sewer line can become obstructed:

Benefits of a Video Camera Inspection

Frequently, sewer line clogs can be cleared by rodding of the line. However, it is also important to have a video inspection of the sewer line to identify specific problems. Here are the benefits:

How a Sewer Line Video Inspection Works

The process is simple.  A flexible and compact high-resolution sewer pipe camera (also known as a sewer inspection camera) is fed into the sewer line, providing a clear picture of the location and extent of any problem.

Usually, the camera is attached to a rod that is then inserted into the pipes. In more complex cases, the camera will be connected to a Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG), which is a machine that can move through the lines.

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