There are numerous types of bathtubs to consider:

While the type of bathtub is important, it is not the only thing to consider. Here are a few more.

Other Things to Consider When Buying a Bathtub


Standard bathtubs are around 60 inches long and 32 inches wide. But that size will vary based on the amount of space you have in your bathroom as well as comfort.


While the rectangular shape is the most common, there are several other shapes to consider:


An inset tub can be installed in the floor, which makes it easier to step into and may require less space. More elaborate tub surrounds may require an elevated tub.  


A standard tub is about 12 inches deep. Tubs that are 18 to 22 inches deep promote better soaking.

Tub Materials

Most tubs have acrylic or fiberglass construction to reduce weight. Sturdier tubs can use metal and enamel. High-end and more expensive tubs may use natural stone or concrete. Always make sure the floor can support the weight of the tub. For the exterior, you do not need to use the same bathtub material as the inside. You might want to tile around the front of the tub or build out a space. No matter what you do, use high-quality sealant for moisture-prone areas.

Also, try to use a non-stick bottom for the tub to prevent slipping.


Not part of the tub, but make sure you install rails and grips to make entering and exiting the tub easier and safer.

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